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Park Sports Physical Therapy

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670 6th Ave
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  • Located at 6th Ave and 20th Street
  • Serving South Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, and Sunset Park
  • Most insurance plans accepted including Medicare
  • See us with or without a prescription
  • Appointments within 24 hours

670 6th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

670 6th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: (347) 252-6141

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Brooklyn, NY in Kings County. Our location is in the South Park Slope area. We proudly serve the patients of South Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, and Sunset Park. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.

About Park Sports Physical Therapy

Learn more about Park Sports Physical Therapy

We strive to:

  • Make each patient feel comforted and cared for
  • Use cutting-edge methodology and expertise
  • Promote a quick and effective recovery
  • Return patients to their maximal capacity
  • Offer convenient appointments at our clinic, in your home, and through telehealth visits 

Our energetic, family-like staff and upbeat atmosphere support rapid rehabilitation. You will feel at home in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best recovery plan with individualized, professional care.  We are committed to your health and recovery, and your goal of feeling better is our goal, too! Our experienced therapists know how important health, quality of life, and careers are to patients. We educate our patients on how to safely and quickly return to your regular activities after an injury, surgery or illness. In addition to treatment in our outpatient clinic, patients are educated on home exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from reoccurring, and we support our primary care healthcare providers with easy access and rapid communication. Our highly-trained providers and staff work as a team to provide excellent, coordinated, cost-effective physical therapy care.

What we treat

Down below on this page, you’ll find the full list of what we treat and programs we offer. A high percentage of injuries and pain syndromes result from weakness and/or tightness in neighboring regions of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists evaluate possible compensatory patterns in addition to the area of pain or loss of function. This thorough examination allows us to better identify and eliminate all underlying causes so patients achieve lasting results. We also focus on educating you, so that you’re empowered to take control of their injury, grow stronger than ever, and prevent recurrences.

We understand the impact that pain and loss of function can have on the lives of our patients. Our entire staff, from the front desk to our clinical team, provides a compassionate and motivational environment dedicated to healing. We ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs so their experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. We have extensive experience treating a variety of conditions including: shoulder injuries and surgeries, knee injuries and reconstructions/replacements, spinal conditions and surgeries, sports injuries and muscle traumas, chronic and acute pain syndromes, neck conditions and surgeries, pre and post-surgical cases, geriatric conditions, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, lower back pain, general strains and sprains, joint replacement recovery, neurological conditions, vestibular and balance conditions, auto accidents, hand and wrist injuries, and much more!

Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Tribeca peds sent us to Park sports physical therapy for my son's muscle issue. We found a very welcoming staff, either the front office or therapists at the South Slope location. Everyone makes you feel at home and do their best to solve the health problem you went for. I strongly recommend them.
16:00 13 Jan 23
I went to PSPT after back surgery. Wen was my physical therapist. He's a great communicator and educator, a fantastic combination for physical therapy. Strongly recommend.
22:02 06 Jan 23
23:51 26 Dec 22
I got the best guidance and instruction from Bryce. I went in with chronic back and hip pain and he helped me to isolate the muscles that I needed to strengthen and the pain started to subside and I felt stronger. I highly recommend Park Sport Physical Therapy!
13:40 11 Dec 22
Super attentive and knowledgable
16:00 06 Dec 22
Had a total right knee replacement. Nervous about starting PT after surgery. Started at PSPT with Wen. He is truly amazing and helped me get back on track. He pushed me when necessary and was always a listening ear. The reception staff always willing to help. Jeremy was so helpful in getting me thru some tough workouts. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.
02:57 10 Nov 22
Highly recommend this place. I saw Wen and started feeling better even after the first visit. All of the staff were friendly, organized, and professional.
12:31 29 Oct 22
great shop. Bryce is fantastic
22:23 06 Oct 22
This is my first week of physical therapy in recovery from a broken ankle. The PT staff are excellent: caring, engaged and professional. If you're arriving for the first time and have limited mobility, ring the bell on the exit door on Prospect Park West so that you don't have to deal with the stairs at the "official" entrance on 9th.
14:55 03 Sep 22
12:54 22 Aug 22
Edward provided me with PT post a knee replacement. He was very professional. He listened to my questions about my knee and reassured me that my concerns with progress were normal. The mobility therapy he provided allowed me to walk normally in no time. I would recommend his services to anyone.Thank you Edward.
13:20 23 Jun 22
Very knowledgeable team of PTs! I've had a great experience with Parks Sports Physical Therapy and would absolutely recommend to others.
18:07 27 May 22
I have nothing but good things to say about Park Sports. From requesting an appointment, to verifying my insurance, to the actual appointments, every step was a breeze. I worked with Wen, who is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and encouraging. I’m a runner, and was desperate to figure out why my knee started hurting while running. Wen helped me correct muscle weaknesses that were affecting my knee alignment. About one month since my first appointment, I’m back to running pain-free! Highly recommend.
17:46 13 May 22
I started coming for a mysterious knee pain that kept me from running more than 1/4 mile, and now I’m running as long as 8 miles without pain after coming to Park Sports and doing exercises at home. Dr. Wen Wang was so incredibly kind and patient with me, and I could see when I was there that he treats all his patients with sincere care and respect. He also made an extra effort to explain how my exercises and injury would work together which really helped me understand what was going on and why each exercise helps. He also listened carefully to all of my concerns and feelings and made time to address each and every one. Whatever your injury is, I can’t recommend park sports enough!
11:04 04 May 22
PT at Park Sports was amazing helpful in my speedy recovery from ACL/Mencius surgery. Wen, my PT therapist, was very knowledgeable and motivating. He made the process as smooth as could be. Thank you, Wen.
15:28 02 May 22
I've been through a few PT experiences. But nothing like this. From point A to point Z these people are not only organized and diligent, but they love what they do and they really care about the people they work with. Everyone is so supportive, so kind, so pleasant... it really makes a difference. They treat everyone with that same level of love. They brought me out of a negative place and gave me real hope for improving my condition. Today, after weeks of hard work, and through their careful guidance, I can confidently say the results are there. I can't thank their entire team enough and I would recommend them to anyone in need of physicals aid.
22:11 03 Mar 22
Having the right PT makes a difference. I've seen a lot of different ones over the years but am super happy I returned to PSPT.
13:13 26 Feb 22
Very happy with my experience at Park Sports Physical Therapy. Staff were all knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Best of all, the physical problems I came there to address were all resolved expeditiously. I am confident that as long as I continue to apply the lessons learned during the therapy process, the problems I had when I started therapy will not recur in the future.
22:24 14 Feb 22
