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Synergy Rehab and Wellness

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100 Community Drive, #B
Waynesboro, VA 22980

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Office Hours

7:00 am - 7:00 pm
7:30 am - 7:00 pm
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
7:30 am - 7:00 pm
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
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100 Community Drive, #B
Waynesboro, VA 22980

100 Community Drive, #B
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: (540) 932-0333

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Waynesboro, VA in front of Valley Pediatric Group. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

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Give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! If you see us first, we can provide you with a complimentary injury screening or refer you to a great physician, if necessary. We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.


About Synergy Rehab and Wellness

The highly skilled clinicians at Synergy Rehab and Wellness at 100 Community Drive, #B in Waynesboro are here to help your family feel their best again! Synergy Rehab and Wellness is a member of the Ivy Rehab Network, a rapidly growing network of physical & occupational therapy clinics dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get patients feeling better, faster. We have over 25,000 online reviews with an average score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. We have many convenient locations in VA and offer a wide range of treatments and programs to suit your needs, including in-clinic and virtual telehealth appointments. Give us a call to see how the friendly team at your local Synergy Rehab and Wellness in Waynesboro can help your family today!

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Based on 104 reviews
My physical therapy experience was wonderful! I never had to wait for my appointment because they were always prompt and immediately on time. Very nice and professional service! Trustworthy, courteous, kind, cheerful, clean, and reverent! I would recommend them to anyone!
23:43 21 Mar 23
The customer service here is amazing. They are very attentive and caring and I'm so grateful they are there.
12:30 14 Mar 23
Excellent, caring staff. Punctuality is so appreciated.
21:00 09 Mar 23
Very well organized program ,clean and pleasant environment ,excellent knowledge of how to treat injuries
13:53 01 Mar 23
Professional and courteous staff.
14:06 27 Feb 23
Melissa at the front desk is a miracle worker with scheduling! My type of work makes scheduling appts times difficult but somehow or other she always manages to find a time that works. She also makes notes on what times might work better and it’s amazing how often it works out. I appreciate her friendly and can-do attitude. She is an asset to Synergy!
22:38 14 Feb 23
13:49 10 Feb 23
21:44 29 Jan 23
I recently had physical therapy at Waynesboro Synergy following a knee replacement. What a great experience! Melissa and Elizabeth at the front desk were always welcoming and cheerful as well as helpful and flexible in scheduling. The therapists, Nikki, Chelsea, and Tobin, and techs, Sam and Lyndsey, were consistently friendly, attentive, encouraging, compassionate, and humorous. They listened and responded to concerns, answered my questions, and knew when I needed pushing and when I needed comfort. I never felt ignored or dismissed, just cared for in numerous ways. It's clear that the entire staff knows that a positive mindset is essential to physical recovery, and they definitely promote both. I cannot say enough great things about this group and my experience with them!
19:07 29 Jan 23
00:11 04 Dec 22
Great place to help with pain. I have had neck pain for years and they are working with me to stretch those muscles and relieve me. All office personnel has been lovely, calling me by my preferred name instead of my full legal name. They are working with my schedule so that I can work and also be able to attend PT. So far, I have been satisfied with their care.
16:35 30 Nov 22
Everyone was very professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend Synergy in Waynesboro to anyone in need of physical therapy.
18:11 22 Nov 22
I was sent for therapy for tennis elbow pain, also caused by computer usage (since I have never played tennis). I was concerned at first as I also have RA. But concerns were soon put to rest. Bekah did a lot of exercises that I can do at home. I am pleased to say I have not had pain since finishing my therapy.
00:44 11 Nov 22
I had carpal tunnel surgery and was recommended to synergy by my surgeon. Bekah was AMAZING and very informative of every step of the therapy and very detailed at every visit. When Bekah was finishing up with other patients other staff members were quick to jump in and get my therapy started. Thank you Bekah for being patient with me and making my recovery quick and painless.
22:23 05 Nov 22
Not only is everyone at Synergy extremely professional but they are extremely knowledgeable and they truly care about their patients!
13:11 02 Nov 22
Happy to have been referred to Synergy Rehab. Good results in a pleasant atmosphere.
13:14 01 Nov 22
This Iis a great place to have your rehab done, they are Friendly, and up to date on things to help you regain your strength back Always on time with your appointment They work close by you doing. your workout. Great Staff
16:36 21 Oct 22
After thumb arthroplasty my OT was tremendous to getting back to my daily activities! Rebekah was my therapist and she explained everything, demonstrated each exercise as well as pushed me when I needed pushing. Staff was always friendly and professional!
19:50 05 Oct 22
Every single person in this office that worked with me was wonderful! I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me reach my goals I needed to graduate! I can’t rave about Synergy enough. They truly are incredible.
