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Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy
709 N. 2nd Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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Philadelphia - Northern Liberties

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

709 N. 2nd Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19123


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  • Convenient appointments at our clinic & virtual telehealth
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • Accepts most insurance plans including Medicare
  • Previously Excel Physical Therapy

709 N. 2nd Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Philadelphia, PA. Our location is the Northern Liberties neighborhood on North 2nd Street. We strive to deliver exceptional physical therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! If you see us first, we can provide you with a complimentary injury screening or refer you to a great physician, if necessary. We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.

About Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

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We strive to:

  • Make each patient feel comforted and cared for
  • Use cutting-edge methodology and expertise
  • Promote a quick and effective recovery
  • Return patients to their maximal capacity
  • Offer convenient appointments at our clinic and through telehealth visits 

Patient Centered Approach

Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best recovery plan with individualized, professional care. Our mission is your recovery! Our goal is to get you back to the activities you enjoy without limitations. Excel physical therapists help improve quality of life through patient education, hands-on care, and personalized treatment plans. 

In addition to treatment at the clinic, patients are educated on home exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from reoccurring. Our highly-trained providers and staff work as a team to provide excellent, coordinated, cost-effective physical therapy care.

What we treat

Below on this page, you’ll find the full list of what we treat and the programs we offer. A high percentage of injuries and pain syndromes result from weakness and/or tightness in neighboring regions of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists evaluate possible compensatory patterns in addition to the area of pain or loss of function. This thorough examination allows us to better identify and eliminate all underlying causes so patients achieve lasting results. We also focus on educating you, so that you’re empowered to take control of their injury, grow stronger than ever, and prevent recurrences.

We understand the impact that pain and loss of function can have on the lives of our patients. Our entire staff, from the front desk to our clinical team, provides a compassionate and motivational environment dedicated to healing. We ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs so their experience is both enjoyable and rewarding.

We have extensive experience treating a variety of conditions including shoulder injuries and surgeries, knee injuries and reconstructions/replacements, spinal conditions and surgeries, sports injuries and muscle traumas, chronic and acute pain syndromes, neck conditions and surgeries, pre and post-surgical cases, geriatric conditions, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, lower back pain, general strains and sprains, joint replacement recovery, vestibular and balance conditions, auto accidents, and much more!

