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Synergy Rehab and Wellness

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1561 Commerce Road #402
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Office Hours

7:00 am - 7:00 pm
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
7:30 am - 7:00 pm
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Between Little Maria's Pizza & Subs and Dairy Queen
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1561 Commerce Road #402
Staunton, VA 24482

1561 Commerce Road #402
Staunton, VA 24482
Phone: (540) 416-0530

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Staunton, VA. We are Route 11 between Little Maria’s Pizza & Subs and Dairy Queen at the north end of the business complex. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

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Give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! If you see us first, we can provide you with a complimentary injury screening or refer you to a great physician, if necessary. We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.


About Synergy Rehab and Wellness

The Synergy Rehab and Wellness team exists to support our patients. Our success is dependent upon your success, and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where you can comfortably heal.

At Synergy Rehab and Wellness, we have one mission: helping you reach your highest physical potential. Our treatment plans are individually crafted to help you achieve your goals, while taking into account your symptoms, medical history, and any health restrictions you may have. We look forward to working alongside you to help you achieve your recovery, health and fitness goals! With our team’s dedicated care and commitment, we know this is possible for anyone who comes through our doors.

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Based on 130 reviews
great staff!!! Kyle is the nicest, most respectful front desk associate I've ever met. and my son really enjoys working with Caleb. The staff is just amazing.
18:27 28 Mar 23
From a warm greeting at front desk to careful analysis of my condition to skillfully designed exercises and treatments, Synergy was very responsive to me and my needs! It only took a few visits for the reception personnel to call me by name when I entered the building. Dr Annie Weaver paid close attention to my efforts to describe my condition and worked hard to find just the right exercises to do at the clinic as well as at home. Her amazing touch in finding spots to “dry needle” produced great relief. It is amazing how well the various staff persons work together to complement the treatment process. Every assistant was skilled in supervising the various exercises and treatments, but a big shout out to Ana who remembered what we had discussed from week to week. Thanks!
17:20 16 Mar 23
14:50 11 Mar 23
Fantastic professional and caring staff! Sarah and Joe (PT’s who worked with me) did an outstanding job in pushing me to rehab my new knee and the positive results were obviously noticeable. I highly recommend Synergy for anyone with physical therapy needs to improve their quality of life!
13:25 25 Feb 23
The staff is very accommodating and they have a progressive and holistic treatment philosophy. Also, it is a nice, fun atmosphere!
22:04 13 Feb 23
Great group of people and care about the patient's well being
16:00 05 Feb 23
~I find the staff to be friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They give one- on- one attention and are organized.
03:47 21 Jan 23
As an employee of Synergy I know this is a place I would like to have physical therapy, if needed. I trust the therapist and their plan of care. My daughter, with special needs, looks forward to seeing Annie and Lisa twice weekly. She says, "them love me and take care of me". Wow!!! Nuff said.
20:17 17 Jan 23
00:35 17 Jan 23
This is the only PT location where I have completed my PT in full. The staff and providers are amazing. They are kind and understanding and truly work to reduce pain and help you heal. I was able to return fully to all of my activities after completing my therapy in the past. I'm currently dealing with another issue different from before and am making great progress. I highly recommend them
13:27 29 Dec 22
They have been helping my husband just for a few weeks and he really has enjoyed going to the place. I would definitely recommend this place.
16:25 28 Dec 22
13:35 28 Dec 22
Everyone was very nice. My therapist was wonderful, she was so helpful and knowledgeable about my injury.
21:13 26 Dec 22
Really great experience!
14:31 16 Dec 22
14:44 17 Oct 22
I picked Annie because I knew she would push me to get back to what I came from, a CrossFit type workout. She was one of my previous coaches from my gym. I was right, and for all the right reasons. My total knee replacement was complicated, from a horrible home health (not synergy) ending in a manipulation, but Annie and Ana, and Joe were all wonderful in pushing me to get back to my previous self! Now on to the left knee in December, and I’m coming day 1 to synergy, skipping home health. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done. I know they got tired of seeing me so much, but I graduate therapy Friday and they have 2 months off ;)
23:20 10 Oct 22
Knowledgeable, professional, and attentive staff!