I've had a great experience working with Wen at PSPT over the past couple of months. I made a lot of progress in regaining use and mobility, thanks to their help and support and thoughtful care.
01:14 19 Jan 22
I loved the intimacy of the space. It helped me to focus on my goal of getting better while not feeling intimidated. Wen was excellent at helping me to push forward when it was most difficult. He's truly dedicated. If you haven't scheduled your appointment yet, don't hesitate.
14:29 12 Jan 22
15:42 01 Dec 21
Danny is a fantastic physical therapist and the entire staff is wonderful.
14:14 12 Nov 21
Great service, very clean and very knowleageable staff. Highly recommend.
13:29 17 Oct 21
Excellent service! Professional and knowledgeable therapists! Timely appointments! Efficient front desk staff! Very clean and well organized space! Highly recommend!
16:20 13 Oct 21
15:25 06 Oct 21
Really great experience at Park Sports, especially with my PT Wen! I've dealt with neck and shoulder pain for a while and a recent accident made it worse. Wen was really helpful in teaching me the right motions to alleviate pain and get stronger. He is super engaged, motivating, and an expert. Highly recommended.
23:01 24 Sep 21
Highly highly recommend Park Sports PT and Wen. I came in with shoulder mobility and pain issues and thanks to Wen’s attentiveness, care, and professionalism, I’ve regained full mobility with no pain. If I’m ever in need of PT again, Park Sports and Wen will be my first call.
13:02 19 Sep 21
Therapist John Lam deserves a promotion. He transformed my movement, was expertly knowledgeable, personable and genuinely LISTENED. Can't recommend him enough and was so glad I got him to manage and oversee my care and recovery. My day to day has changed for the better, Thanks John!
12:58 15 Sep 21
Nothing but good things to say about this place and about my PT Wen. I came in with frozen shoulder and Wen coached me through a variety of exercises to regain mobility and reduce the discomfort. Wen proposed several variations of each stretch to find the one that worked best for me. He was also incredibly encouraging and provided really helpful advice to push through the bad days… until there weren’t any more! I’m happy to say I graduated after just a few months and I continue to feel great.
01:04 14 Sep 21
Park Sports Physical Therapy was very helpful on my road to recovery after a softball injury. They helped me to build confidence in the use of my knee and have taught me several things to help keep my knee strong so that I can continue to play the sport I love. Wen was kind, compassionate, encouraging and supportive (as well as an excellent playlist curator!). I appreciated his commitment to the work and his ability to push me past mental blocks throughout our treatment. The facility is well-kept and close by.
18:36 01 Sep 21
Edward Umheiser is an excellent practitioner and has helped me with rehabilitating my knee. He is knowledgeable, patient, funny, friendly, and most of kind as I work through my knee pain. Highly recommend!
22:59 23 Aug 21
Worked with Wen on some Sciatic pain I was having. He was very supportive and helpful in the process. Answered my myriad of questions with patience and easily understandable explanations. Would recommend for anyone in the are looking for a PT
14:53 17 Aug 21
13:33 12 Aug 21
If you’re looking for a physical therapist that will diligently work with you to alleviate the symptoms but also treat the underlying causes to make sure you can move freely — then this is your spot.I worked with Wen on both hamstring and shoulder injuries and I returned to an active lifestyle in a safe and gradual way. 5 stars easily.
19:08 11 Aug 21
I am very happy with my physical therapy experience with this group, in particular with Wen at the South Slope location. I'm thrilled with my results (for a pinched nerve), it really shows the power of physical therapy. Wen was supportive and willing to patiently answer all my questions, always validating my experience and tweaking the plan and the exercises to treat me as an individual. The facility was clean, they are being appropriately cautious with COVID protocols, and I like the background music choices. Note - best to schedule multiple appointments in advance, they book up quickly.
18:53 08 Aug 21
12:36 04 Aug 21
I've been working with Edward for several months for my post concussion vestibular therapy and he has been absolutely amazing. Edward is caring, responsive, and very knowledgeable. He listens closely and always provides the right amount of challenge with every session. I feel really lucky to have his guidance during this difficult time and cannot recommend him enough!
19:14 29 Jul 21
Ian is amazing! I definitely recommend him. I am coming off of a labrum tear in my shoulder and the work he has me doing gives me tons of confidence i will be back to my 100% old self.
17:44 27 Jul 21
