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Ivy Rehab for Kids
16760 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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Grand Haven (Kids)

Ivy Rehab for Kids

(616) 935-3300

16760 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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  • Located on the SW corner of US 31 & Lincoln Street
  • Inside Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy
  • Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Virtual telehealth visits available
  • Complimentary Developmental Screenings - Call to Schedule
  • Accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid

16760 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

16760 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: (616) 935-3300

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Grand Haven, MI in Ottawa County. Our location is on the SW corner of US 31 & Lincoln Street inside of Generation Care. We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Our staff is dedicated to individual attention and customized plans to meet your child’s needs. 

About Us

We go above and beyond when it comes to the treatment of our young patients. Our goal is to make their experience as close to “playtime” as possible. Our specially-trained pediatric therapists work one-on-one with our young patients to help them, encourage progress, and form lasting bonds. In addition, we work closely with physicians, parents, caregivers, and teachers with a collaborative approach to care to facilitate great clinical and functional outcomes. Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best, individualized recovery plan.  We are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential, faster! 

About Ivy Rehab for Kids

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We provide big care for little patients

Our clinic provides pediatric therapy in a caring environment with one-on-one attention. Our licensed therapists are committed to quality care. You can learn more about some of our treatments and programs by scrolling down on this page.  We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule. We are here to help with a wide range of needs. Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals and their full potential.

Our skilled staff provides individualized treatment plans specifically for your child’s needs and development. Whether it’s improving sensory processing skills, handwriting, mobility, self-regulation, developmental delays, motor coordination, social skills, or other needs, our compassionate team specializes in a variety of pediatric conditions and are dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals.  We are proud of our comprehensive programs and services which allow our team to create a customized plan unique to your child’s needs.

We’re here to help

Our friendly staff is happy to walk you through the necessary paperwork and assist in any way possible, including insurance questions and scheduling. We’ll even call your insurance company for you to help you understand your benefits.

