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Excel Physical Therapy

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Office Hours

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
7:00 am - 3:00 pm
7:00 am - 3:00 pm
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Located near Starbucks and the Gap
  • Accepts most insurance plans including Medicare
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • See us with or without a prescription
  • Excel is now part of the Ivy Rehab Network!

128 Elm Street
Westfield, NJ 07090

128 Elm Street
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: (908) 543-4005

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Westfield, NJ in Passaic County. Our location is near Starbucks and the Gap. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

Ready to Book? 

You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! If you see us first, we can provide you with a complimentary injury screening or refer you to a great physician, if necessary. We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.


About Excel Physical Therapy

The highly skilled clinicians at Excel Physical Therapy are here to help you get back to feeling your best again! Excel has partnered with Ivy Rehab, a rapidly growing network of physical & occupational therapy clinics dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get patients feeling better, faster. We have over 25,000 online reviews with an average score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Ivy Rehab has more than 100 convenient locations in New Jersey and offer a wide range of treatments and programs to suit your needs, including in-clinic and virtual telehealth appointments. Give us a call to see how the friendly team at your local Excel Physical Therapy can help you today!

Learn more about Excel Physical Therapy

Get your life back with physical therapy. 

At Excel Physical Therapy our mission is to deliver an unsurpassed physical therapy experience that exceeds expectations by providing the highest level of service, care, and respect. Our expertly skilled clinicians have extensive experience in treating a range of ailments, from nagging aches and pains to advanced orthopedic injuries. We prioritize the education and empowerment of our patients to quickly and safely return to their life and the activities they love.

Providing superior care for more than 30 years.

Excel was founded in 1990 with the vision of becoming the standard of orthopedic rehabilitation in the state of New Jersey. Since then, Excel has built an unparalleled reputation by combining the highest quality of physical therapy with exceptional customer service to provide a genuine “patient first” approach. Excel remains a trusted source of rehabilitation for both patients and physicians alike.

Our skilled staff and upbeat atmosphere support rapid rehabilitation. You will feel at home in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best recovery plan with individualized, professional care.  We are committed to your health and recovery, and your goal of feeling better is our goal, too! Our experienced therapists know how important health, quality of life, and careers are to patients. We educate our patients on how to safely and quickly return to their regular activities after an injury, surgery, or illness. In addition to treatment in our outpatient clinic, patients are educated on home exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from reoccurring, and we support our primary care healthcare providers with easy access and rapid communication. Our highly-trained providers and staff work as a team to provide excellent, coordinated, cost-effective physical therapy care.

What we treat

Below you’ll find the list of what we treat and the programs we offer. A high percentage of injuries and pain syndromes result from weakness and/or tightness in neighboring regions of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists evaluate possible compensatory patterns in addition to the area of pain or loss of function. This thorough examination allows us to better identify and eliminate all underlying causes so patients achieve lasting results. We also focus on educating you, so that you’re empowered to take control of their injury, grow stronger than ever, and prevent recurrences.

We understand the impact that pain and loss of function can have on the lives of our patients. Our entire staff, from the front desk to our clinical team, provides a compassionate and motivational environment dedicated to healing. We ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs so their experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. We have extensive experience treating a variety of conditions including: shoulder injuries and surgeries, knee injuries and reconstructions/replacements, spinal conditions and surgeries, sports injuries and muscle traumas, chronic and acute pain syndromes, neck conditions and surgeries, pre and post-surgical cases, geriatric conditions, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, lower back pain, general strains and sprains, joint replacement recovery, neurological conditions, vestibular and balance conditions, auto accidents, hand and wrist injuries, and much more!  

Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
After foot surgery for Lisfranc injury, I came to Excel in Westfield for physical therapy as it’s part of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network, and I’m delighted with the outcome. Westfield Clinic Director Mike Gaeta is excellent. He has extensive expertise and experience in treating foot and ankle injuries, is attentive, kind and caring and made my challenging exercises fun. I was thrilled with the progress I was making with very session. Mike and his team monitor patients closely and engage them on a personal level; they are very good.
22:58 13 Oct 22
Mike and the team at Excel Therapy Westfield are the ultimate professionals in the area of PT! I can’t thank them enough, for managing to get my 16 year old son back on the soccer field in just 8 weeks following foot surgery and getting him strong and ready for both a National (MLS Next Cup- Texas) and an International (Capelli Cup -Denmark) competition this summer!
16:52 28 Sep 22
Amazing team! You all have helped my son Kevin recover from his injury! Thank you so much ❤️
13:44 09 Jun 22
Amazing staff. Very welcoming and really helped heal my injury. Would recommend to anyone.
18:39 10 Mar 22
02:31 20 Jan 22
Both Mike and Michelle at Excel PT in Westfield were fantastic and helped me make a very speedy recovery from a stress fracture in my left tibia. Mike was extremely patient and thorough with all of my questions and took the time to understand the history of the injury and the exact nature of the pain I experienced before developing a very effective treatment plan to restore strength and function through all our PT sessions. I was extremely happy with the rapid progress I made and will highly recommend Mike and Excel PT in Westfield to anyone who is in need of a knowledgeable and caring physical therapist who is invested and focused on getting you back on the path to being well again! Thank you Mike and Michelle, you guys rock!!:)
21:10 17 Jan 22
Excel Physical Therapy, Westfield NJI had rotator cuff surgery in December 2020 for a full tear. I had never been to PT before so I didn’t know what to expect. From the first time I stepped foot in the Westfield facility, I knew I made the best choice for recovery. The entire staff is welcoming, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. The facility is very clean and the equipment is wiped down after each use. My physical therapist, Mike, explained everything to me every step of the way. He addressed all my questions and concerns and reassured me when I felt discouraged. Recovery from surgery is not easy, it’s a slow recovery that requires a lot of hard work both at PT and at home. Mike’s positive words motivated me to continue to work hard at home. Had it not been for Mike’s compassion, knowledge and encouragement I would not be where I am in my recovery. I went to PT for 7 months and on my last day I felt like I was leaving family. Although I was very sad to end PT, I was at the same time so very pleased with the results that WE worked hard to achieve. Mike is one of a kind! I highly recommend Mike at Excel PT in Westfield.
00:15 04 Nov 21
Michael in Westfield is great, attentive, and professional! I came for a couple of month for my knees. And I feel better now.
23:19 30 Sep 21
16:06 02 Aug 21
Great Experience
13:28 06 Jul 21
Mike and Kelsey have been a fantastic team over the past three months of my physical therapy for my right knee replacement. Mike ensured that I made my progress and maintained maximum flexibility day over day. Kelsey made sure that I was going from one exercise to another without missing a beat. The team of M&K truly care about my (and all of the Excel patients) rehab and I feel that I progressed quite a bit because of them.
17:36 06 May 21
This was my fourth stint with physical therapy and it was by far the best experience. Mike & Kelsey are the MVPs. Anytime an exercise felt too difficult or painful, they were quick to trust my limits and use creative workarounds to encourage me to keep trying! I so appreciate the time Mike & Kelsey spent to make me feel safe and confident (and in good spirits!) while I got my strength back. I cannot say enough good things about this team -- they take such good care of their patients ✨As for equipment, I was very glad that Excel had the GameReady icing/compression machine! It made a huge difference for my pain and swelling, especially in the initial post-op period.If anyone feels nervous regarding covid, there are enough machines & equipment, everything is cleaned between use, and the facility is big enough that you have a comfortable amount of space between you and other patients.Thank you so much, Mike & Kelsey ! You are the best !!
02:37 01 May 21