PSPT in Park Slope has been instrumental to my vestibular recovery following surgery. The staff addresses a broad variety of issues among young and older customers. My particular case involved many exercises that focused on restoring balance. Edward recognized my trouble spots and worked through them with me attentively and authoritatively.
12:53 12 Jul 21
Highly recommend PSPT & Wen at the 6 Avenue / 20 Street location. He is patient, knowledgeable, truly interested in seeing you get getter.
20:55 05 Jun 21
Wen is fantastic. I dislocated my right shoulder in October of 2020 and I must say that my shoulder is 100% better and even stronger than it was prior to the dislocation. No surgery was required but a strong commitment to learning the proper form on how to do the exercises I enjoy was the key to my recovery. Wen is the guy to see. “Wen” you hurt yourself be sure to see Wen. Thanks Wen.
14:02 05 Jun 21
13:35 01 Jun 21
After having an ACL repair surgery, I started going to Park Sports PT and was lucky to get Wen as my therapist. I was able to walk without support in just a few weeks after surgery and now, 6 months later, I’m back to all pre-injury activities. Wen is a true professional and he guided me through recovery. He is very attentive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
23:40 30 May 21
I have been going to therapy for various reason for years, and I can say with confidence that Wen at Park Sports therapy was the most detailed oriented, patient therapist I have ever worked with. I deeply appreciate his holistic and integrative approach to therapy where he not just gives right exercises but truly break down the problem and in ways you can understand and bring that knowledge back home with to continue the work on your own. I saw Wen for my right foot, and highly recommend him and Park Sports PT!!
10:26 15 May 21
Wen was very professional and encouraging, and helped me realize how and why I'd developed so many muscle imbalances. In just eight weeks of PT, I drastically increased my lower body strength and went from a lot of pain to virtually no pain. I'm grateful to have had such great direction and motivation. I'd highly recommend Wen and the Park Sports PT Team.
22:16 14 May 21
I really appreciate how professional and thorough Jonathan Lam was from my initial visit and assessment to my last session. He was clear in his communication, attentive, and very knowledgeable. Anyone else referred to Jonathan for PT is in great hands.
17:28 14 May 21
Working with Wen at Park Sport PT changed my life! Before I worked with Wen, I had no idea how to do any kind of exercises but he gently and patiently helped me learn. Wen is clear, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and optimistic. He gave instructions in a way that was understandable and he modified exercises to fit my abilities, then gradually worked up levels of intensity as I began to gain strength and range of motion. He did such a good job that I even graduated earlier than expected!
14:32 15 Apr 21
Wen was wonderfully skilled, attuned, and entertaining. Each time, I arrived with some pain, discomfort, and stressed out, and left with a huge smile on my face! I walk again pain-free.
12:59 08 Apr 21
Edward was fantastic, I spent 6 weeks rehabbing my shoulder with him. He's on point with identifying the problem and helping me to manage the pain at home. I thought the entire process was perfect, from checking in, feeling safe during COVID, and even handling it with my medicaid insurance. I appreciate the work he put in, and he really helped rehab my shoulder to nearly 100%. The home workouts really helped and we gotta put the time in if we want to get healthy, and he made sure to drive that point home. Whenever something else in my shoulder would tweak, we'd slow down and talk about the pain while figuring out what was the best method for mitigating it. I really appreciate my time here.
13:51 26 Mar 21
Nice and smooth experience! Dr. Edward Umheiser explained my procedure so patiently and with such a happy, friendly attitude I was so impressed!I was late to an appointment once and he waited up for me, he really didn't have to.Also saw results so quickly I was so surprised!Thank you Dr Umheiser!
23:58 18 Feb 21
I had an excellent experience at Park Sports PT. My physical therapist was professional and attentive. He was extremely detailed oriented and took great care to teach me how to properly rehab my injury during our sessions and created an easy to follow home program. He pushed me to work hard but was always upbeat and encouraging. He also kept the session interesting, adding new exercises each time.
16:03 22 Jan 21
I wanted to take the opportunity to rave, cheer and endorse my wonderful experience with Melissa Jesski. Not only did she work through my issue with pinpoint expertise, her demeanor, professionalism and attentiveness was way above the bar I expected. I always felt comfortable, relaxed and gung-ho to move through my sessions.
17:04 14 Jan 21
02:32 02 Jan 21
