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Ivy Rehab for Kids
138 West Highland Road, Suite 500
Howell, MI 48843

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Howell (Kids)

Ivy Rehab for Kids

(517) 376-4831

138 West Highland Road, Suite 500
Howell, MI 48843

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  • Located in the Crossroads Plaza, corner of M59 & Oak Grove
  • Pediatric Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy & ABA
  • Complimentary Developmental Screenings - Call to Schedule
  • Before & After School Appointments Available
  • Virtual telehealth visits available
  • Formerly known as Leaps & Bounds Therapy

138 West Highland Road, Suite 500
Howell, MI 48843

138 West Highland Road, Suite 500
Howell, MI 48843
Phone: (517) 376-4831

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Howell, MI in Livingston County. Our location is in the Crossroads Plaza at the corner of M59 & Oak Grove. We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Our staff is dedicated to individual attention and customized plans to meet your child’s needs. 

About Us

We go above and beyond when it comes to the treatment of our young patients. Our goal is to make their experience as close to “playtime” as possible. Our specially-trained pediatric therapists work one-on-one with our young patients to help them, encourage progress, and form lasting bonds. In addition, we work closely with physicians, parents, caregivers, and teachers with a collaborative approach to care to facilitate great clinical and functional outcomes. Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best, individualized recovery plan.  We are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential, faster! 

About Ivy Rehab for Kids

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We provide big care for little patients:

Our clinic provides pediatric therapy in a caring environment with one-on-one attention. Our licensed therapists are committed to quality care. You can learn more about some of our treatments and programs by scrolling down on this page.  We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule. We are here to help with a wide range of needs. Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals and their full potential.

Our skilled staff provides individualized treatment plans specifically for your child’s needs and development. Whether it’s improving sensory processing skills, handwriting, mobility, self-regulation, developmental delays, motor coordination, social skills, or other needs, our compassionate team specializes in a variety of pediatric conditions and are dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals.  We are proud of our comprehensive programs and services which allow our team to create a customized plan unique to your child’s needs.

We’re here to help

Our friendly staff is happy to walk you through the necessary paperwork and assist in any way possible, including insurance questions and scheduling. We’ll even call your insurance company for you to help you understand your benefits.