Excel physical therapy it was the best therapy!! It is located in the center of westfield NJ. Michael and Kelsey were able to put me back on my feet 100 % after meniscus tear. Michael has an excellent expertises with any type of injury that requires you to heel and get back were you want it to be.They spend time with you and you never feel rushed, they have the best ice machine. The therapy it’s super spacious everything is being cleaned after each use. Water bottles available with clean towels. Very well recommended place to be!!
22:55 26 Apr 21
This place is great!
18:22 22 Apr 21
Mike and Kelsey make are great team!I had a great time and thanks to Mike my knee is 120 better.Thanks again guys.I will miss you guys!
00:14 13 Apr 21
Super easy to make an appointment or reschedule. They take time to make sure they’re not only helping you but are making sure you understand why and what’s going on during the process. Would definitely recommend
13:59 02 Apr 21
18:18 01 Apr 21
I have nothing but nice things to say about the folks at Excel. When I came in my back was so bad I couldn’t touch my toes. I left in terrific shape and would go back for any future need.
04:14 15 Mar 21
Another 5-star review and recommendation. I delayed my PT for some time due to procrastination and work. So happy and relieved I took the time to research and find the right PT...and even better their location was so convenient. Mike and Kelsey are both terrific with their initial analysis, expertise, plan of action, follow-up and overall care. After having shoulder issues for the past year I'm thrilled to be back to working out and other daily routines pain free. Their commitment to their customers is obvious and both pay extra attention to ensuring I'm following proper form with all the stretching and exercising. I will be sure to recommend them, as well as Excel, to others. Thank you.
00:18 04 Nov 20
I came to Excel in Westfield to rehab a broken ankle. Mike and Kelsey are fantastic. They did a great job of helping me get to a full recovery. All the staff there is very friendly and caring, and great at what they do. If you are in the Westfield area and are in need of PT, I recommend excel!
13:42 09 Oct 20
I want to share my great experience with Micheal Gaeta and kelsey here in Westfield.They are professional and friendly. Great time and my shoulder feels much better. Thank you.
20:36 01 Oct 20
Mike and Kelsey are superstars. I’m 31 with mild to moderate OA in my knee and I’m also active. They have moving again and performing running activities with decreased pain and increased mobility. They show great attention to each client and actually spend time to engage with them on a personal level. This helps with keeping me motivated. They also pay close attention to each workout and make sure I follow proper form. I’ve been to multiple PTs and often you feel like “just another client” to those PTs. But with Mike and Kelsey I feel they actually care.
19:16 04 Sep 20
I had a great experience working with Mike as I rehabbed from elbow surgery. He was very knowledgeable and changed the therapy each step of the rehab. Mike provided multiple exercise workouts to keep the process from becoming routine. You never feel as though they are rushing you to get to the next patient. Joslyn and Kelsey were also very helpful. The location and hours make it very convenient. I would definitely recommend Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy.
20:53 16 Mar 20
My 9 year old son was diagnosed with little league shoulder last summer. After a couple months of rest, he was prescribed physical therapy. We decided to try Excel in Westfield and we are very happy we did. My son was difficult to treat as it was hard to get a clear description from him of where it hurt exactly and how badly. Jon Crawford was extremely patient with him, as well as creative with the exercises in order to get him engaged. Now, Jason looks forward to PT and is all smiles, no matter who on staff works with him. He has gotten much stronger and is ready to start playing baseball again as the new season starts up! Thanks so much to everyone at Excel!
21:07 10 Feb 20
After feeling tight in my upper back and shoulders for months, I came into Excel PT (no prescription necessary) to see if they could help! John took the time to talk to me and thoroughly decide a treatment plan that would best suit me. I now feel so much less tightness in my muscles and have a deeper knowledge of how to stay strong for the future. Every time I went to my appointments Jon, Kelsey and Austin were there ready to help me with all my exercises and stretches with such a positive attitude. I 100% recommend Excel PT to anyone considering it. Whether you have long term pain or a recent injury, I am confident that Excel would be able to get you through it!