12:13 21 Sep 22
--> I recently went another round of physical therapy sessions due again to my sacroiliac joint and lower back pain. I had also recently had a low sodium problem (109) due to BP pills prescribed by primary care doctor. I was down a couple of months.I was eager to return to Synergy, and motivated to get better and back to active. My sodium level retd to normal (another story). And the attention and energy of the staff who tended to me helped me fully recuperate and back on feet! Thanks to Dr Lee, Jocelyn, Sam, Lindsey, Caleb, Chelsea, Taylor and Melissa and the others who waited on me.I did half the sessions that were recommended and was discharged. I'm continuing to do the exercises every day, and consider them my "prescription". I am using the Medbridge. And am back to yoga,, qigong and hiking (and more). Anything is better than pills!I do miss the wobble board...Thanks again.--> First time doing physical therapy and am lucky to have chosen Synergy Rehab. I injured my sacroiliac joint, which was assessedduring my initial visit. During only 5 sessions the treatment and at home exercises gave me total relief from the pain. It allowed me to resume my normal gym routine full force, after a few weeks.I couldn't do the full prescribed sessions (caught a stomach virus so quarantined ), but wouldn't hesitate to return to Synergy for any injury for rehabilitation (before a regular doctor).Trustworthy and dedicated team!
22:27 13 Sep 22
My husband Jimmy had been with the synergy rehabandwellness group since June. Seen for vertigo and neck strain. Dr Niki cured him for the vertigo. All the techs as well as Dr Amy and joc were amazing. Thank you Melissa and Elizabeth were on top of the schedule changes throughout our time in Waynesboro. Thank you so much for the help. We will miss everyone.
16:23 30 Aug 22
18:08 29 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience at Synergy Waynesboro. After thumb surgery, Bekah worked hard to get me back to work and functioning normally. She took time to get to know me and was able to customize my therapy to regain the skills and that I needed to return to work 100% and to return to the leisure activities I enjoyed. She was very encouraging and made sure that I was progressing without pain. The whole office was pleasant and made therapy enjoyable and Melissa was always able to work magic with the schedule to accommodate me and was always friendly and welcoming.
22:36 25 Aug 22
I was seeing a specialist for an injury to my thumb (a bad sprain with tendonitis flare up and no griping power). Bekah was able to diminish the pain and get my gripping power back in a few weeks. Thank you Bekah and Synergy for getting me back to a normal life.
14:28 27 Jul 22
They are amazing and always make sure you are taken care of. Everyone there is super nice and supportive 10/10. Nikki helped me with my shoulder so I can get back into volleyball and nursing after my car accident along with everyone else who helped along the way
20:33 30 Jun 22
I had a great PT experience at Synergy Waynesboro! The team was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. The treatment helped ease my lower back pain, and I have a strong program to implement myself going forward.
16:03 27 Jun 22
To sum up my entire experience at Synergy Rehab and Wellness at the Waynesboro Clinic is ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’ They treat many ailments and offer several specialties/treatment plans for whatever you may be suffering from. What I’m mostly impressed by is how they strive to treat your condition(s) with the utmost care using several treatment options to get you back to feeling better and with less pain so you can move and exercise. Not only did my treatment of Dry Needling with Dr. Amy Hevener help me to progress in healing, which was a challenge given my history with not being able to progress with PT from other facilities following my initial eval, but what spoke volume was my conversation with Melissa Russell in which she was able to triage the call with the utmost knowledge and professionalism and work her magic in getting me in to see Amy for treatment! Many thanks to Amy, Lindsey, Melissa, and Sam for all their professional and friendly assistance in accomplishing my graduating from PT at the Waynesboro Clinic and progressing on to Lymphatic Drainage and Dry Needling at the Staunton Clinic. Please consider your next treatment to be done at Synergy! You won’t be disappointed!
19:19 24 Jun 22
Everyone in this clinic is friendly and professional. The treatment plan included my input during all visits. Treatment was very effective and I have experienced 98% improvement in function and decreased pain. Anything remaining is due to my age. Maddy was my primary therapist and she should be cloned she is so good! Melissa was excellent with scheduling, even when some of my appointments needed to be changed. She also was very caring in asking how I was at each visit. Lindsey and Sam and some of the other techs that worked with me did a great job and were obviously well trained.I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone experiencing pain and decreased function. If I need additional treatment in the future, I will return here.My treatment included a lot of DRY NEEDLING which is very effective, as well as cupping, deep massage, heat and electrical stimulation.