After several months of pain and no progress I finally made an appointment with Park Sports and I am glad I did. I made rapid progress, improving my strength and range of motion quickly under Edward's expert eye and gentle care. He knew when to push and when to back off so that my recovery was safe and steady. The covid-19 safety protocols were much appreciated and well-adhered to, making it a safe and comfortable experience in trying times. I highly recommend PSPT.
13:54 25 Nov 20
Wen was absolutely terrific. I've had PT at various times over the years and he's one of the best - very responsive, patient, and encouraging, and quick and creative to adjust therapy around any limitations. And he kept it fun - I was always looking forward to my sessions. The location is also doing a good job managing the challenges of Covid, with staggered patients and solid protocols.
15:03 20 Nov 20
The staff was very friendly and professional. The office had all the necessary equipment and more. My assigned therapist (Wen Wang) was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful - constantly challenging me to get better through exercise while preventing further injury. Overall I am very happy with my sessions and I highly recommend Wen Wang and Park Slope Physical Therapy.
17:32 13 Nov 20
The staff is friendly and helpful. Edward is a great physical therapist knowledgeable and caring I literally miss my sessions with him he became more than a therapist to me my treatment was long but rewarding since I feel much better and happier. I highly recommend Park Sports Physical Therapy.
19:03 07 Oct 20
I had physical therapy for my elbow and they helped me recover quickly. Even during a pandemic everything was great!
18:05 14 Sep 20
Park Sports PT is by far the best physical therapy facility I have ever gone to! The therapists are caring, knowledgeable, and focus their attention on you and your specific needs. I'm so glad I found this place and will forever go here for my PT needs!
17:37 13 Feb 20
Edward Umheiser is a wonderfully caring and effective physical therapist. I first worked with him a few years ago, and have recommended him to friends who were as impressed as I. When my doctor recommended that I have another course of therapy for my knee, I did not hesitate to return to Edward. I've made great progress in a very short time.
02:28 24 Nov 19
11:17 14 Nov 19
I went to ParkSports PT on the recommendation of my orthopedic surgeon. I had severe spinal pain. I had 4 months of physical therapy and I feel much better. I know my spinal problems will not go away, but I know what exercises will really help. The therapist Dipika, was kind, courteous and extremely knowledgable. I would definitely go back if necessary!
19:22 05 Nov 19
15:15 18 Oct 19
I’m injury prone and thus have been a patient of several physical therapy centers. I selected Park Sports after shoulder surgery and can report this was my most positive experience with physical therapy. Park Sports was very flexible with scheduling and my therapist did not just go through the motions. She was always caring and inquisitive about how I was doing and feeling. She adjusted my sessions based on my input and was not afraid to push me. I completed my PT sooner than expected and I feel great. Highly recommended.
17:30 01 Oct 19
The office staff and therapists I worked with were incredibly helpful and my condition improved vastly after 6 weeks of therapy and at-home exercises. They run on time too! The only thing that could be added is a change room separate from bathroom, but that would not deter me from going back should I need more physical therapy in the future.
00:03 25 Sep 19
I have been a client of Park Sports Physical Therapy (PT) on and off for 3 years. I have been under the care of Edward , along with my wife. Edward and the staff have always been professional with an abundance of knowledge in the PT field. I have found Edward to be patient, caring and competent with an expertise in the field that puts my mind at ease during difficult times. I would not hesitate to refer anyone in need of PT to Edward and the staff at Park Sports. They will help you greatly in the rehabilitation process.
12:20 19 Sep 19
Recovery from Total Knee Replacement is not easy. That being said, I must admit that I had a wonderful PT experience at the 6th Avenue branch of Park Sports Physical Therapy.Before having TKR 5 months ago, I have gone through many years of PT in several different places, so I have a pretty good knowledge of the various practices. That is one of the reasons that I am so impressed with PSPT...I have a lot of experiences with which to compare it!When I started PT a few weeks after surgery I was in pain and very apprehensive. I worked primarily with Edward Umheiser, and he immediately put me at ease. Edward is experienced and knowledgeable, has a very reassuring and encouraging manner, and always took time to listen to my concerns. He somehow always managed to find a way for me to do the exercises needed to stretch and strengthen my surgical knee without triggering spasms in my chronically achy back. Amazing!!From the bright and open space, the kind and efficient staff, to the excellent level of courtesy and professionalism, I feel that my 4 months at Park Sports Physical Therapy was a completely positive experience.
