About Ivy Rehab

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of best-in-class outpatient physical, occupational, speech therapy, and ABA clinics throughout the United States. The Ivy Rehab Network comprises multiple brands dedicated to providing exceptional care, personalized treatment, and unparalleled outcomes. Ivy Rehab continues its strategic growth via ongoing investment in new partners who embrace a shared mission, vision, and values, and a culture of being “All About the People.”

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As a part of the Ivy Rehab Network, your local practice is able to offer:

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    A network of physical, occupational, speech and ABA therapists from around the country
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    Comprehensive care for every age
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    Appointments within 24 hours
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    Complimentary injury screens
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    And much more

All of our clinics are passionate about providing for your therapy needs.

Our Ivy Rehab Network offices are proud to offer state-of-the-art, compassionate care. By sharing knowledge and investing in research, Ivy Rehab empowers our therapists in advancing the field and improving patient quality of life.

  • What you can expect at your appointment:
  • Dedication to compassionate, comprehensive care and outcomes
  • Highly qualified clinicians
  • Cutting-edge equipment and facilities
  • Access to the latest medical procedures and treatments
  • Friendly, welcoming staff
  • A relaxed, professional atmosphere

Ivy Rehab Network is made up of 583 physical therapy clinics

dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get you feeling better, faster.