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Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
We love our Ivy Team ❤
16:00 27 Jan 23
Wonderful place! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. My kiddo feels so comfortable here. It is a great place to help kids grow. Haley and Melissa work with my daughter and they are phenomenal. They have given us the tools we need to help her achieve her milestones. You all truly care and it is so appreciated. Thank you!
19:36 12 Dec 22
They are super friendly and truly make a difference with children's speech. They are great with their clients and keep up on top of it. HIGHLY suggest for your little. Mrs. Lilly always shows a connection with my daughter and even evaluated another child of mine and as always did fantastic. I love Ivy-Rehab!
15:16 10 Oct 22
The staff at Ivy Rehab for Kids is so amazing! Haley is my daughters occupational therapist and she loves her! She’s so caring and genuine! Haley has given my husband and I resources and tools we need to help our daughter improve. We’re on week 3 and noticing it helping our daughter in areas! I would recommend Ivy Rehab to anyone!
23:52 04 Oct 22
Everybody is so nice here, so intentive. I feel my child is getting the care that she needs. The other staff that don't even work with my child are super nice! Really love this place!
17:13 04 Aug 22
14:08 05 Jul 22
00:41 04 Jul 22
Leah is very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. Our family would recommend her to any child in need of speech therapy.
14:43 18 Mar 22
We LOVE Mrs. Courtney.....we have been coming for about a year and the improvement my 5 year old has made is amazing!!! She looks forward to Speech every week!!!
17:11 17 Mar 22
Mr. Dave is the best!
15:30 10 Mar 22
We love Mara and the team here Ivy Rehab. The pool therapy is a lot of fun for my son!
23:25 09 Mar 22
We have had a great experience at Ivy Rehab for kids. The difference in LB is amazing. His speech therapist miss Courtney is great! Not only is his speech much improved but so has his confidence. Thank you!
21:28 09 Mar 22
18:11 09 Mar 22
17:53 09 Mar 22
Children therapist rock! My daughter loves ms. Kimmie and ms. marya
18:36 08 Mar 22
Wonderful care! My son always looked forward to his sessions!
01:09 08 Mar 22
My son has been going here for a while now. He sees Courtney and Kim. They both are amazing. They have helped my son come a long way. They are both patient With my son. I don’t get to go to every appointment with him due to my work schedule but my sisters and mom say the same things about Courtney and Kim. They are very helpful and always make sure the person with the child understands what and why they are doing something. I wish I could give this place a 10 star rating. They are just hands down the best. Also my son found 2 friends at ivy rehab for kids. We turn the corner on our way there and he yells mom my friends my friends. It melts my heart that he loves Courtney and Kim enough to be his friends. It’s reassuring to me that he loves going to see them.
03:43 05 Mar 22
We just love our kids' therapists Shanyn, Aimee, Kim and Dave! Been taking my daughter to them since she was 18 months old and since my son was 2 weeks old, they are now 7 and 3.5 years old. I reccomend them to anyone I who is asking for reccomendations. They really became family to us and our children. They have always listened to all of my concerns and have addressed them. Without a doubt my two kiddos would not be where they are at if it wasn't for them.
19:26 04 Mar 22
My daughter has improved massively in her speech! Courtney has done an amazing job! Thankful for everything!!
01:23 04 Mar 22
Asked our 13 year old son to rate Dave Eilers and this is what he said:5 Stars for Dave!!!•He's extremely helpful•He sees where there is need for improvement•He's kind and understandingFrom the parents point of view Dave has helped our son rocket to success!! If you are looking for someone to help your child with speech Dave's your man!
00:11 04 Mar 22
My Grandson is going to Speech and OT and has the most awesome therapists. They go above and beyond and keep us informed with our progress. Mara and Leah are both caring and competent!
21:50 03 Mar 22
We love Ivy Rehab! We would recommend them to anyone! The staff is friendly and always helpful.
00:05 03 Mar 22
I have a great time each week with Ms Mara. I have improved my balance and coordination since beginning working with her. Every week at the end of our session we play Wii while standing in a beneficial position such as one foot in front of the other. I have a great time each week with Ms Kim. Since beginning working with her my handwriting has improved tremendously. My English teacher has said that my handwriting might even be better than her handwriting.
23:11 02 Mar 22
My son has worked with Mr. Dave for about 5 years now. He has helped him improve his speech, communication skills, working memory, and so much more. Giving him the proper tools to succeed in school and everyday life. Mr. Dave is a great therapist. He is patient, kind and a good motivator. My son is now in High School and Mr. Dave still can challenge him. Thanks for investing in him and so many others.
23:10 02 Mar 22
Our child really enjoyed his PT and OT experiences at Generation Care. His providers were knowledgeable and caring. They supported him with patience and understanding.
23:32 01 Mar 22
My son is currently participating in PT,OT and speech therapy. All 3 of his therapist are awesome and have helped me make so many gains with my son. I appreciate how understanding and how much patience they show when they work with him. Thank you all for how much you do. Melissa, Kimmie and Coutney.
21:41 01 Mar 22
We are patients of Mrs Courtney and let me tell you. My son asks for her DAILY! We have been seeing her for over a year and it’s never hard to get my three year old up and out the door by 8am on our days to see her. He absolutely adores her. Not to mention in a years time his speech has improved so much we are not having to attend every week soon! She is easy to work with and she knows what works! I am confident when our time with Courtney ends my son will have a major issue not seeing her every week.We have learned so much from Courtney and our family is better because of the work she has put into our son. I couldn’t be more proud of my sons speech and she is to blame for his amazing speech progress!If you need a speech therapist she is your girl! I recommend her to EVERYONE! You can’t go wrong with Mrs. Courtney!
21:04 01 Mar 22