21:11 31 Aug 19
I had a total knee replacement four months ago and went to the 6th Ave branch for PT. Initially I was in quite a bit of pain and pretty foggy from the drugs but Edward was incredibly patient and resourceful in getting me to the right level of flexibility. He pushed me in just the right way, and never let me get discouraged. Over a few weeks of treatment, I had the opportunity to work with a couple of the other therapists there and everyone was unfailingly friendly and focused. I never had the feeling that I was left to my own devices; even when they were working with a couple of people simultaneously they kept an eye on what I was doing. The space is light and uncluttered and the vibe is peaceful and busy. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
15:11 10 Jun 19
I worked with Park Sports PT before and after a partial knee replacement surgery. They were on the suggested list from HSS, where I had the procedure. I was happy with the treatment I received from therapists there, especially from Edward. He is thorough, knowledgeable and supportive.
15:57 28 May 19
After having a very serious ankle injury and 2 surgeries, my surgeon at HSS Hospital sent me a referral list of PT providers in my neighborhood. From day 1 everyone at Park Sports was caring and professional with me. Some patients prefer to work with 1 specialist throughout their journey. I am not one of those people so I can attest to each specialist that treated me. They gave me great care, provided me with the proper exercises to do at home. As usual, my insurance company tried to end my rehab period. The lead therapist Edward tirelessly worked on my behalf to have appeals done since he and my surgeon both were in agreement that my rehab was not done. We worked out payment solutions in the interim while we waited to hear back from my insurance company so I wouldnt have a lapse in my visits with Park Sports. I could go on and on. In summation, as a young and active adult who had this type of injury it really was a tough pill to swallow. All the therapists at Park Sports were instrumental in my recovery both physically and mentally. I am forever grateful. Thanks everyone!
20:59 23 May 19
My frozen shoulder gradually recovered its full range of movement over five months of physical therapy here. I attribute this relatively quick recovery to the consistently helpful and caring treatment I received from Edward Umheiser, who also manages this small open plan physical therapy practice on Sixth Ave. and 20th St. I highly recommend Edward and any of the other competent therapists at this friendly office.
16:14 09 May 19
I worked with all three therapists at 6th Avenue and found them all to be very helpful and considerate of my healing process. They listen well and make excellent suggestions for home exercises too.
16:13 20 Feb 19
I LOVE Park Sports PT!! I had knee replacement surgery in August 2018. All the therapists were awesome! They made me want to work hard and push myself to get better. I had PT twice a week and saw all the therapists in the 6th Avenue office. They were all great– professional, knowledgeable & kind. Thank you Edward, Edwin & Elena!! See you in the fall after I get my other knee replaced!
16:01 12 Feb 19
After having my 5th spine surgery I started therapy at Park Sports. Their professionalism was second to none. My therapist, Edwin was great with .me and my condition. He tailored a complete program specifically for my needs. I followed it diligently. I can say without Park Sports I wouldn't feel as good as I do today. Thank you
17:49 03 Jan 19
Park Sports works miracles!I was suffering lower back pain and got an MRI. Park Sports prescribed a month of PT base on the diagnosis. After a month of treatment I felt almost no pain!. Edwin gave just the right amount of massage, exercise and home work for a dramatic recovery. Ten years ago Park Sports treated my wrist after surgery with stellar results. Thank you for your care and proficiency.
16:16 01 Sep 18
Allison was my therapist for a fractured wrist. The treatment I received was very professional and my mobility improved rapidly. Allison is friendly and upbeat and maintained a congenial atmosphere for her clients. The office staff was friendly and efficient. Initially, I left an inquiry online and they got back to me right away confirming that they accepted my insurance. Appointments were easy to book. I highly recommend this establishment. Much thanks to Allison.
15:38 24 Jul 18
A lovely relaxed environment for healing - open plan and open-hearted. I felt that my injury was understood and the exercises I was given to do on location and then later at home made a huge difference to my recovery. The actual treatments I received - massage, sound waves and others, all sped up the recovery process too. All the advice given was excellent. I was treated by Allison Sanchez-Masi who was professional, compassionate and very clear. I would throughly recommend this clinic for healing your injuries. It is a pleasant walk from the subway.