04:21 05 Feb 20
After suffering a severe ankle sprain this winter, I was fearful that I would never wear my high heels again. But after a great experience with Excel Physical Therapy, I have been able to wear my heels with confidence and without pain. My Physical Therapist, Mike made me feel very comfortable from the get-go. My exercise regime was tailored to my injury. The regime varied and combined massage, exercise, stretching and cold packs. I was seeing result immediately. I actually enjoyed going there! In addition to Mike, the staff: Jon, Kelsey and Joslyn contributed to a great environment filled with laughter and motivation. Oddly enough, I was sad to graduate but happy to have been given exercises to do at home. I will definitely stop by to visit my new friends when I'm in town and I will don my spiked heels when doing so. :)
15:07 30 Jan 20
I left my first Physical Therapy facility and discovered a really great Physical Therapy facility in Excel Westfield. Everyone there is friendly, caring and fully dedicated to your injury recovery. The therapy is varied and not boring, you are evaluated on a regular basis so that the therapy fits you. I highly recommend Excel.Just finished my physical therapy at Excel Physical Therapy in Westfield (corner of East Broad & Elm St.). I would recommend Excel to anyone who needs and wants the best Physical Therapy. In the past I have been to three other physical therapy studios for various injuries. This was by far the best. You really feel like you are getting personalized attention. My PT was usually Jonathan Crawford and Kelsey his assistant. But on occasion I have had Michael Gaeta the other PT and Joslyn the other assistant who are also outstanding. It’s definitely Five Stars.
22:20 22 Jan 20
Last Spring I needed to begin physical therapy post surgery to help me with the very basic but crucial task of walking again as well as driving again. I'm very glad I followed my friend's suggestion and chose Excel PT. I felt like Excel would be a welcoming place from my first call with Dani, who handles the front desk and administrative paperwork. The entire staff is pleasant and attentive and Excel boasts a great patient /staff ratio so I'm usually working one on one with both my physical therapist and the aide who walks me through my exercises. The Clinic Director, Johnathan Crawford, is my pt. Dr. Jon spends considerable time working on my leg and foot and I have seen great results as my ability and stamina are improving. Jon adjusts my customized program frequently as I make strides. Kelsey is the friendly and knowledgeable aide I work with most often and I especially appreciate how patient Kelsey is. I highly recommend Excel PT Westfield.
21:02 15 Dec 19
I had the best recovery experience at Excel Physical Therapy in Westfield. I had my hip replaced and expressed to the Director there Jon my concerns about recovery and he made sure to incorporate all my issues in my PT program. All the assistants are also very good; they made sure to watch my exercises and help me to improve to best of my ability. I felt comfortable, confident and at ease for the three months I went to Excel. I really recommend this facility.
19:51 30 Nov 19
I came to Excel Physical Therapy in Westfield after receiving PT at another local facility for 6-8 weeks with no improvement. Feeling very frustrated, I scheduled a free consultation with Jon. Upon arriving, I noticed how welcoming the staff and environment was. Jon took the time to ask me about my injury, past treatment and completed a thorough evaluation. He quickly determined that I was most likely misdiagnosed and determined the root cause of my injury. He developed a plan and at each visit, assesses my current state/progress and adjusts treatment and exercises accordingly. I am glad to be on the road to recovery and thankful to have found Excel!
21:49 22 Nov 19
Three months ago I walked into Excel Physical therapy because my knee had been bothering me for awhile. I knew that I was able to receive physical therapy without a prescription from a doctor and so I was able to make a consultation appointment on the spot. Jon took the time to hear my past medical history and come up with an extensive plan in order to start rehabbing my knee. He always starts each session with manual therapy followed by exercises that he updates frequently. He has well trained physical therapy aides working in the clinic that supervise all of the exercises and always help to keep me motivated. In addition, Jon has helped me figure out how to make changes to my everyday routine that also add to the improvement of my knee. Jon and his staff are amazing and I highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy in Westfield.
14:05 09 Nov 19
