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Peak Performance PT

Peak Performance PT is part of the Ivy Rehab Family 

The Peak Performance PT team has partnered with Ivy Rehab in their joint mission to offer more services and an exceptional patient experience. The same caring staff at Peak Performance PT will continue offer the same great service their patients have come to expect.

Serving Nassau County since 1985, Peak Performance PT is dedicated to providing all patients with an exceptional patient experience.

Peak Performance PT is one of Nassau counties largest physical therapy groups offering personal care while maintaining a direct relationship with your referring doctor. Our team includes a multitude of specialists meeting all your outpatient physical therapy needs. Whether an orthopedic sports injury or surgery, a spinal injury, a vestibular or balance problem, or an injury requiring the use of aquatic therapy, our facilities offer quality equipment, staff and caring to help you achieve the results you deserve.

We strive to:

  • Make each patient feel comforted and cared for
  • While using cutting-edge methodology and expertise
  • Promoting a quick and effective recovery
  • Returning patients to their maximal capacity

Peak Performance PT has a multitude of specialties including:

General Physical Therapy, Sports and Orthopedics, Spinal, Aquatic Gait and Balance as well as Vestibular Therapy. We meet all of your outpatient Physical Therapy needs.

Peak Performance PT Offers:

  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled and caring staff to help you achieve the results you deserve
  • A combination of physical therapy modalitiesHands-on manual therapy
  • A full range of exercise equipment


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