21:49 20 Sep 22
My sincere thank you to the entire staff at the Staunton location for all they have done to help me recover from my shoulder injury. The physical therapy and exercises I received enabled me to regain most of my motion and strength. The therapists and techs were professional, efficient and caring. Their goal was to ensure that I met my goal.
00:40 26 Aug 22
I just finished therapy for Hip bursitis and I have gained so much relief from their amazing treatments…I had Joe, Cameron, Annie along with Ana and Nichole….they are all very good at their jobs and I want to express my gratitude to all…we are blessed to have such a qualified group of people in our Verona area…Thank you so much
19:59 26 Jul 22
I have used them 3 times for different problems. The staff in all positions despite the title the hold are wonderful.
17:57 06 Jul 22
21:48 13 Jun 22
Sarah and Annie were amazing to work with! I enjoyed the progress I felt every week and the excitement they would show! Thank you so much for helping me live pain free!
16:16 12 Jun 22
My mother attended physical therapy sessions at Synergy and really enjoyed them. The therapists were well trained and provided step by step instructions for exercises, making them easy to perform at home. She is doing much better now than when she first began going to sessions and we really appreciate all the effort the therapists put forth in helping her relieve the pain she was feeling.
15:15 07 Jun 22
Synergy has been able to help me three different times with three different running injuries. I’m so glad to know who to call when I get sidelined. I highly recommend them!
21:08 01 Jun 22
I did not know if Synergy could assist me with painful bunions. I had never heard of anyone receiving physical therapy for bunion pain but I was willing to try in order to skip surgery! So glad I went to Synergy in Staunton. I am now able to walk without pain and have canceled surgery. I could not be more happy! Thank you!
18:17 31 May 22
14:24 31 May 22
Very pleased with the care I received. Professional and caring therapist and techs. All the staff were great. Always smiling and eager to help. Mike and Jake (the 2 therapist that worked w me) always took the time to demonstrate and explain the exercises. The techs helping were also great at explaining and showing how and what to do. Everyone i worked with was great at answering any questions I had. I would highly recommend choosing Synergy for any PT/OT needs!
23:50 26 May 22
Patricia Abbott - I just completed my therapy at Synergy in Verona. I had a knee replacement 8 weeks ago, and I am so grateful to everyone at Synergy, especially Mike, Jake and Sarah for all of their help and encouragement. I couldn't have had better people helping me recover. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who needs therapy of any kind.
20:49 25 May 22
A great experience and all the people that worked with me great. Synergy is my preferred go to place for physical therapy.
14:40 20 May 22
I had such a great experience at Synergy in Staunton. I am so thankful for the caring and supportive staff that worked with me, particularly Annie and Ana. Everyone was so patient and helpful. I was able to achieve much better results than I even expected and feel like I have such a better quality of life. I can’t recommend synergy enough!
13:38 20 May 22
Dr.Annie is the absolute best. Thank you! Ms. Lisa, combined, with Ms. Annie, they are the dynamic duo! I would not be where I am at this point in my PT with out them. Ms. Ana (my water girl) and Ms. Donna will always be ready when needed with no questions asked. I have a tibial fracture and I really thought it would be a while before I had confidence enough to put weight on it and walk on my left leg, they definitely gave me the confidence that I needed. Now, if all the clocks in the physical therapy rooms had the second hand on them working, that would be great. I will see that great team in action again on Wednesday!
20:31 09 May 22
Nikki and Marina were very thorough in diagnosing my pain and prescribing exercises that made things much better. The entire staff was friendly, engaging, helpful and made me feel as though I had known them for years!
11:24 26 Apr 22
Synergy Therapists and all the staff have been wonderful to work with! They have diagnosed and guided my treatment bringing me back to using my arm and hand without pain or numbness. I never had to wait to see the therapists, who are always warm and kind in treating me! All the staff, including those in the reception area, the PT Techs and PT Assistants we’re thoroughly professional and lovely to work with throughout my treatment. I highly recommend Synergy for any physical therapy needs!