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Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jonathan and the whole team at Ivy NoLibs. This was my first time going to physical therapy and I was treated with respect and kindness, my pain was taken seriously, and I walked into a warm environment each day. I felt truly cared for, and I learned a ton about my body and how to take care of it in the future. They really, really helped me and while I, and they, hope I don't have to return in the future, I would return in a heartbeat if I needed to. I'm sure all Ivy Rehabs are wonderful, but I'd recommend Jonathan and the Northern Liberty location to anyone and everyone!
I had such a positive experience with the physical therapist, Jo. She possesses an impressive depth of knowledge and has approached me with genuine empathy during every therapy session I had with her. Jo changed the negative perspective I had with the past P.T. experiences. Thank you for helping me with the recovery! I highly recommend her to everyone who is looking for an outstanding P.T.
I have nothing but positive things to say about my physical therapy experience here under PT John's care. The location provides convenient parking and the facility itself is clean and spacious. From the very first phone call, John was very receptive and flexible with his schedule to accommodate my busy schedule for an initial consultation. During my entire experience, he expressed a sincere care for my progress combined with a positive and optimistic attitude. The atmosphere John and his PT aide created, between daily riddles and jokes, made me look forward to my weekly appointments. As a medical professional myself, I trusted John's strong knowledge base and care plan - and I am happy to say I made significant progress. I highly recommend this place and John as your PT!
I have nothing but great things to say about this location and my PT, Jo Haller! I have worked with Jo for multiple injuries over the past 3 years and couldn’t be happier. She is kind, professional, knowledgeable and understanding. She adapts each session depending on how I feeling and what I need to meet my short and long-term goals. I have seen huge improvements in my injuries and no longer have any pain.This location is very convenient withstreet parking and has great hours. It’s in a beautiful, remodeled building with lots of space and light. I’ve never had an issue getting an appointment time that works for my schedule. Things were very simple when setting up a consultation and the staff handled working with my doctors and my insurance. Everyone is so friendly- it really feels like a family environment!
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I’ve been having intense sciatic pain for the past two months. Zach and Kavita have me on an exercise regimen that has eased the discomfort greatly within a few sessions. I couldn’t be happier with these early results.
Jo is the best. Going to physical therapy at Ivy rehab really helped me.
I had such a wonderful experience at Excel/Ivy Rehab in Northern Liberties. Jo was an amazing PT. She was personable, very communicative, and quick to figure out what was causing the pain in my knee and prescribe easy exercises to do at home in addition to the work we did together. It was also always easy to get an appointment for the days/times that worked best for me. My knee is feeling like new and I'm so grateful! I would highly recommend this location, and Jo specifically, if you are in need of PT services.
I came to Excel after starting with a different PT business further north on 2nd. I could tell fairly promptly that I wasn’t going to get the attention and expertise that I wanted from that other place and cancelled my ongoing appointments. Another wellness professional recommended Excel and from start to finish they, especially Zach J, were top notch. Very well informed, good listeners and observers, and really helped me to speed my healing and strengthen my ailments. Highly recommend!
Chase and the amazing staff at Excel Physical Therapy - Northern Liberties were able to assist me in getting a proper treatment plan for my knee injury and I was able to get back to running and playing basketball within a month. I’d recommend him to any looking for an experienced professional with terrific personable skills.
Excellent, caring staff. All therapists are very knowledgable, helpful and respectful. Highly recommend!
Highly recommended. My PT, Chase, is highly knowledgeable and thorough in explaining everything. I've had great results in less time than I expected. Everyone at this beautiful facility is friendly and helpful.
I came to Excel Physical Therapy (Northern Liberties) after a round of PT at another place and wasn't feeling so great about my lack of progress. Jo was assigned to me and it was such a great experience. She was engaged, intelligent, and worked at my own pace. The level of professionalism, experience, and continuing knowledge was great. I've made a lot of strides and highly recommend.
Dr. Jo Haller is an absolute rock star who I have worked with twice, targeting two different problem areas. The first was my shoulder, which I injured while bench pressing. After working with Jo, I was pain free with an improved range of motion, and she taught me techniques for safer lifting and stabilization exercises for my shoulder.I went back to Jo for an issue I was having with my SI joint on the right side. This was an injury I sustained almost 2 years ago, and which had recently flared up. Jo discovered the root cause of the injury immediately and set up a core stabilization exercise regimen for me. Within a month I was able to eliminate the pain on command and could actually get back to deadlifting. I never thought I would be able to eliminate the pain in that area, and I can say that Jo's treatment really improved my quality of life.If you are considering a physical therapist, Excel Physical Therapy is a great shop, and Jo Haller is an exceptional PT.
Amazing experience going into these PT sessions with a helpful, caring team! The physical therapists really know what they are doing and made the rehabilitation process smooth and efficient. They are kind, flexible and provide great 1-on-1 sessions. I feel better than I had in a long time. They also keep in touch afterwards to make sure I’m feeling ok. Highly recommend this place to anyone who needs to strengthen themselves after surgery.
I had a tremendous experience with Excel therapy at the Northern Liberties location working to rehab my lower back after injuring it lifting weights. Zachary was extremely accommodating, caring and not only helped me make a full recovery, but gave me tools and knowledge to return to physical activity stronger than I was before. It was very easy to set up appointments that fit with my schedule and the facility was very well kept. As someone who had never been to physical therapy before, the experienced exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend Excel and the treatment that they provided.