Immaculate brand new facility .State of the art equipment!Head PT Johnathan Crawford has tremendous knowledge and expertise on numerous injuries.My issue was strained Achilles which he was able to get me back to full strength much more rapidlyThan I had anticipated .Support staff were all excellent in supervising numerous exercise routines . Front desk courteous, friendlyAnd very efficient in scheduling. Never had to wait to start sessions.Entire staff positive, supportive and professional made it fun!Great atmosphere for getting positive results.
14:19 03 Oct 19
I hurt my ankle over the summer playing soccer; however, I wasn’t worried because after my first session at excel they showed me all the amazing exercise they would do to help me get better. They gave me a game plan of how the next three months would look. I can say now after the three months are done, that I feel better than ever and I am grateful for the great service and amazing dedication the excel staff had to offer! Jon really helped me get back to playing the game that I love in no time. Once again I can not thank the fantastic staff enough for all their stellar help in my quick and speedy recovery!
23:18 02 Oct 19
So impressed with this place. Customer service is without compare. You walk in and you immediately feel like a priority. Everyone on staff takes a personal interest in your injury and recovery and their scheduling is incredibly flexible. Bottom line. Their priority is your needs and setting you up for success. Big time recommend!
13:53 01 Sep 19
Without any previous pains or injury , my knee began to lose strength and would "give out " on me when I was walking. I saw an orthopedist after letting it rest a few weeks and he prescribed PT for a knee cap /ligament injury. . I've seen Excel in town and also found it interesting one doesn't need a prescription for their therapy. Jon has helped me immeasurably. His ability to manage the pain, and now the healing is impressive. The exercises and healing therapy have allowed me to resume my exercise routine and my knee is without pain. I'm continuing my PT because it is helping me become stronger too. All things considered, i feel very fortunate to have found Jon Crawford at Excel in Westfield.
14:47 27 Aug 19
I am an incoming freshman in college where I will be rowing at the D1 level and have been seeing Jon for about 6 months. My shoulder had been hurting for a few months when one day at practice, my arm swelled to twice its size and turned purple. I lost some feeling in my hand and pain was shooting up my arm. I went to see Jon Crawford on a friend’s recommendation and he diagnosed me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can be very serious and can lead to blood clots and may result in the removal of the first rib. Jon assured me however that we were a team in my recovery and his #1 priority was getting me healed. I immediately noticed that Jon was different than the PTs I had seen in the past. He was thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions. He was very upfront about the fact that I could attempt to continue rowing with my injury, but if it didnt get better I would have to stop for the rest of the season. Although he admittedly didn't know much about rowing, Jon took it upon himself to watch videos, read articles, and ask questions from other PTs about the sport so that he could best help me. Jon worked with me on strengthening my shoulder and helped me change my rowing form so that I didn't cause further damage. Very quickly the pain went away and my arm was no longer swollen and turning purple. I truly believe that if I hadn't worked with Jon, I wouldn't be able to start college rowing at the D1 level this fall. Thank you Jon and the Excel team for everything!
17:20 23 Aug 19
I’ve been prescribed physical therapy by a doctor in the past and it was the least motivating piece of my doctor’s advice. Given this history, I was very uninterested the first time I met Jonathan at Excel. Within moments he had changed my mind about how productive this experience will be. He spoke with me about everything I need to know about my injury and my goals. He explained in detail how we will achieve my goals. We even speak at length about what beers fit with our plan and how to celebrate my achievements. I’ve been motivated to attend physical therapy 2 to 3 times a week this summer, well beyond my doctor’s prescription. You don’t even need a prescription to visit Jonathan. I just pay my copay and the billing goes through my insurance company. If you have an issue you want to rehab, you can go straight to Excel in Westfield and work it out with Dr. Jon. I highly recommend it. He’s awesome and his staff is amazing too!
23:42 18 Aug 19