22:48 20 Apr 22
I was referred to Synergy for a jaw issue I had been dealing with for a few years. I was originally kind of worried to go as I had no idea what I was going to be doing. The staff at Synergy made me feel very comfortable and made the process less stressful and it was a surprisingly fun experience. I was very happy to be able to say that I was pain-free and able to go back to doing daily activities without worrying about injuring my jaw further.
21:07 20 Apr 22
I had been in therapy at a previous rehab and still had shoulder weakness. I am amazed at how far I have come since coming here. Wonderful therapists, techs, and front desk staff. I would recommend Synergy Rehab to everyone!!!
00:27 13 Apr 22
Total knee replacement therapy over and done in just TWO short months with the outstanding guidance and support of my amazing physical therapy team!! That's right! I had an entire TEAM caring for me and cheering me on! I'm almost sad I won't be seeing them every week...thank you Synergy!!!
17:21 08 Apr 22
This is the absolute best rehab facility in our area. Everyone from the front staff who welcomes you by name and are always friendly to everyone else . Annie, Lisa, Ana, and Donna are amazing. They know how to encourage you and provide the best physical therapy. Everyone at Snyergy works together and it shows. 😊
20:11 03 Apr 22
14:31 23 Mar 22
I had an excellent experience Synergy. Appointments were held on time and the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. I would encourage to those needing rehab to go at the Staunton site.
19:48 21 Mar 22
I've had 4 joint replacement surgeries and Synergy's therapists helped me regain mobility, balance, and flexibility beyond my hopes! Thanks to all Synergy personnel for all your help!
20:53 07 Mar 22
Everyone at Synergy was very knowledgeable of their skill and provided a positive environment for rehabilitation. The hand doctors and therapists were so very kind and especially willing to give me their undivided attention. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of hand therapy.
18:53 07 Mar 22
After having a total knee replacement, I completed 10 weeks of physical therapy with Synergy. Every appointment experience was handled with professionalism and excellence. Throughout the 10 weeks I had the pleasure of working with five of Synergy’s associates and each one of them showed compassion for and awareness of my pain level and immediate needs. Every week they helped me progress to the next level of recovery with exercises and encouragement. In my opinion, there is no better choice for physical therapy, in the valley, than Synergy.
21:43 25 Feb 22
Melissa at the front was very organized and extremely helpful. It was very nice to get all of my appointments set up at once and have a print out of them. Amy evaluated my shoulder and was able to explain what was going on with my injury, which I greatly appreciated. She was very professional and easy to discuss treatment plans and goals with.
05:07 18 Feb 22
I came to Synergy at the recommendation of my wife who had received excellent care here some months ago. I came initially with severe tightness and discomfort in my shoulder and neck, and have made steady progress in relief of pain and increased mobility.During therapy, I informed Dr. Maddie about a lower back issue that had troubled me for many years. After an additional referral and evaluation, that issue was addressed in good fashion and I’m making steady progress in that area as well.My experience and treatment at this facility have been excellent in all regards. The personnel are professional, experienced and personable, and very thorough in their analysis and therapy. Every aspect of office and facility management is top notch and I’m happy to give them a five star rating!And unexpected bonus was running into a former high school student of mine, Melissa at the front desk, who genuinely made this old guy feel a bit younger again!
15:08 17 Feb 22
I have really only had 2 visits here, but it feels like home. Each visit has been building on my therapy and exercises. Synergy has so many different types of equipment and massage (yes I said massage). I was so desperate for help with my spinal stenosis and lumbar arthritis. As of last Friday, I couldn't take more than 10 steps until I excruciating pain. Now, after 2 visits and exercises at home, I walked out of my work and across the parking lot to my vehicle without shedding a tear from the pain. I would have to sit down 2 to 3 times before even getting out of the building, but not today. Even the therapist I was seeing, before I came here, gave a big YAY!!! to where I was going. I have since found 2 friends that came here and couldn't say enough good about this place! All staff have been wonderful, accomadating with schedule and really listened to me. A big shout out for Maddy, Samantha, Tammy and Melissa for all they have done for me so far!
