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Excel Physical Therapy
1555 Center Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
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Fort Lee

Excel Physical Therapy

1555 Center Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024


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  • Located in the Fort Lee Medical Center
  • Accepts most insurance plans including Medicare
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • See us with or without a prescription
  • Excel is now part of the Ivy Rehab Network!

1555 Center Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Fort Lee, NJ in Bergen County. Our location is behind H Mart Fresh and Fort Lee Police Department. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! If you see us first, we can provide you with a complimentary injury screening or refer you to a great physician, if necessary. We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.


About Excel Physical Therapy

Learn more about Excel Physical Therapy

Get your life back with physical therapy. 

At Excel Physical Therapy our mission is to deliver an unsurpassed physical therapy experience that exceeds expectations by providing the highest level of service, care, and respect. Our expertly skilled clinicians have extensive experience in treating a range of ailments, from nagging aches and pains to advanced orthopedic injuries. We prioritize the education and empowerment of our patients to quickly and safely return to their life and the activities they love.

Providing superior care for more than 30 years.

Excel was founded in 1990 with the vision of becoming the standard of orthopedic rehabilitation in the state of New Jersey. Since then, Excel has built an unparalleled reputation by combining the highest quality of physical therapy with exceptional customer service to provide a genuine “patient first” approach. Excel remains a trusted source of rehabilitation for both patients and physicians alike.

Our skilled staff and upbeat atmosphere support rapid rehabilitation. You will feel at home in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best recovery plan with individualized, professional care.  We are committed to your health and recovery, and your goal of feeling better is our goal, too! Our experienced therapists know how important health, quality of life, and careers are to patients. We educate our patients on how to safely and quickly return to their regular activities after an injury, surgery, or illness. In addition to treatment in our outpatient clinic, patients are educated on home exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from reoccurring, and we support our primary care healthcare providers with easy access and rapid communication. Our highly-trained providers and staff work as a team to provide excellent, coordinated, cost-effective physical therapy care.

What we treat

Below you’ll find the list of what we treat and the programs we offer. A high percentage of injuries and pain syndromes result from weakness and/or tightness in neighboring regions of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists evaluate possible compensatory patterns in addition to the area of pain or loss of function. This thorough examination allows us to better identify and eliminate all underlying causes so patients achieve lasting results. We also focus on educating you, so that you’re empowered to take control of their injury, grow stronger than ever, and prevent recurrences.

We understand the impact that pain and loss of function can have on the lives of our patients. Our entire staff, from the front desk to our clinical team, provides a compassionate and motivational environment dedicated to healing. We ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs so their experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. We have extensive experience treating a variety of conditions including: shoulder injuries and surgeries, knee injuries and reconstructions/replacements, spinal conditions and surgeries, sports injuries and muscle traumas, chronic and acute pain syndromes, neck conditions and surgeries, pre and post-surgical cases, geriatric conditions, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, lower back pain, general strains and sprains, joint replacement recovery, neurological conditions, vestibular and balance conditions, auto accidents, hand and wrist injuries, and much more!  

Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Jason Klein is a fantastic physical therapist. A couple of words in a review won’t do him justice but I’ll try! He’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and understanding. He worked with me for just under a year after an ACL revision. He is so patient and a clear communicator which really helped my recovery. I am so grateful for him!!The entire branch of Excel Fort Lee is remarkable. The whole staff is amazing. They’re warm, welcoming and seriously care about their patients. I highly recommend this facility!!!!! I also want to note that I started out my treatment with Christina before she transferred locations and she was great as well!Thank you Excel of Fort Lee!!
I absolutely love the staff here! To be honest, I have never been a fan of physical therapy because I always felt that it did not work. Completely different experience here! The therapists are amazing and spend quality time with the patients.
Jason is the best!!!! My neck has never felt better.
Jason helped me so much and got me back to doing most of my daily functions. He and the whole team at Excel are caring and work together well. I am grateful for his help and expertise.
I found myself in the unenviable position of needing physical therapy after a recent injury. I was reluctant at first but quickly became comfortable with the process. The entire team in Fort Lee was very friendly and supportive during my journey. Now that I'm feeling back to normal, I hope I never have to go through this again. However, if I do, I would feel at ease returning to the people that made a difference in my life. I certainly recommend this location to others.
I cannot say enough good things about this place. They take EXCELlent care of their patients, such as myself. Everyone there is great, especially Jason, whom I have the luck of having as my physical therapist. He lets me push myself and will let me know if it’s too soon. I have a fractured humerus, which is not humorous, but Jason is so you’ll love him for that sense of humor while he’s making sure your physical therapy is being tended to, so it’s a good distraction not thinking of the pain you might be in. They are attentive, friendly, personable, and professional. While I have the fortune to have Jason as my physical therapist there's times when he can't see me (he's in high demand), so then I get to be treated by Tom or Lauren, Ari, and I feel like I'm forgetting someone! My apologies if so. I've never been treated by Elton, but I see he too is great. My point is you are in good hands here (or legs, hips, shoulders, etc.) The assistants - Maria, Nick, David, Cristian and Eric are so helpful and they are going to make EXCELlent physical therapists. The receptionist - Diana, she's gone above and beyond for me, as well as others, and she too is just..wonderful. I'd like to think I've mentioned everyone so incase I have not I'm going to just say the care I receive or others who are treated by the pt's I haven't gotten treated by are all experienced, skilled, friendly, professional, compassionate, understanding, and will assure you you can do it. So thank you Jason, Tom, Elton, Kristyn, Maria, Diana, Nick, David, Allison, Cristian, Eric Lauren and Ari for taking such good care of me.
Ari is the BEST! BernardinaHe has helped me tremendously!
Jason made sure I had all the tools necessary to make a quick and full recovery. I highly recommend Excel PT. Thank you to Jason and all of the wonderful staff.
These guys rock. Great team and positive environment where everyone remembers your name!
Jason at Excel physical therapy is top notch when it came to getting back to feeling myself after my surgery. He and his colleagues and staff with their knowledge, person ability and attentiveness made it an enjoyable road to recovery.I would recommend Excel Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical rehabilitation. Thank you Excel!
Jason was my therapist and provided excellent care! Recovery after a knee surgery went great. I highly recommend this practice and therapist!
Kind, friendly staff and amazing results! Pain in shoulder is completely gone and I have full range of motion again.
Very professional staff working in a state of the art facility. I felt that everyone was focused on making sure thatpatients received the best treatment. Jason took the time to really understand my issues and directed his personal attention to getting them resolved.
It was very positive experience with Jason Klein and very good outcome for my pain..
Excel PT (Fort Lee) and Jason provided me with excellent care! I received top-notch physical therapy and attention. I highly recommend this practice and therapist!
Jason was by far the best physical therapist! He was really kind, helpful & funny. Never thought I’d actually like going to PT but he made it worth it. In may I was told I needed surgery after 6 weeks of PT with him im better than ever & back in the gym without surgery. Thank you Jason !!!!
Thomas Laboocki is truly an exceptional physical therapist. I have been to many therapists over the years but Thomas and his team at Excel are simply a step above the rest. It is a rare find to work with a physical therapist who really cares about his patients and has such a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. I came in very nervous about my surgery and recovery but Thomas has since put those fears to rest. Thomas has changed the way I feel about physical therapy, I no longer fear it as so many other therapists have made mistakes at my expense. I actually look forward to my sessions especially after Thomas works on my shoulder. I also feel encouraged that I will make a full recovery and that has more to do with the therapy I have been receiving here. The facility is also top notch and the staff is wonderful. I never feel rushed and Thomas and his staff always answer my questions and I have had many. I have since recommended Thomas and Excel Physical therapy to family and friends.I really appreciate you and your staff for taking such great care of me. Thank you again for your patience, wisdom and kindness.Cara Hartman
JASON KLEIN is my physical therapist and he has made my experience at EXCEL extremely positive. All aspects of my issues have improved significantly and I feel fantastic. Will continue until I am 100%.Thanks Jason for your professionalism!
My family and I have always had great success with Excel. The team is very nice and patient w me. Mintu, Amara, and Zenas have been a great help in assisting me. Thank you for all your hard work in making me feel great and built strength!
I had a great experience at excel my phyical therapist was the best her name us Kristyn Dorsett U recommend her very highly💪👍
A frozen shoulder? Who would have thought that something so seemingly simple could be so painful. I came to Excel straight from the Dr’s office in tears and in excruciating pain. As a praise dancer, arm movements are just as an important aspect of choreography as any other part of the body. Thomas Labocki, Clinic Manager, took care of me the minute I walked in 5 months ago until the end of my treatment in January. He was patient, attentive, always assessing and always encouraging me that things will get better. And they did! The professionalism and customer service that he and his staff showed me was just what anyone would want. Excellence takes time, patience and persistence. Excel is Excellence in action. Excel Physical therapy Fort Lee, you have far exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank you enough.
Tom Labocki is a very skilled and competent physical therapist providing treatment in a friendly, comfortable environment with great support staff.
Personable, knowledgeable, organized, clean and effective.
Caring and capable. Always on time. Very pleased
Great Physical Therapy place, very professional, clean, and organized!
Very professional in all aspects of appointment setting, cleanliness with strict protocols, evaluation and many hands-on session with team approach in cohesive fashion. I am no stranger to rehab and in over 10 years with 5 different groups I would rate this office and staff at the top and perfectly managed.
All the employees there are amazing! No complaints
The staff at Excel Is incredible and has helped me numerous times for different injuries. Knowledgeable, professional, caring therapists who take the time to make sure you get back to 100%
I consider physical therapy a key element in my recovery following bilateral knee replacement surgery. The therapist and assisting staff showed every courtesy and professionalism to guide me through the process. They were amiable and attentive to my recovery needs while keeping my surgeon informed of my progress. Each session reinforced then built on the last. My confidence in the program was sustained and continues at home. I am now fully recovered and regaining all the motion and abilities I had before the degeneration of my knees. My family and I are very grateful to the treatment I received at Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Fort Lee.
I have only good things to say about this facility. I have been to many others during my lifetime, but never had such a good overall experience as here. the people at the front desk, as well as the helpers--and my physical therapist, Jay- were helpful, caring and professional. My orthopedist was right when he told me to come here.

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