15:33 07 Jun 22
First time ever going to physical therapy. I can honestly say it was a great experience from the moment I walked in.I was greeted nicely by Melissa and everyone at the front desk. Maddy and Jocelyn were very professional and amazing at targeting the issue of my shoulder . I learned a lot of new techniques because of the different exercises I was shown. Now I can apply them to my everyday workout. Also all of the techs there were very friendly and kind.Thank you!P.s. I’ll never miss the agitation plate
20:05 25 May 22
I recently went to the Waynesboro clinic to get help with a specific type of vertigo. Much to my surprise, I got relief with my first therapy session! I also received wonderful care that day and in the therapy sessions that followed. I was a mess the first day, and Melissa and Niki were so understanding and kind to me. I loved the confidence and skill that Niki and Jocelyn had because it gave me hope that I would get better. Due to this positive experience, I have scheduled my upcoming post knee replacement therapy with Synergy, but at the Staunton clinic because it's closer to home. I also love the private rooms and one-on-one TLC!
21:03 23 May 22
Synergy Rehab and Wellness is always top notch. From Melissa at intake, to Sara and her magical dry needling, everyone takes extra steps to convey an atmosphere of care snd healing.
15:49 17 May 22
Excellent patient care from the first person as you walk in the door.
15:42 10 May 22
Before going to synergy I was so scared I was never going to recover from my injury. I’ve never been to physical therapy before my injury. It was all new. Nicki and Chelsea and their assistants made me feel at ease and they let me know everything was going to be okay. They gave me the motivation to want to get better. It was a very positive environment. 10/10 would recommend
11:51 06 May 22
The Waynesboro Synergy team has provided excellent care! I have enjoyed every team member that I’ve worked with! Dr. Amy expertly addressed my leg and back concerns and I feel prepared to continue on my own. PT Assistant Chelsea is also another gifted member of the team with excellent trigger point work. The techs were also cheerful and helpful along the way. And last but certainly not least, Melissa, the front desk extraordinaire, always greeted me by name and with a smile on her face and genuine interest. This has by far been the best PT experience (3rd time is a charm!). If you are here checking out reviews, do not hesitate- Synergy is awesome! Let them help you feel better!
23:10 02 May 22
I just completed six weeks of therapy at Synergy for a broken jaw. I worked with three therapists (Dr. Maddy, Chelsea and Jocelyn) who were great to work with, effective and educational. Tammy and Melissa in the office helped me with scheduling and dealing with my insurance situation. If you TMJ jaw therapy this is the place to go!
19:59 29 Apr 22
Synergy was amazing for helping with my TMJ. Before this I was dealing with loud obnoxious pops and annoying locking in my jaw, but Synergy has helped me fix that! I set goals at the beginning and they helped me work to achieve them! I worked one on one with Dr Maddy Bosek who helped me set my goals and start me on my journey and I spent my last few weeks working solely with another physical therapist Chelsea. Both of them were extremely attentive and so helpful on this journey and I am very thankful for their help on my jaw! Everyone there is incredibly kind! From the techs having fun conversations with me while I received my ultrasound to the ladies at the front desk, Melissa and Tammy, who were so helpful and accommodating to my crazy schedule! I definitely recommend Synergy to anyone struggling with issues with their jaw!
19:57 20 Apr 22
For those who are suffering from TMJ pain, I highly recommend Synergy Rehab and Wellness. Melissa and Tammy in the reception area are top-notch, and Lyndsey and Sam were always very cordial and comprehensive during my “pre-therapy” activities. I was treated by Drs. Forbus and Bosek, who are both exceptionally knowledgeable on treating TMJ. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout out to Chelsea, who was my primary therapist. Chelsea was very informative on what was causing my pain and discomfort, and was very thorough with her explanations of the “hows and whys” of my treatment. Overall, from top to bottom, I had a great experience at Synergy Rehab and Wellness with excellent results.
13:20 14 Apr 22
Very caring and attentive staff. Amy works with you to ensure that you can maintain your health.
11:35 14 Apr 22
I came to see Bekah for pain in my right thumb from arthritis. She made me splints to wear and showed me how to order some online. The whole staff is very friendly and professional. This is a great place to come for any rehabilitation you need. I highly recommend them.
15:12 13 Apr 22
Overall I am very pleased in the progress with my PT. I make this review to mention a specific incident. I had PT yesterday later than I usually do. As I left I realized I was the only one left. Never did Chelsea or Kya make me feel rushed though I was the only reason they were there. The entire staff from front desk to the assistants are on point, positive, and just what I would want from a rehab/wellness facility. Highly recommend this place and would only expect the Staunton office to be the same.
16:30 30 Mar 22
I had an excellent experience with Synergy Rehab and Wellness!! Dr. Amy Hevener is an outstanding practitioner! She was extremely helpful in alleviating pain in my shoulder, which resulted from a frozen shoulder! She was patient and kind in her care of me. Also, others who assisted her also were quite helpful and caring, including Jocelyn and Kya!! Thank you SO much for your help in improving my mobility!! May God continue to use you all in helping others!!