From the moment I stepped into Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy Westfield I knew I made the right choice. Jon Crawford is amazing and he truly cares about your injury. The time he has spent with me and helping to relieve my shoulder pain has not only been fun, but very helpful. I've been to many PT's in the past, but never received the care like I have at Excel. Thank you Jon and staff for the wonderful care.
18:06 18 Aug 19
I injured my shoulder (rotator cuff) in December and hoped with rest it would get better. However, by April I could not move my arm above shoulder height or behind my back, the pain was excruciating and causing me sleepless nights. I went to Dr Jon Crawford with no medical prescription and after my first consultation the pain was significantly reduced. With every consultation I can feel an improvement and now believe I will make a full recovery without the need for surgery, which was not the case before I went to Dr Jon.The facilities at Westfield are excellent being extremely clean and modern, it's a pleasure to go there.Danielle on administration is extremely efficient and welcoming, Julian the PT assistant is attentive and very supportive ensuring that I undertake the exercises correctly to promote my recovery.I would highly recommend Dr Jon and the team to anyone.
23:41 21 Jul 19
I have been going to Dr Jon for the last 1 and a half years. I had an extremely painful back issue and a friend recommended him. He literally transformed my back. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable. However, Jon just recently moved from Morristown to Westfield which I felt was too far for me to travel every week. I decided to try another Therapist in Morristown which is much closer to home. Within two weeks I was experiencing major back pain as a result of what the new Therapist was doing. I could barely sleep or sit over the July 4th holiday. I called Dr Jon and got the next appointment. In ONE session with Dr Jon my back felt so much better. He is worth the extra miles. Not to mention the facility is gorgeous and the staff is highly organized. Dr Jon and his team are great. You don’t need a script to see Dr Jon since he is a doctor. You’ll be in good hands!
00:57 11 Jul 19
I have chronic low back pain from an injury I had 17 years ago. Dr. Jon has helped me gain more pain free days in the last year than I have had since my original injury. I am able to pursue my athletic goals without fear of hurting myself again. Sometimes he has to pull back on my activity level in order to keep me moving but I appreciate that he understands my pain well enough to help me stay within my limits. I highly recommend him!
13:54 10 Jul 19
Excel has been a complete game changer for my ankle injury! I ended up with a bad ankle sprain in which I could not bear weight on my foot and needed to use crutches. I have had this same injury a couple of times in the past, but I was never satisfied with other local physical therapy offices that I had tried. Thus, I decided to try Excel with Dr. Jon, and my recovery has progressed much faster than my previous incidents. On the first day, Dr. Jon was attentive in listening to my concerns and was extremely gentle while observing my ankle. He then explained step-by-step his plan for my recovery in a way that was easy to follow/understand. With each visit since, Dr. Jon always starts off by asking how I am doing and uses this information to adjust his approach. His bedside manner combined with his expertise makes physical therapy such a pleasant experience! The rest of the staff are great as well. Danielle is very kind and was able to book my first appointment the very next day after my injury. Julian and Adrian are also incredible assets to Excel and are constantly ensuring that I perform my exercises properly. Overall, I highly recommend Excel in Westfield. The welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and clean environment can’t be beat.
22:26 08 Jul 19
I was dealing with a nagging low back that affected my hip for a year. As a runner, it was frustrating going through a cycle of healing, building back up and re-aggravating the same injury. Fortunately, I met Dr. Jon, who was doing a movement screening at JackRabbit. After talking to him, I felt confident he would be able to help me. Dr. Jon also informed me, no medical prescription or referral is required. With the help of Dr. Jon, the nagging pain disappeared. I was also running better and slowly becoming stronger. I enjoyed the personal one on one time you get with Dr. Jon. He was able to explain all the information and techniques in an easy to understand manner. The supporting staff help to create an environment that is welcoming. The facilities are top notch with a nice open floor plan. Overall a very positive experience! Dr.Jon had no idea at the time, but it was because of his help, I was able to compete in NYC Half Marathon. I highly recommend going to Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy!