14:52 21 Jul 18
I went to Park Sports on 6th ave for my post spinal fusion follow up. John and Edward are so nice and knowledgeable and friendly, and I always got some good exercises to do and tissue work. The place has a nice chill vibe, and everyone is very professional and lovely. Without the work I know I would not have recovered! But I have and my back is as good as new!! Thank you!!
14:15 18 Jul 18
It was a pleasure working with Allison during my finger therapy. I sustained a pulley injury rock-climbing and she helped me build strength and flexibility to get back on the wall. Thanks so much Allison!
15:43 11 Jul 18
Edward is very professional and knowledgeable. The care I received at Park Sports Physical Therapy was top notch. My knee injury is now resolved and I owe it to Edward. I highly recommend the services at Park Sports.
13:08 09 Jul 18
Allison was incredibly helpful. She accelerated my healing process in my wrist. She made sure I didn’t do too much too soon, and got me ready to get back to my passion of boxing and acting in an action film.She’s also a lovely person and a great conversationalist. I found myself looking forward to catching up with her and the other patients.Will definitely head back if I need more support!
01:31 06 Jul 18
I have been to Park Sports on 6th Avenue for physical therapy on my hand for an arthritic thumb joint. I would never go anyplace else. Allison is simply a great hand physical therapist. And she has gotten even better. I first saw her 5 years ago for the same problem. I thought she was excellent 5 years ago, but she's even better now.The office is very good as well -- easy to deal with.No reservations about Park Sports.
18:25 03 Jul 18
Went to the 6th Ave location of Park Sports PT after breaking the wrist of my dominant hand (isn’t that always the case?!). I had just had the cast removed and was not looking forward to weeks of therapy. But therapist Allison Sanchez-Masi dispelled the gray mood. She explained what the problems were and how we were going to tackle them, and the result was steady progress. Cannot speak highly enough of her – a knowledgeable, thorough and skilled therapist, she happens also to be very nice and have a good sense of humor. She also spotted early on that weeks in a cast had taken their toll on my shoulder, so we started working on that. Again, noticeable improvement. So a huge thumbs up!
18:15 03 Jul 18
Edward’s skill in diagnosis and treatment are unparalleled . My therapy was very successful!
19:55 24 Jun 18
The staff is very nice and very competent. I am pleased with the results of my therapy for a clavicle/shoulder injury and definitely recommend the 6th Ave location.
19:45 01 Jun 18
I just finished up sessions (about 2.5 months) with John and Edward for my knees. Not only are my knees feeling better but I learned a lot about how I can continue to improve my health and strengthen the area.
17:25 06 Apr 18
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Developed an effective regimen to recover from my chronic back issues. I highly recommend their services!
14:07 31 Mar 18
I had a knee replacement and the rehabilitation is crucial to recovery. Ed got me through this difficult period with skill and compassion. I am a physician and found Ed very knowledgeable and I wholeheartedly trusted his advice and judgement throughout the process.
17:41 14 Feb 18
Professional but also relaxed atmosphere in the office. I never had to wait more then a minute or two from my appointment time. The team was very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body and how to help with my back pain.
18:27 05 Jan 18
19:47 11 Dec 17
I worked with Allison before and after wrist surgery. She was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.
21:09 20 Nov 17
I worked with Edward Umheiser on a shoulder inquiry and after a few months have fully recovered. I was skeptical at first but after only a few sessions I begin to see progress and Edward was very through and provide me with a lot of exercises I could do at home. I would highly recommend their services.
16:03 19 Nov 17
Great PTs, well equipped, and conveniently located. Went in for treatment of a strained hip flexor, took care of that and also learned a lot about stretching, foam rolling, and little exercises I can continue to do to prevent injury. Highly recommend it.
18:07 17 Nov 17
Very nice crew at this office. Professional, pleasant and very knowledgeable. I started my outpatient PT with them after my knee replacement and had very good results. I needed to change to a facility closer to my work because of my ridiculous hours. The crew at the new facility were very impressed with how well Park Sports PT (and Edward) had done in improving my left knee function. I can recommend this group without hesitation.
19:07 14 Nov 17

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