21:32 17 Mar 22
Everyone is very friendly and I have no complaints! Everyone was knowledgeable and helped me get passed back pain that I’ve been experiencing for years. The facility is clean and organized and I would recommend this place to anyone!!
12:11 16 Mar 22
From the moment i entered the office until my last session there was an overwhelming comfort and care level in this day and time are few and far between.As skeptical as i was about these rehab things believe me that notion was erased from the get go.It’s humbling to know that the quality of care and knowledge of the profession are very much alive and well here.I have and will continue to praise the team as well as refer them to whomever needs to here it.Thank you all so much for your kindness, caring and 100 percent commitment to your profession.In these crazy times we live in it’s Good to know that there is a place where people still care about people.
14:20 06 Mar 22
I was in a lot of pain when I first came here. Today I feel like my old self! All the people at Synergy were so supportive, kind and quite frankly such a pleasure to get to know. I will miss spending time here! I highly recommend Synergy if you need PT!
22:46 28 Feb 22
I was treated at Synergy for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy over several months, and I would highly recommend this facility. The friendly staff and knowledgeable therapists helped me reach my goals! If I am ever in the need for therapy in the future, I will call upon Synergy once again!!!
23:26 22 Feb 22
My wife marchetta henderson had bad ankle injury back in september 2021.she required surgery and later rehab at synergy wellness which has made a big difference in her road back to getting well.since going there she went from being transported in a wheel chair to going to her appointments with one crutch .she is truly on the road to recovery going here with the well informed and helpful staff she will overcome this temporary setback.
14:35 10 Feb 22
I came to Synergy more than 7 months post total knee replacement. I had stopped making progress and was actually going backwards. Two of my coworkers who had been in similar circumstances recommended Synergy. In a few short months, they had me exceeding all expectations and achieving goal after goal. They gave me my life back. Unlike other rehab facilities, the PT doesn't hand you off to an aid after the initial evaluation. You see a PT every single visit. They make sure you're doing exercises correctly, that you continue to advance and be challenged, and that all your questions and concerns are addressed. They use a wide variety of interventions designed for maximum recovery. They are the best rehab facility I've ever worked with. I recommend them to everyone and would never go anywhere else. I consider them the gold standard of rehab.
20:00 17 Jan 22
I can't say enough positive things about Synergy Rehab and Wellness. Everyone at the clinic, and I mean EVERYONE, is so kind. I have never felt more cared for by a team! It was almost sad to graduate from physical therapy today! I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.
17:37 12 Jan 22
I was very impressed with the friendly, competent staff. Becka was extremely kind and helpful. The flexibility in my hand has really improved under her care and guidance. Thank you.. Sylvia
17:05 04 Jan 22
I have had excellent help in strengthening my knee, as well as relief from pain in my shoulder. In addition, I found relief from vertigo symptoms through their special clinic and therapy after the clinic. I have always found the staff to be knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend Synergy!
20:15 04 Dec 21
I needed therapy for an injury and got an appointment immediately. The team of therapist, front desk and everyone have been excellent. Everyone so friendly, always greeted with smiles. My treatment plan is specific to me and keeps me making progress toward totally feeling better.
19:27 02 Dec 21
My doctor recommended Synergy for my physical therapy and so very glad he did. The entire staff was very caring and totally professional. I was in immense pain at times with my first problem and ended up with no pain over the course of treatment along with home exercises. I had a second problem develop and that was also treated with wonderful results. I, with no reservation, would highly recommend Synergy to anyone!Doug Gerni
15:56 29 Oct 21
Synergy Rehab and Wellness your staff is awesome, you guys got me back to myself with your care and professionalism. Thank you Nikki, Amy, and Chelsea you guys are one in a million.
21:31 26 Oct 21
I feel like I gave this review once but I do not see it posted, so...... here it is again....... My husband was in an ATV accident and splintered his L1 vertebrae. After surgery, they wanted him to do two weeks of vigorous inpatient rehabilitation/physical therapy. However, UVA couldn't get him a bed because of COVID. He was sent home with home health, we were basically on our own. We searched google for outpatient therapists and found SYNERGY.... based on reviews, we decided to try them. His first visit was with Maddy whom was excellent in working out a treatment plan. The other therapists and assistants are awesome too, always making sure you are comfortable. All of them are very knowledgeable. The family type environment they provide makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Noticeably well sanitized. Melissa at the front desk is very pleasant to work with on scheduling. Thank you ALL for helping my husband to regain himself. He is back to work and getting stronger every day. I rate y'all with more than 5 stars.
15:57 08 Oct 21
What a pleasure it is to have discovered Synergy Rehab and Wellness. I experience a great deal of pain and discomfort from Radiation toxicity after Breast Cancer. Through the guidance and therapy of both Dr. Maddy and Dr. Amy I have made and continue to make amazing progress in pain management and rehabilitation. Without their ingenuity and experimentation on my condition I would have never come this far. The staff is wonderful and it always feels like home when I enter the facility. I highly recommend Synergy and am so thankful that I found them after many failed attempts with other physical therapy facilities. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart…..