21:13 16 Feb 22
00:35 12 Feb 22
This place feels like a mix between a chiropractor and your favorite gym with a great, gentle personal trainer. The vibe is bright and fun and helpful, with time taken to explain and answer questions. I got some relief from dry needling, which I'd never tried. The only weird takeaway was that the PT pretty much told me it wasn't working and maybe I should give up. Then I changed my diet to the Bean Protocol (clean meat, veggies, beans separate from fat) and my chronic tension went away almost completely overnight. The PT didn't really take notice and released me the next session. If they really want to help people like me, they should pay attention when other lifestyle changes make a huge difference. I would have loved a more holistic approach, which could have saved me a lot of time and my insurance a lot of money. I guess there's no incentive there for them financially to help people in that way. I still recommend this physical therapy center to all my loved ones!
18:57 10 Feb 22
I came to Synergy recovering from a fractured humerus bone in my upper arm to help restore my full range of motion. I have achieved most of my 100% range of motion after 3 months of therapy, with only a little more left to work on with a few of the harder movements behind my back, which I will continue to work on with the home exercises they have provided. I was informed by my orthopedic that because of the location of my injury in connection with my shoulder that it could possibly take as long as a year to achieve full recovery with my range of motion again. I am very pleased with my experience at Synergy Rehab. I would highly recommend them for your rehabilitation needs. Everyone is very nice & knowledgable..they make you feel very comfortable & encouraging. I primarily had Jake Kappes working with my physical therapy sessions & would highly recommend him.Lisa Morrison
19:12 09 Feb 22
Iam a returning patient and have been totally pleased with all of my care relating to my right shoulder. I would highly recommend synergy Waynesboro for all of your PT needsMelissa is so caring and compassionte and extremely helpful with scheduling needsMaddy and Niki are wonderful!!
16:08 04 Feb 22
Thank you Synergy Rehab and Wellness for your great care. Anna, Lisa, Ryan and Tobin providedstrengthening and guidance that I needed to become mobile once again. Your techs and your Admin. staff have also been very helpful and great to to work with. Thank you!
04:23 11 Oct 21
Just finished takeing therapy there the whole staff was so friendly they helped me so much just want to let you guys know your the best keep up the good work you all do .
12:59 09 Oct 21
I had to go through physical therapy again due to back surgery and I automatically chose synergy again. The staff is super friendly, they work with you, and they are amazing working you in if there is an cancelation. Annie took care of me this go around. I couldn't of asked for a better doctor to take care of me. We worked every session to push me towards my goals. I would highly recommend her and everyone at the facility.
23:13 16 Aug 21
14:17 11 Aug 21
I went into my first rehab appointment a little afraid, based on people telling me PTs are all so rough. Ryan knew exactly what he was doing, he did NOT hurt me, and when I left I felt better than ever--my ankle was in an amazing place!
12:36 10 Aug 21
Great care!
16:51 17 Jun 21
Synergy Rehab offers the kind of excellent treatment that makes you feel as if you are going to make a full recovery! Everyone has such a upbeat attitude and the whole clinic is filled with positive energy. From the check in with Melissa, who always has a smile to greet you, to the therapist and doctors each one takes the time to listen and offer advice to help with your recovery.I graduated today feeling 100% better!! Thank you Maddy Bosek,Chelsea Esleck, Cameron Wade and each and everyone who helped me along this journey to recovery!