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Based on 55 reviews
I have only have had one appointment and that was the initial appointment with Jacob for my son’s sensory issues. I am very impressed with Jacob. He fully listened to my concerns and made sure to explain everything to me. He is the first provider that has ever truly listened and wanted to help us. I cried because I was so relieved. I am very excited to see the progress with my son and he is so excited to go back!
16:17 02 Dec 22
16:55 04 Oct 22
My 5 year old daughter has only been going here for a couple weeks and LOVES it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My daughter is usually very shy but has no problem staying there by herself and is always smiling when leaving.
13:11 11 Apr 22
12:44 29 Mar 22
Natalie is excelling because her SLP knows exactly her condition and has helped the lives of so many other children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Emily is a God sent and I can't rave enough of her progress after only 2 weeks.
17:00 04 Mar 22
Both Karis the PT and Kait the OT are AMAZING with my 15 month old daughter with developmental delays. She has made so much progress here!!
16:00 01 Mar 22
19:38 24 Feb 22
14:22 12 Jan 22
Our son's therapist was kind and knowledgeable. She was patient with our son and gentle with him during his session. I would recommend Leaps and Bounds to anyone looking for physical therapy for their child.
13:17 24 Nov 21
15:05 03 Sep 21
So far we are pleased with therapy (both PT and speech). My 3 yr old son over pronates (has flat feet) and we’ve noticed a lot of progress with his gait since starting PT. He enjoys going and seems to have a lot of fun, while still working hard!
17:01 04 Aug 21
My experience has been very positive. Debbie is an amazing scheduler, OT Kate has amazing ideas and has helped my son immensely, and we’ve only had a few visits so far.
01:10 29 Apr 21
Leaps and abounds in Howell is great! The therapists are very thoughtful. My son sees Jacob, and his sessions always consist of purposeful and engaging activities. I also appreciate the time he takes to email suggested activities and strategies for us to do at home.
23:28 15 Apr 21
I have been taking my son to Leaps and Bounds for speech services. Everyone there is so kind and helpful. We have used both in person and virtual services with no issues.
16:04 14 Apr 21
We love it here! My daughter loves going to speech and asks almost daily when she’s going back again. Her therapist is working hard with her to correct her and my daughter has fun while doing it!
13:52 14 Apr 21
Kind, flexible, and patient staff. We love it here :)
17:00 12 Apr 21
My daughter is autistic diagnosed at a year and a half. She went from non verbal to functioning at her peer level by the age of 6. Without leaps and bounds Occupational therapy, food tolerance therapy and speech therapy I don't know where we'd be today. I truly believe they have turned her life around and I can never be grateful enough
12:24 10 Apr 21
Leaps and bounds has been phenomenal in the therapy of my child over the years in physical, speech and occupational therapies. During his span he has seen several therapists due to scheduling changes, or some that have moved to other cities or moved on, and each one of them has been excellent in the service and care they have provided for my child. To call out just a few of the great therapists that have helped in the growth and development of my child who is on the spectrum: Jake, Kara, and Emily; each of whom have been a significant part in my child's social development and openness to trying new things. I cannot be more appreciative of all the work they have put in and how much they truly care for each child they work with. Last, i also want to mention the receptionists and office workers that have always been courteous and helpful when answering any questions or rescheduling/cancelling appointments when it has been necessary. Top ratings to leaps and bounds with full recommendations to anyone who has a child with special needs.
00:37 10 Apr 21
01:50 09 Apr 21
01:07 09 Apr 21
Great place! Great service and super friendly staff! Excellent work. My daughter has shown continuous progress and meets her goals! Love this place!
19:50 08 Apr 21
My son absolutely loves his speech therapist! He is always so excited and ready to go and works very hard because he so enjoys being there! The staff and everyone there is always so friendly and kind! We really enjoy going to Leaps and Bounds in Howell!
19:00 07 Apr 21
The entire staff at Leaps and Bounds in Howell are so welcoming and friendly. We felt like we had been coming there for years with how everyone used our son's name when talking to him and engaging him in conversation about what he is interested in. Thank you all!
02:52 29 Mar 21
21:42 19 Mar 21
13:54 17 Mar 21
I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Leaps and Bounds Howell. We have been going here for speech needs for almost 2 years now. Everyone and I mean everyone, is so kind and professional. We have always had Mrs. Kayla for speech and I would never go anywhere else. The true joy she has for her job shines through each and every day. My son loves going to speech just to see Mrs. Kayla. She truly is passionate and cares for the kiddos she works with. My son had two words at the age of two when we started going to her, he is almost 4 now and is talking full sentences now. I could not be happier with his progress. Mrs. Debbie (front desk/billing/calls me to remind me my forgotten appts) greets you with a smile every-time. The whole office staff is amazing. You will not regret coming here for speech. Highly recommend!*also if you are worried about face to face speech with covid, the staff has been doing an amazing job! Super clean office, sanitize between each kiddos, face shields, etc. I am a nurse and truly feel confident they have gone above and beyond to make it safe in the conditions we are in.
15:51 01 Mar 21
13:04 25 Feb 21
The facility is very clean and the staff is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am very pleased with their services. I highly recommend Leaps and Bounds. This the only place I will go to from here on out!
13:33 19 Feb 21
13:25 19 Feb 21
The therapists and staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable. When I come in with any questions or concerns, they are quick to assist me and helping my daughter get the best care possible. I recommend Leaps and Bounds (Howell) to all of my friends in the special education community - By far the best therapy center I have brought my daughter to!
04:02 18 Feb 21
20:34 17 Feb 21
Incredible and engaging staff!! Would recommend to all family and friends.
19:13 17 Feb 21
They are wonderful, the staff is so engaging and helpful.
17:54 17 Feb 21
17:50 17 Feb 21
13:52 17 Feb 21
13:51 17 Feb 21
I would give them more stars if I could. My daughter has been doing therapy here for over three years. Everyone we have worked with has been amazing. When she started you couldn't read her writing now it is clear and legible. Her speech has come so far and they are helping her with reading. We could not have gotten any luckier.
23:23 27 Jan 21
My daughter has been going here for over a year now and we love it! She goes three times a week and everyone that works with her is amazing. Also with COVID-19 they kept up and did great with online appointments as well!
20:01 23 Sep 20
00:23 06 Aug 20
Forever thankful for the help they have given our son for speech therapy! Ms. Bailee (therapist) was wonderful, kind and patient with our son, gave lots of helpful feedback and even tips on how we can continue to help him at home. Also, the office/scheduling staff was always extremely kind and helpful. Would absolutely recommend!
23:30 15 Jul 20
16:46 06 Jan 20
Kind, caring, informational and tons of help! We are learning something every time we’re there. My son is very little and really loves going to play with his therapists. The center is impressive and much more than I expected.
22:56 10 Oct 19
19:55 03 Oct 19
00:45 18 Jul 19
We have been coming to leaps and bounds for almost three years. All of the staff here are so helpful and understanding. My sons Speech Therapist, Emily has helped in so many ways. She is always there to answer any questions I have and is always willing to help by giving us tools to work on at home and school. We have seen so much growth from our son since he has been with Leaps and Bounds. My son did Occupational Therapy for a while and Sam worked great with him and has given us great tools to continue to work on. The office girls are all so friendly and have always been helpful with any insurance or scheduling issues I have had. I cannot thank Leaps and Bounds enough for their support and all that they have done for us. Highly recommend.
17:41 14 May 19
We absolutely love leaps and bounds therapy! The staff have gone above and beyond to help our daughter succeed. They truely have become our second family! My daughter has flourished in their care and we are incredibly thankful we enrolled our daughter at an early age.
14:26 14 May 19
14:11 13 May 19
My son has been coming here for almost 2 years for speech. Bailee has been amazing with him. He has come so far and loves coming to see her each week. She has not only taught him so much but has also taught me how to help him. I am forever grateful for having her in our lives.
20:33 18 Mar 19
23:56 27 Jan 19
15:42 16 Dec 17
My son has been apart of Leaps and Bounds for five years. I have never met such an amazing group of people who have made such a profound impact on my son's life and have been a huge part of his journey and success and progression. The genuine love and care for the children they help shines through every time I see them. Cannot thank them enough.
03:23 17 Jul 17

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