20:05 05 Oct 21
I was in the hospital for covid and the doctor snd nurse said the exercise I was doing prior to having Covid pneumonia most likely saved my life. Months ago I had an issue with my knee and with the guidance from the therapists, and mostly Jocelyn, my knee got better. I did the at home exercises consistently. As a result, I was able to start daily aerobic exercising after pt. Being able to improve my aerobic health- I also have asthma- may have given me the extra I needed to be able to come home to my family. Thank you Synergy for playing such an important part in my recovery. I will be forever grateful. Getting me to the point where I could do better for myself may have changed my outcome.
16:19 22 Sep 21
Professional staff.Efficient.Personable staff.Encouraged me to participate in my plan of care.EFFECTIVE!Debbie Humphreys
02:12 18 Sep 21
Excellent experience with Synergy in Waynesboro. The therapists are top notch, the office staff are amazing at scheduling and working with you! Melissa is awesome at doing everything she can to get you in when scheduling is difficult! The most amazing thing to me was this place was always on time and that never happens in any medical establishment! Usually you sit and wait somewhere wondering when they will ever take you back. Not at synergy, they literally have you back at your exact appointment time !! So don't be one minute late! Melissa won't like that! Just kidding. :)
22:12 07 Sep 21
The entire staff at Synergy was a pleasure to work with. Every single person I interacted with was very helpful in getting me walking. They all were very personable, very friendly all the while being absolutely professional. I rate them a 10+. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who needs physical therapy!
22:48 31 Aug 21
First off I want to thank the entire staff at Synergy at both Staunton and the Waynesboro locations. I have had rehab at both for different body parts. Most recently in June I finished up my recovery from a complicated right rotator repair. Synergy is the BEST rehab facility that you could ever find. Everyone there are just great people !! From Ms. Melissa & Ms. Shelby and Mr. Adam at the front reception to all the Dr’s and helpers, they all are trying to facilitate your healing process. I have worked with quite a few of the “techs” that get you ready for the therapists and also many therapists… Cameron, Mr Forbus, Ms Amy, Ms Jen, and my “favorites” Ms Meghan & Ms Jocelyn. And probably others that I have forgotten… sorry if I left anyone out…. I have received physical therapy after my rotator surgery, therapy post surgery for a thumb joint replacement , also therapy to try and get relief from degenerative arthritis in my back & neck. At Synergy they specialize a plan to fit your specific needs. It is not a one plan fits all. They ask how you feel and actually listen to everything you say. They genuinely have your best interests at heart and try their best to get you back physically to as close to 100% as they can. However you must understand that if you don’t do your part then they can’t do theirs. They are compassionate, caring, thoughtful, understanding and honestly they really know exactly what therapy is right for you and exactly how hard to push the patient. I won’t lie, when I first started rehab on my rotator I had no clue if I could ever weed eat my yard again but they got me there !!! I guess this is a bit long but I really had a lot I wanted to say. Synergy is truly the Very Best in the Valley and I 100% recommend them !! Thanks , Vickie Waybright
00:50 30 Aug 21
I’ve now been to Synergy for two different issues - back pain and a torn hamstring. I found helpful and caring assistance on both occasions. Would highly recommend Synergy for anyone who needs physical therapy.
18:43 27 Aug 21
Many thanks to the therapists and support staff at Synergy for getting me back on my feet after a broken ankle. Always positive, encouraging and using their knowledge and skills to keep me progressing each week towards a full recovery.
20:08 03 Aug 21
The therapist's at Synergy Waynesboro are very attuned to your needs. I had almost 100% recovery with their help! If I ever need therapy in the future, I will return here.They are a friendly group of people, and I will miss seeing them all!