22:29 14 Jun 21
Highly recommend and will gladly point people towards synergy when asked. Went for TMJ, very understanding and open staff, and realistic :)
18:42 12 Jun 21
I am a current patient of Synergy and everyone there are very friendly and Hands-On! I have been going for a couple of months and they have truly been a blessing! If I ever need care in the future they are my first and last choice! If you go to them you will not be sorry you will be glad you did! Megan and Jen pure angels I know they work, they're very skilled and knowledgeable needs to be done. I give them at a plus plus
21:32 10 Jun 21
13:12 31 Mar 21
Amazing staff. Knowledge and respect. Always happy to help. Helping me to get my left thumb to "normal" after a table saw too close encounter. highly recommended
01:40 04 Mar 21
Went to them for over a year for dry needling for scoliosis. Dr. Little is really amazing; a great physical therapist and an all around awesome person. Mobility improved and pain decreased under their care. 5/5 stars. Would (and certainly have) definitely recommend(ed). <3
17:12 28 Feb 21
I had hip replacement surgery and followed up two weeks later with PT.Dr. Bolena was expert in diagnosing and helping and guiding me through the only pain I had as a result of surgery - infrequen,t but sharp, intermittent nerve pinching pain when I bent over or got up from a chair. In a few weeks it was gone. I am very grateful. Thank You, Synergy.
16:28 05 Dec 20
I would highly recommend Synergy. Everyone one there was caring and made you feel welcome.
17:09 07 Nov 20
This place is so amazing!! Absolutely love all the staff! In my 4 year journey of severe pain and numbness from my repetitive job and previous injuries this team has lead me in the right direction to being pain free! I am so glad I found SYNERGY! Love you all and keep up the good work and true patient care! YOU ALL ROCK! #onmywaytopainfreefreedom!
16:35 08 Oct 20
I am beyond grateful for the WHOLE staff at Synergy. Being a new mom who was clueless of the toll your body goes through with pregnancy, labor and delivery, and then postpartum they all listened to my complaints. And let's be honest there was a lot of complaining on my end especially towards the end of my pregnancy. Then to go above and beyond they all helped take care of my baby while I was in treatment. Most days this was the most quiet I got all day. Thank you all!!
02:38 07 Oct 20
I am so thankful for Synergy. Getting better without taking medicine or having surgery is the best way to go. Excellent staff. They are so knowledgeable about the human body and what is best for it. You can trust them to get you better.
16:33 21 Jan 20
I would highly recommend Synergy to anyone looking for PT services. Their excellent staff are always eager to help in any way possible. During what may be a very tough time in your life you will receive phenomenal care and always leave with a smile on your face. You will have unique individualized care specific to you and your needs and will be heard and included in every step of the way. If you are looking for physical therapy services look no more Synergy is the place for you!
17:55 13 Jan 20
The professionals at Synergy are the very best in their expertise. Caring, patient and thorough, they are physical therapy geniuses. From Tobin to Kaitlyn, Joe, Jimmy, Stacy and Dan, the very best in Virginia.
22:51 17 Dec 19
My name is Gary Lowe and I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident with a deer. After recovering and recuperating I was told I needed physical therapy I was told about Synergy by my in laws and I just started I am very pleased with my therapist Annie Shreckhise she is very caring and great to work with. I’m excited to work with all of therapist taking care of me on my way to recovery. Thank y’all Gary
23:03 21 Nov 19
As soon as you walk into Synergy you can tell it's a great place. You are greeted right away and with a smile. They work with you and your busy life to get you scheduled. Jimmy and Joe are wonderful. They listen on how you are feeling. They focus on your problem areas and make sure that you feel the best that you possible can before you leave. I recommend Synergy to everyone that I discuss my physical therapy with. Very one there is super friendly. The staff even entertains my 3 year old when he wants to go in with me. That plus the great work they do I give this place 5 stars but they truly deserve more. Thanks for all that you do and are continuing to do for me!