My son has been attending Ivy Rehab for Kids for 4 years. His speech therapist, Mr. Dave Eilers, had diagnosed him with Apraxia of Speech when he was 3 years old. This early diagnosis has made our sweet boys communication skills soar! The environment is fun & easy-going!! Highly recommend!! Mr. Dave is very caring and understanding, he changed our sons life 💓
18:48 01 Mar 22
My daughter see’s Mr. Dave for speech therapy sessions. Let me start out by saying she could not say a single word when she was two and we met Dave. She’ll be four in a few months and has made great progress since she’s started. Although she’s a little stubborn at times Dave knows how to grab her attention and make her work in a fun way. She enjoys sessions with Mr. Dave and they’ve become great pals.My daughter also sees Kimmey for Occupational Therapy. She looks forward to seeing “my Kimmey” every Friday’s after speech. I cannot thank Kim enough for helping me understand my child’s sensory needs and learning how to conquer tough days. My daughter has made leaps and bounds since we started occupational therapy with Kim in 2021. I don’t know what’s in the magic, but Occupational therapy is amazing. I cannot imagine what I would do if my daughter never started getting services with Kim.Lastly, we started seeing Shanyn for food school. Having a child with sensory and speech difficulties it is a challenge when it comes to foods. Since starting food school my daughter is slowly starting to learn that it’s “okay” to get messy and try foods even if you may not like them. It takes time but progress is slowly being made adventuring out of her norm routine foods is the long term goal. She has a blast at food school.I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about the team that works with my daughter! Be patient, believe in the process and progress will come. A huge T H A N K Y O U!! :)
03:48 01 Mar 22
We see Miss. Jaclyn at this generation care and absolutely adore her. My 3 year old daughter has transformed since beginning therapy here. Every staff member is caring and considerate. We couldn’t recommend this place enough! So much knowledge to offer and to take advantage of.
18:39 28 Feb 22
My son has been seeing Courtney for speech for over a year now and she is amazing! He has made so much progress with her and Courtney is so good with him!
17:34 28 Feb 22
My son has been visit Ivy Rehab for the better part of two years. Courtney has been a big part of that, and today he clearly waved and said goodbye to her for the first time ever. The time she has spent with him means so much to us. Thank you!
17:08 28 Feb 22
I can not say enough great things about Ivy Rehab and Courtney! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Courtney is very kind and patient with your kids and always makes sure you understand what she’s doing to help your little one!
15:19 28 Feb 22
We can not say enough about how amazing Dave is. He worked with our little guy for 4 years. We were very nervous to begin the speech process with our son, but Dave was absolutely amazing with him. He became part of our family and we will forever be thankful for all of the hard work that went into our little guy. Thank you Dave from the bottom of our hearts!!
20:28 27 Feb 22
My daughter has such a great time with her therapists Mara and Emily. She loves working with them and laughing with them!
00:15 26 Feb 22
My son saw Mr. Dave for 3 years. He's an amazing speech and feeding therapist. He's kind and very patient with my stubborn and distrustful kid! We only stopped going because we moved and couldn't bring him with 😉. Definitely highly recommend Ivy Rehab pediatric therapy and Mr. Dave if you're seeking speech or feeding therapy! Your child will not get left behind no matter how quick or slow he/she is!
21:35 25 Feb 22
My niece has made outstanding progress and much of that is due to the work of Ivy Rehab for kids in PT, OT and Speech. The love and care each therapist has provided us is above anything we could have hoped for.
13:30 25 Feb 22
We love Ivy Rehab for Kids!! Our son sees Courtney for speech, and she is AMAZING! Our son absolutely adores her, and she goes above and beyond to give the best care to him. We are so thankful for her, and all of the support she has offered our family.
15:06 24 Feb 22
Amazing people. Very patient.
15:03 24 Feb 22
My son has been attending speech with Mr. Dave for over 3 years now! He is hands down the best thing that happend to my son and our family. We weren't sure our son would ever have the capability to talk, but after a short period of time we saw major gains and knew he would get there. Today we work on specific letter pronunciations, but he can speak so well! He is VERY flexible, and adaptable. His skills with children are impeccable 👌 Dave has changed our lives and we are forever indebted to him. If your children are in need, I promise you won't regret bringing him on your kiddos team ♡♡
02:02 23 Feb 22
My daughter has been attending ivy rehab for kids for about two years now. She loves going to speech each week and seeing Mr. Dave! We love it here.
22:06 22 Feb 22
Both of my children have attended speech therapy with Dave. He is the best! Hands down. I have worked with multiple speech therapist in various counties and he knows what he's doing. His explanations are easy to understand. The materials he gives are always beneficial. Mr. Dave treats parents with respect and is truly very caring. He goes above and beyond to help his clients meet goals. Communication is top notch. I highly recommend this facility! More importantly, Dave is the guy to help you and your family reach goals and have a brighter future. Without his help, I was told my daughter would not likely speak. Dave changed our entire lives! I'm forever grateful for his expertise and patience.
18:12 22 Feb 22
We have been so thankful for the care we have received at Ivy Rehab for Kids. We have had children in occupational and speech therapy and I really don’t know what I would have done without our therapists. They are experts at what they do and treat you like family. My children love coming to the clinic and are inspired to work hard every week. On weeks that they are really struggling we are met with care, concern and compassion. I can’t recommend this clinic enough!
16:26 22 Feb 22
Ivy has amazing therapists with personalized care. It’s great to have PT,OT, and speech therapists in one location!
01:54 30 Aug 21
13:05 13 Aug 21
I wish I could give beyond 5 stars for Ivy Rehab, especially their pediatric therapists They are beyond kind and dedicated to their patients and get beyond productive results with their individualized program for each child. Hearing my child speak for the first time after being non-verbal, is the greatest gift for me. Thank you Generation Care for being the absolute best in your fields!
23:57 09 Aug 21

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