12:39 30 Jul 21
Over the past 10-12 years I've been to 5 different Physical Therapy offices in the Waynesboro, Staunton, Augusta County area. Three were really bad for a variety of different reasons. They all had one major thing in common. I'd walk in usually not welcomed by a soul. In a few minutes an "assistant" would come get and start me on an "exercise"..... they'd start me on a timer and would attach it to the equipment and walk away to attend to another client. No one would watch to make certain I was doing the exercise correctly much less even doing it at all.at a number of facilities these "assistants" were working with as many as 3 other clients during the hour I was paying for. I couldn't believe.......but I hadn't seen physical therapy done any other way. Then my orthopedist recommended a place in Fishersville. They were basically the same as the others, but with one additional feature. When clients left after their hour of PT was over the floor staff trash talked about how poor the patients were and how unlikely they'd ever make any progress. I spent months thereand the the day my insurance ran out....... miraculously I "graduated from PT."Fast forward about 6 years. I went to a Trauma Orthopedist at UVA that had agreed to try to fix my ruptured Quadricep Tendon for a second time.During that 5 year break, my wife needed some PT on her hands. Her Dr recommended SYNERGY PT. She went. She said she was personally attended to by a PT or an APT every minute she was at SYNERGY! What? I'd never heard of any such thing! That wasn't at all like any PT I'd ever been to before!So.......my UVA Trauma Orthopedist want me to try sort of a pre-hab on my quad before my surgery. Then there was COVID which delayed any further surgery discussion. I did however continue my PT.When I finally got back to the Orthodontist, he examined me and told me I had progressed through PT at SYNERGY more than he thought he could do for me through surgery.SYNERGY kept me form a MAJOR SURGERY, 8-12 weeks of immobilization, and likey 12+ weeks of PT!SYNERGY saved me! I am not good as new but I'm in a vastly improved situation......and without surgery!There are quite a few people at SYNERGY to thank. EVERYONE there was positive and encouraging with me. Each day......and there were lots of days, I received a welcome from the folks at the front desk. Melissa greeted me warmly at each appointment. When schedules got crazy she'd work with me to get appointments worked out. I worked with a few different therapists along the way. Maddy truly gave me back a huge portion of my mobility backMaddy is the best ever. Cameron was amazing as well.Yes, I am long winded, but to have said any less would not have told you how much SYNERGY helped me!
20:55 08 Jul 21
I went to PT in terrible pain. From the initial evaluation to reaching all of my goals, my experience at Synergy Physical Therapy was top notch. The office staff was so accommodating and caring. I saw one of my team members each time and everyone responded to my therapy needs with so much knowledge and care. I highly recommend Synergy if you want to get the best treatment available.
19:14 19 May 21
Excellent staff and state of the art techniques,
15:48 19 May 21
I went to Synergy Rehab and Wellness for 2 months for neck and shoulder pain and was extremely impressed with the staff, equipment, and office facility. Not only did they appropriately treat my symptoms, but they did so in a very kind and professional manner that exceeded my expectations. Their team based approach works well with patients visiting several different providers, each with their own area of expertise, during the treatment course. I learned many effective stretches and exercises, experienced relief with heat/massage/and TENS therapy, and also had dry needling which I found highly beneficial. As a local doctor in the area, I will certainly come back to Synergy if needed and feel comfortable referring my patients to them in the future.
14:48 07 May 21
I have been a patient at Synergy Waynesboro for several issues. The major one has been rehabilitation from a total shoulder replacement. They have done a fantastic job. I have been able to return to the golf course in 14 weeks after my surgery. The facility and therapists are absolutely top notch. One of the most impressive aspects of my treatment is that the therapists, all of whom are highly qualified, have always reviewed my prior treatments and tailor their treatment for that session to whatever took place previously. My progress was steady, comfortable, measurable and amazing. It has been a building block type recovery and I am thrilled. The facility is very comfortable and spotlessly clean. They gave paid very strict attention to Covid related issues. I can’t recommend Synergy highly enough. Thank you.
21:05 24 Apr 21
My 15 year old granddaughter needed physical therapy to relieve her back and shoulder pain that came from accidentally being thrown off a mechanical bull several years ago. After the first treatment, she began experiencing relief and by the final visit she was pain free. The staff is amazing and I highly recommend their services.
11:26 31 Mar 21
Synergy Rehab and Wellness has been life changing for me. The staff is wonderful and friendly and their care of plan that is set specifically for you will show you greatness! The Synergy staff cares about your well being and have exceeded my expectations! Thank you Synergy!
17:28 12 Feb 21
I highly recommend the Waynesboro site. The staff is very knowledgeable and they treat you like family. They work very hard at keeping everything clean so the patients will be safe. The staff makes a special effort to vary the workouts so the patient does not have to do the same thing every appointment.
19:30 01 Feb 21
Would like to give them 6 stars!!! From the front office staff to the techs, assistants, and doctors - an uplifting, caring environment with individuals who addressed my therapy needs with professionalism and the most current treatment approaches. So grateful for their care.
16:40 29 Jan 21
I have nothing to say but good things about this place. Every employee has been respectful, friendly, compassionate, professional, and very good at what they do.I have had treatment at 2 other locations, and neither comes close to the quality of treatment I've received at Synergy. I highly recommend Synergy!!
20:34 21 Jan 21
19:25 04 Jan 21
The staff are amazing. The Drs are over the top great and their assistants are great as well.
21:44 06 Dec 20
Consummate professionals who care! If you need PT, you'd be hard pressed to do better than this practice. From Melissa managing appointments to all of my therapists, Joey, Crystal,and Maddy, I can’t say enough about my experience at Synergy, Waynesboro. The whole team treats you like family in addition to providing the expert therapy that makes you better!