13:17 13 Sep 19
18:04 30 Aug 19
I've seen the folks at Synergy for several different issues and they skillfully addressed each one. There can be highs and lows in recovery and even in times of personal discouragement, everyone is always encouraging and positive. There is also a relationship that develops between patient and therapist that brings about a level of comfort and trust. I think having the sense of the therapist and myself as being a team rather than viewing recovery as isolating is a benefit in the recovery process. Although needing therapy may not be something to be excited about, seeing these folks definitely is! Whether it be the welcoming smile at the front desk from Melissa, the time spent with the always helpful and cheerful Holly or therapy with such impressive people, Jocyeln and Maddy, time spent at Synergy is always a positive one.To be honest, all the therapist are wonderful. The therapist at the Staunton Synergy are also fantastic. I have seen Annie and Tobin to name a few. I have worked with therapists I have liked at other facilities and did well but Synergy has that something special that sets them apart. Thank you Synergy for making recovery less of a burden and more of a pleasure.
14:30 27 Aug 19
The Waynesboro office is equipped with knowledgeable, personally interested, always positive and encouraging staff.... and most of all they GET RESULTS! After completing the course recommended and following the exercise routine, I am able to move without pain and get back into the activities I could not do previously. GO HERE if you are suffering with physical issues that don't just go away on their own. They know what they're doing!
20:23 07 Aug 19
Synergy has it all! An awesome staff that greet you with smiles and always greet you by name. The Doctors and therapists really care about helping you get better and be at your best. The atmosphere is healing.The treatment rooms are calming and therapy area is bright. You get the whole package❤
02:47 01 Aug 19
Now that my therapy has been successfully completed, I must tell you that I will miss the Synergy family. I received excellent care during my pre and post-surgery for my ankle replacement. I would not be where I am today without the outstanding help and patient extended to me. I would highly recommend Maddy Bosek and the rest of the Waynesboro team at Synergy.
20:28 25 Jun 19
everyone at Synergy is very nice. They did a great job on helping my achilles to heal. I went in walking with pain on almost every step and now I can walk miles without pain. It took a few weeks but it is much better. I would not hesitate to recommend them or to return!
20:13 24 Jun 19
When I first came to Synergy I was contemplating knee replacement on my right knee.After treatment from Annie and Joe, my knee feels much stronger with little to no pain left in it.The whole team at Synergy made a huge difference and I recommend them highly to anyone needing physical therapy.Synergy is the place that doctors in the area should send their patients for relief from their pain!
19:49 19 Jun 19
22:48 13 Jun 19
Great place to rehab at... The staff is very friendly and super helpful I won't go anywhere else for my pt needs! You won't find a better set of therapist or staff!!!
15:59 18 Apr 19
I have actually enjoyed my therapy experience at Synergy. Everyone has always been supportive and helpful. In spite of the struggle and discomfort (PAIN!) of retraining muscles to do what they are supposed to be doing, my experience has been very positive. My therapy team of Tobin, Jocelyn and Harrison have both challenged and encouraged me when it seemed like the progress was sometimes so slow. I have appreciated their help working with me to set up an exercise program. And progress continues! Thank you, everyone at Synergy!
03:42 14 Feb 19
I have been going to Synergy for TMJ. I have been so impressed with the staff at Synergy. They are all so knowledgeable and friendly. They take their time with you, explain things and make sure that you are comfortable with their plan and what they are doing to help you. They treat you like family and are truly here to help you. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much!L. C.
13:24 07 Feb 19
This is the 3rd time over the last few years that I've been referred to Synergy, so I write from experience of interacting on many occasions with the physical therapy doctors and technicians. I cannot rave enough about Ryan, Meghan, and now the team of Joe and Ryan who are helping me with heel tendonitis. Their knowledge and expertise are very encouraging as they evaluate my situation, and I've been greatly encouraged by the current treatment so far. I enjoy the caring interaction and the time spent with each patient, every visit.Not only have I become familiar with the therapists because of my own medical situations, but I'm also the caregiver for my 90-year-old mother. We have used Synergy for physical therapy several times for her after compression fractures in her back. They treat her kindly and are gentle with her delicate situation, planning her care of treatment appropriately. Thank you especially to Ryan whom she would always ask for.Thank you, Synergy, for going the extra mile ...every time!
00:00 07 Feb 19
Wonderful Physical Therapist and wonderful Assistants! Very polite and helpfull! I always share my good experiences if asked! Thank you!