Jo is fantastic! After working with her for two months, I no longer have knee pain while working out. Would recommend. Beautiful location to practice physical therapy, absolutely dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapists, and an overall a very rewarding experience.
I highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy in Northern Liberties. Jo was knowledgable and experienced, working to ensure the process was positive and I was achieving the results we set to achieve. Throughout the process she was communicative and shared why each exercise was important and what area of the body it was targeting. Not only did my comfort improve, but I strengthened surrounding muscles for long term results. Thanks Excel - NL and JO!
Excellent experience overall with Excel, specifically with Jo. This was my first time going to PT, and Jo was clear with goal setting and expectations from the beginning and throughout my months at PT for my knee. She was friendly, professional, and encouraging throughout. PT was rightfully challenging at times (obviously given the nature of what you're doing and why you're there), but Jo was a great motivator to get me through it. She pushed me to try more repetitions or higher weights of certain exercises and understood when I needed to back off a little bit. She explained the purpose of exercises and stretches I was doing in way that was easy for me to understand. By the end of my time at PT, I didn't really want to leave because I enjoyed my time going to PT - weird to say, but it's true. My knee felt significantly stronger, and I continue to utilize the tips and exercises Jo provided me. I am able to resume the activities I couldn't do previously without pain for the most part and even when I do experience some pain with those activities, I know how to deal with it a lot better - or at least know which is right kind of pain to experience and what isn't. Two or three months of PT won't reverse an injury that took years to develop, but Jo provided me with the tools and foundation to improve and because I have clearly seen the benefit of PT, I know I can get to a much better place now if I stick to the plan Jo laid out for me. I am so thankful to have gone to PT and to have worked with Jo - it was such a positive experience and Jo was the main reason for that. In addition, the front-house staff were helpful in setting up and changing appointments (it was really easy) and dealing with insurance issues. Overall, I would highly recommend this place!
I had a fantastic experience working with Excel, post surgery. Jo had a plan tailored to my specific needs and condition, and was always happy to answer any questions I had. Over several weeks, she was able to get me back to my everyday routine. Excel and Jo were also very accommodating with my schedule, including a reschedule or two. They're my definite go-to for any future Pt. Highly recommended
I had a very tough recovery after my MPFL repair and Joe was very willing to work with me and meet me where I was as well as pushing me to do better. Highly recommend!
I highly recommend Excel in Northern Liberties! Jo is a very knowledgable, experienced, and energetic PT. She helped me build strength and resolve my back pain in about 6 weeks. She is excellent at motivating patients and explaining the exercises. Excel is a very well equipped and well run place, and it was always a pleasure to be there working with Jo. Thanks so much!
I had a great experience working with Jo (and Joe). I came in with a neck injury and wasn't able to lift or even do basic things around the house. But after two months of working with Jo, I've regained strength and range of motion and almost eliminated my pain. I appreciated how Jo listened to my goals and helped put me on the road to lifting heavy weights again. Thanks Excel!
Excel Northern Liberties is an excellent place to get the help you need. Staff was very helpful and pleasant, and the place was well equipped, clean and ample. I worked with Joe Leone and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He developed an at home regimen and in person sessions that greatly alleviated my chronic back pain. I feel stronger and able, and that is priceless. Thank you!
I have been working with Joey for about a month now and I have nothing but splendid things to say about her and my experience with Excel. I came with a low expectation of what I would get out of PT and I can already say I feel stronger and more confident in using my ankle. Joey is personable and warm and is truly a great PT. I highly recommend her and the NL Excel team to anyone.
I just finished almost 2 months of physical therapy, and I’m now able to hike, walk, stand for longer periods of time without lower back pain! My therapist Josephine helped me strengthen my core and my back. I made way more progress than I thought I would. Jo is friendly, positive, and very encouraging. Good vibes in this place and very conveniently located for me. Somehow I never had trouble finding parking - my appointments were always 7 am or 6 pm. I would definitely recommend this place to others.
I’ve enjoyed my time at Excel. My therapist, Jo, is very professional and takes me seriously, never judging and pushing all the right ways to help address my physical concerns. She has them nearly resolved more quickly than I thought possible. When I have concerns she takes them into consideration and we work together to direct my rehab. The environment is peaceful and clean, and — this is very important to me — everything is wheelchair accessible. (Philadelphia is not very accessible, so this is exceptional.) I highly recommend this practice.
I have only been working with Josephine for a few weeks, but It has been a very pleasant experience. She is passionate about what she does. She explains the goals of my exercises and the reasons for doing them in great detail, which really helped me to understand how to do everything correctly and efficiently. I highly recommend her and Excel Northern Liberties.
Highly recommend Excel PT in Northern Liberties! Joe is professional and knowledgeable, and worked with the goal for me to be able to transition out of PT. Definitely check out Excel!
Joe Leone was an excellent therapist who’s tough regiment and kind laugh helped me get through my ACL rehab. As a former athlete, I wanted someone who could push me and help me on my path to recovery. Joe dialed up my workouts and routines to help me build up more than my knee. He helped my glutes, abs, and overall muscular fitness. Solid dude, better therapist would recommend.
Joe Leone, of Excel, has been my therapist for two separate issues over the past two years. He is a pleasure to work with and encouraged me even when I was not happy with my own progress. He is a top-notch therapist and very knowledgeable in his field. Joe always made sure that I understood the reason for each exercise and goal during my therapy, so that I did not ever want to slack off. I would highly recommend Joe, he is a super star.

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