00:51 06 Dec 20
Thank you everyone at Synergy, the people there are friendly and very professional, When i went in i was struggling walking because of Pain in my IT band and my lower back, working with Crystal and the rest of the staff there was amazing and i know longer have the pain in my legs because of all the stretching and massage therapy and the pain in my back is now minimal and i can sit in a chair longer then 30 min. I wish i had known about Synergy along time ago. I would highly recommend them if you have any Physical Therapy needs.
20:19 18 Nov 20
Thank you to EVERYONE at Synergy and Wellness in Waynesboro who did such a good job of helping me through my knee replacement recovery. I am amazed at all  that we accomplished together and I definitely could not have done this without each and every one of you! Your professionalism along with your thoughtful care made each visit an enjoyable experience. I will miss your company but I now know where to turn if I should need any physical therapy in the future.
19:03 06 Nov 20
I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in the door. My initial consultation lasted longer than expected, which is a good thing. My doctor Maddy wanted to see what was going on with my whole body. Although, I walked out sore, I know I am in good hands. Plus as soon as I told my co-teachers they were singing their praises as much as I was. I can’t wait for my next visit!!!
17:36 22 Oct 20
I am 72 years old. When I broke my ankle this past summer, wearing the cast created a lop-sided step which resulted in severe bursitis pain as well as some back pain. I figured at my age this was something I was going to have to live with and envisioned a cane or limping walk in my future. But thanks to the great staff at Synergy, I was wrong. They began with pain therapy and I saw almost instant results. Then they developed a series of exercises to strengthen muscles surrounding my hip and lower back. I can hardly believe the change. I think I am actually stronger in those areas than I was before I broke my ankle. Thank you Amy, Joey, Lindsey, Jocelyn and Melissa... to name a few of the staff members who worked with me through this process. I can now do even more than all the things I did before my broken ankle, especially in the area of balance and leg strength. Oh, and did I mention that the flexibility in my ankle is now well within the normal range. No longer do I envision a cane or limping walk in my future. I highly recommend Synergy.
12:27 16 Oct 20
mu back pain has finally been acknowledged! I went to the Waynesboro office today and I love it there. You are treated as though you are the only one there! They set up a game plan for me and I'm very excited to get started!
02:15 06 Oct 20
Always professional very polite and very friendly. Amy and staff are superb along with melissa helping with my difficult schedule to meet my PT needs. I feel relief and some difference in my pain.Love synergy and would recommend very highly!!
20:33 01 Oct 20
I am so impressed with Synergy Rehab and Wellness! From my first phone call inquiring about their services, I was greeted pleasantly by Melissa, who patiently answered my many questions, even letting me know if I had any other concerns to feel free to call her again! What wonderful customer service! After an unpleasnt experience at my last rehab and the COVID virus I have to admit I was hesitant to enter rehab. After a total hip replacement surgery and continued pain I knew I needed therapy. Dr. Christine Heavener was amazing! She listened to my symptoms and devised a plan of rehabilitation that would work specifically for me. I have to say that after one treatment and the exercises she gave me to follow at home I am feeling less pain already! Thank you Synergy for getting me on the way to a full recovery!
14:19 01 Oct 20
Providing therapy for both my wrists. The staff are amazing, friendly & wonderful. Make you feel warm & welcome. 5 *****''s ALL THE WAY!!! Thank's to Synergy for all help with my recovery!!!
22:01 30 Sep 20
21:41 29 Sep 20
5 star service!!
15:22 28 Sep 20
I just completed my fourth experience with Synergy and would encourage anyone in the area in need of physical therapy to call them. All of my contacts with them have been positive. In the fall of 2018 I fell and broke my hip. Despite physical therapy with Synergy, I still experienced pain and went to an orthopedic surgeon again. It was determined that my pain was due to a faulty hip replacement and I needed to have revision surgery. After my surgery in December I returned to Synergy. Very quickly the therapy I received improved my situation and I graduated again. A long driving trip sent me back to synergy for further treatment. I am now at least 95% and feel confident that with the home exercise routine they gave me I will be as close to 100% as possible. I think synergy and its staff for their help and patience. They are professional and thorough. The thing I dislike the most is that I won't be seeing them again! On a special note, they produce video online workshops that I have been able to take advantage of during this pandemic. Bless you synergy! I will miss you.
15:49 15 Sep 20
Staff and facilities are top notch. I had such a good experience the first time I was there, they were my first pick when I needed some PT for another issue. The doctors and staff are very caring and understanding. They work very hard to design programs and schedules that will work with your needs.
12:29 12 Sep 20
Yesterday, I completed an initial PT evaluation for at Synergy. It was the best experience I have ever had. The customer service and care was top notch.From the greeting to the evaluation to the conclusion of scheduling of appointments, every step was flawless. I highly recommend Synergy.