22:27 07 Jul 19
I have been struggling with back and knee pain for years. The knee pain started after an injury when I was a child, so I have been to MANY Physical Therapists over the years. The back pain about 10 years ago and my guess is due to intense work out sessions! I have tried everything for my back pain - chiropractor, acupuncture, myofascial release. However, FINALLY, a friend recommended Dr. Jon. I have been seeing Jon now for a few months and am feeling so much better! Jon spends time with you and you can tell he really cares. He is professional and very knowledgeable. Other PTs I have been to in the past just send you to the exercise machines. Jon spends a good amount of time with you providing hands on therapy and accessing your progress. His staff, PT assistant Julian, who works with you on your stretching and exercise program, and Dani the administrative assistant, are both professional and a pleasure to work with. The Excel facility is clean and bright. I actually look forward to going there and working with this team! Overall, I have, and continue to have, a great experience and would highly recommend Excel PT and Dr. Jon.
14:31 06 Jul 19
I started PT about one month ago after injuring my back. My doctor recommended Excel and I was able to quickly make an appointment for the same week. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I was immediately greeted by my therapist, Jon and Danielle, the administrative assistant. Jon was very professional and spent a lot of time with me on the first visit to assess my back issue and level of pain. He is clearly very knowledgeable. I also spent time with Julian, PT assistant who supported me with exercises. Julian is also very professional and helpful. Both Jon and Julian work well as a team and are very attentive during my sessions. I am feeling so much better now and so glad I chose Excel !!
15:31 04 Jul 19
Dr. Jon and the staff at Excel are incredible. In a time when many medical practioners seem too busy to provide personalized care, Dr. Jon is the exception. He listens and appreciates what is needed and desired by his patients. He has helped me fix a nearly lifelong shoulder / neck issue and helped recouperate an elbow injury. You won't find a better Physical Therapist or a better human than Dr. Jon.
12:05 04 Jul 19
Dr Jonathon Crawford provides personalized care that is unmatched in expertise, caring, and most important...effective! Four family members have benefited from his care for injury recovery and maintenance to get the most out of sports performance and daily well being. Great staff at Westfield is a bonus!
12:20 03 Jul 19
I have been dealing with a nagging shoulder issue for over a year and in that year I saw several different chiropractors and physical therapists, but the pain would always come back. Since going to Dr. Jon Crawford, my pain has improved greatly! Working with Dr. Jon has been super helpful and he has taught me exercises and strategies to help me be successful in my Crossfit workouts and competitions. Not only does he help me with my shoulder, but if I have nagging pain from other activities, he has been more than willing to treat whatever is ailing me during my appointment. I am also a Crossfit trainer and it is great to have a PT that I can recommend to clients.
12:54 26 Jun 19
Sarah and her team are great! I had a total knee replacement in February and I’ve made great progress in my recovery since being treated by Sarah. She is a really tough act to follow!
22:56 28 May 19
I received excellent care and guidance from Excel in Westfield. I was there for at least 3 months recovering from broken ankles. They personalize your treatment and continue to help you along the way. They re-evaluate often to increase your level. The most unique part as compared to other PT places I've been is the personal attention every day. They don't just leave you to a rotation on your own, they are there every step of the way. Sara is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and a true healer.
12:24 14 Mar 19
Excel is Excellent! My daughter's sprained knee needed a lot of care and Sara Elizondo did an amazing job in such a friendly, convenient, state-of-the-art facility. From the first phone call, Dani made us feel that we are in goods hands and coordinated all health insurance and appointment scheduling with a smile. After each session, Sara made sure we knew exactly what to do to enhance the physical therapy session between appointments. My daughter improved each week and really enjoyed the process. She is better off now than ever. Thank you Excell!
14:00 15 Jan 19

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