23:21 05 Feb 19
Dr. Tobin Forbus is excellent and his entire staff is highly skilled, kind, and caring. The facility is incredible. I have needed physical therapy off and on for many years due to surgeries, injuries, and chronic pain issues. Tobin is the best and he surrounds himself with the very best! I am so thankful they have been there for me. My husband and son have also been patients. There is no one else I would trust more.
03:25 01 Feb 19
My husband had stroke 8 years ago. He’s been in and out of various PT places. Synergy is absolutely the best treatment he’s ever had. Great people that treat you like family. Would recommend Synergy to everyone.
01:54 01 Feb 19
I have been to Synergy to rehab from two surgeries, one in 2014 and another in 2018. The folks here have a strong desire to provide the highest quality of care possible and help you return to a normal, pain free quality of life. They typically spend more time with their patients than what I've seen at other therapy clinics. They are always friendly and it is obvious that they truly care about their patients and enjoy what they do every day.
21:11 31 Jan 19
Wonderful people to work with, every time I qent in they always made me feel welcome. Was recovering from a broken finger and over the course of my time there had gotten 100% better. I couldn't of asked for asked better place to go to heal.
20:23 15 Dec 18
Outstanding physical therapy staff and professional administrative staff.
04:04 01 Dec 18
Wonderful, caring staff! I was so happy with my results. Will definitely use them in the future. The staff truly cares about their clients.
17:15 11 Sep 18
I have had lower back pain for years but my doc didn't suggest any treatment so I thought it was something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I was discouraged. New doc ordered PT. I went to Synergy because friends highly recommended it, especially Dr. Maddie . Today, I completed my program and am totally pain free. The quality of my life improved with each session. I feel like a new person..physically and emotionally.
15:43 06 Sep 18
I have been going to Synergy since last Sept for 2 different injuries. I have never been to a Rehab Center where I have had such good people. They really care about each client.I would not be healing so fast without this Center.I want to especially thank Maddy, Brett, Adam, Ana , Harrison, Dan, and Drew.Who have really made me feel like they really want to heal me both physically and mentally.I love all of you thanks for all your support .You all are the best peopleBecky Corbett
20:49 13 Aug 18
Had a great experience with Dr. Meghan Little and Jen Henry. Both very professionally took care of my broken radial head rehab. They were very competent and respectful of my injury. The treatments were extremely helpful and successful. I have continued the strengthening exercises that were prescribed and I'm back to playing golf and doing yoga. I'm so appreciative of the expertise and care that I received and would highly recommend Synergy Rehab.
12:03 13 Aug 18
For several months I was having significant spasms in my mid to lower back especially after playing golf. The spasms forced me to cancel golf matches and negatively affected my quality of life. I was referred to Synergy and it was one of the best things I have done. Dr. Tobin Forbus did an assessment of my problem and formulated a plan for both home exercises and in facility treatments and exercise. I worked with several therapists, assistants and technicians. All were top notch! I mainly worked with Jocelyn who kept me on track and modified the plan as I progressed. After about 1 month's time, I went from back spasms almost every day to no spasms. Pain level of about 5+ when having spasms to about 1 ( and this is probably due to arthritis in my spine). I have "graduated" from the therapy and plan to maintain my home exercise program as my back has not felt this good in months. I thank Dr. Forbus, Jocelyn and all of the others I worked with for their diligent care and thoughtful treatment! I heartily recommend Synergy for physical therapy needs. The front desk staff is also thoughtful and does a great job. I have a golf trip to Ireland planned and now feel I have the back to handle 10 days of fantastic golf. Thanks Synergy!
16:23 05 Jul 18
I had real success at Synergy. After a fall this winter onto my left shoulder, I went to Synergy for treatment. My therapist, Maddy, was amazing. She worked with me to give me exercises that would push me, but not to the point of causing pain. I did my homework and attended my appointments. In 2 months I had full use of my shoulder. I highly recommend them.
12:34 04 Jun 18

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