14:33 03 Sep 20
I had shoulder surgery on 4/30/20.Complete tear of the rotator cuff and the biceps tendon along with a partial tear of labrum.I started physical therapy at synergy 2 weeks later.The staff is great! My main therapist was Maddy and she worked had to get me back to doing what i love to do that i could not do.I can throw a baseball again,use the chain saw and sleep.From the time you come thru the door being greated by Melissa to Lindsey who finished up my sessions you won't fine better care.Dr Forbes has a great staff and i strongly recommend Synergy to and one who needs all kinds of PT.
13:56 03 Sep 20
I was going to them for rehab on my neck and back. Staff members were extremely friendly and a real pleasure to work with. they seemed to really care about you as a person and that the treatment being given was the best for you. i would use them again and would recommend them to anyone who needs rehab.
18:08 24 Aug 20
I learned so much from my visits. The staff was wonderful, helpful and positive. I left my visits with a clear plan of action. I highly recommend Synergy!
14:48 21 Aug 20
I was having a lot of issues with my left hand due to carpel tunnel. I was having pain and numbness as well as losing a considerable amount of sleep. After only a few visits I started noticing an improvement. Now after completing my therapy I am sleeping every night and having far less issues with the numbness and pain. Thanks so much especially to Sharon and Melissa, who both made my experience very pleasant. I 100% recommended giving them a call if you are need of physical therapy for any reason!!!
16:55 22 Jul 20
If you are looking for Physical Therapy services delivered in a professional, and personable manner, this is my recommendation. You are not just a number at Synergy. The technical expertise of the therapist that has been treating me is second to none. I am experiencing significant reduction in back pain symptoms and improved ability to enjoy my active lifestyle interests. As I started treatment at Synergy, I had low expectations for regaining mobility and reducing chronic low back pain. Thanks to the dedicated focus of the Synergy team I have far exceeded what I thought was possible.The Synergy Rehab and Wellness Team have made a remarkable difference for me!
12:50 22 Jul 20
Synergy Rehab in Waynesboro is the best! They've worked hard with me over the past few months to help me correct my issues, trying various treatments to get me where I am today. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always willing to work with my busy schedule. I drove all the way from Lexington for appointments and it was well worth the trip!I highly recommend them!
18:16 01 Jul 20
The staff and facilities are top notch. I especially like the individual therapy rooms for each patient. You get individual attention from the staff and they stay with you throughout the session encouraging and cajoling.After being diagnosed with an exposed nerve in my back, I could not get around without a walker. After my first few sessions, I was able to walk without aid. After a few more sessions, I was able to walk without pain. In addition, I was able to walk up and down stairs without hanging on to the railing and without pain. I am now in better condition than I was before I needed therapy. Thanks Synergy!
19:36 21 May 20
I received excellent Occupational Therapy at Synergy Rehab. The staff is positive, friendly, and very professional. My therapist Sharon was the best.
13:59 18 Mar 20
The word synergy implies that the whole is greater than the sum of its' parts. In a business environment, it is a team of people working together to accomplish more than what they would as individuals. The team at Synergy Rehab and Wellness in Waynesboro delivers just that. From initial evaluation to discharge, the entire experience is top notch and, certainly, a team effort. My treatment plan for an impinged shoulder was executed flawlessly resulting in my quick return to normal activities. Melissa was incredible at finding time slots for my treatment in spite of Maddy's seemingly full schedule. Melissa was proactive and very accommodating in taking care of my scheduling needs. My primary PT Tech, Spencer, was great. He was very personable and responsive at coordinating my treatment with Maddy. As for Maddy, my Physical Therapist, well, awesome is the first word that comes to mind. Her knowledge, skills and guidance where the key my successful treatment plan. Maddy was always coming up with new techniques to speed my recovery. If I could give a rating higher than 5, I would. As a customer and patient, my expectations were not only met; they were exceeded. Thank you, Team Synergy!
14:41 22 Nov 19
Great care and great people! I came to Synergy with lifelong headaches and TMJ pain and left with almost no headaches or TMJ pain. They were quick to identify the problem and alleviate the pain and offered new methods of treatment along the way. If you haven't tried dry needling for pain, I recommend you go see Dr. Maddy Bosek at Synergy. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend Synergy Rehab and Wellness for all physical therapy needs.
12:55 08 Oct 19
The team at Synergy prepped me for my lumbar fusion. As a result of their efforts, I only spent one night in the hospital, as opposed to the 3 predicted by my surgeon.They helped me strengthen my core and flexibility. After the surgery, I returned for treatment which sped up my recovery. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. They even make exercise fun! I couldn’t have done it without them!
15:08 13 Sep 19

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