Garden City (Full Circle Breast Cancer Recovery)

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy
310 Old Country Road
Suite 104
Garden City, NY 11530

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8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
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Garden City (Full Circle Breast Cancer Recovery)

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

(516) 741-7000

310 Old Country Road
Suite 104
Garden City, NY 11530

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Office Hours

8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Located next to the court offices
  • Parking and Entrance in Rear of Building
  • Specializing in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Most insurance plans accepted including Medicare
  • Full Circle Physical Therapy has partnered with Ivy Rehab!

310 Old Country Road
Suite 104
Garden City, NY 11530

310 Old Country Road
Suite 104
Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: (516) 741-7000

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Garden City, NY in Nassau County. Our location is on Old Country road. We are next to the court offices on the corner of Old Country Road and Washington Avenue. Our entrance is located to the rear of the building in the parking lot, and we are located on the 1st floor. Parking is ample!

We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities. We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At Ivy Rehab in Garden City, we specialize exclusively in breast cancer rehabilitation. It’s our mission to provide a comprehensive, individualized physical therapy program designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort of breast cancer or breast reconstruction for patients at all phases of recovery. 

About Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

Full Circle Physical Therapy/Ivy Rehab in Garden City is the only physical therapy facility on Long Island exclusively devoted to the care and treatment of patients with breast cancer or who have had a prophylactic (preventative) mastectomy after a positive test for the BRCA gene mutation or other genetic mutations. Our breast cancer rehabilitation program is a comprehensive, individualized physical therapy program designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort of patients at all phases of recovery. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, going through radiation or chemotherapy treatments, recovering from a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, or a longtime breast cancer survivor, we have a program just for you.

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We strive to:

  • Make each patient feel comforted and cared for
  • Use cutting-edge methodology and expertise
  • Alleviate the pain and discomfort of breast cancer for patients at all phases of recovery
  • Return patients to their maximal capacity
  • Offer convenient appointments at our clinic or through telehealth visits 

Our caring and family-like staff support you in your rehabilitation. You will feel at home in our facility.

Our team’s strong manual therapy background enables us to successfully evaluate and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions, which often contribute to loss of function. This philosophy focuses on identifying the causes of the muscular imbalances which commonly develop after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy treatment. Hands-on treatment, individualized programs, and patient education are the key components to achieving a positive outcome.

What we treat

Ivy Rehab in Garden City is the only physical therapy facility on Long Island exclusively devoted to the care and treatment of patients with breast cancer or who have had a prophylactic (preventative) mastectomy after a positive test for the BRCA gene mutation or other genetic mutations. Our breast cancer rehabilitation program is a comprehensive, individualized physical therapy program designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort of patients at all phases of recovery. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, going through radiation or chemotherapy treatments, recovering from a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, or a longtime breast cancer survivor, we have a program just for you.


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  • Garden City (Full Circle Breast Cancer Recovery)

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Based on 101 reviews
I highly recommend. Everyone there is amazing!
18:59 30 Mar 23
Warm, encouraging, outstanding place! Abby is kind, caring, and professional. The therapy really helps with my range of motion. They are very accommodating. I’m glad my doctor recommended Full Circle to me! Thank you!
03:18 28 Mar 23
Amazing! Diana and her team are caring, professional and truly care about their clients! The program was tailored to my specific needs and significantly helped in my recovery. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!!!
23:18 24 Mar 23
There is no better place for physical therapy after breast cancer surgery. The staff is knowledgeable, lovely and so caring. It’s a very special place where you are with women who have been in your shoes, and women who understand the struggles. As someone who was very fit prior to surgery it was important to me to get back to being physically active and strong. They give you the kind of attention you need based on the type of treatment and surgery you have and they make it truly customized to your needs. This place has been an important part of my journey to healing and feeling whole. Thank you Full Circle <3
13:56 22 Mar 23
I highly recommend Diana & Ivy rehab physical therapy for anyone battling breast cancer and reconstructive surgery complications. She always made me feel comfortable with always speaking in a positive way throughout my BC recovery. Helping me through the physical motions of my arms and lymphatic drainage after having many surgeries due to breast cancer and lymph node removal. Thank you Diana for always being there for me, your the best!! A smile & a positive outlook goes a long way and she’s always smiling & positive 🙂that alone makes my day.
17:09 21 Mar 23
Diane and the team here have really helped me get my strength and flexibility back post surgery. I appreciate the kind positive atmosphere and love the results! So happy to have found this team.
21:30 20 Mar 23
After chemotherapy bilateral mastectomy and radiation I started going to Full Circle IvyRehab to improve my range of motion but I got a whole lot more. The ladies at Full circle are kind, caring and very professional. The atmosphere is safe and very nurturing I actually look forward to going to physical therapy. Thank you full circle
16:48 20 Mar 23
All staffed with caring, experienced and lovely ladies 😀
19:07 17 Mar 23
The staff is awesome. They are so professional and very accommodating. The therapy really helps with my range of motion.
17:13 15 Feb 23
13:13 09 Feb 23
Everyone is kind and compassionate.
04:01 01 Feb 23
It is helpful every thing being done is explained thoroughly and why it is being done. I would recommend this rehab to anyone who is interested.
23:09 31 Jan 23
17:49 21 Jan 23
18:26 05 Jan 23
I had a DEIP flap reconstructive surgery on November 1st. It was challenging to find PT that would specialize in my recovery. Abby has worked directly with my doctor and has tailored my therapy to quicken my recovery. Thanks to ivy Rehab and Abby, I am feeling stronger and ready for some abdominal exercises and strength training again!
23:16 28 Dec 22
19:29 25 Dec 22
14:36 18 Oct 22
Individualized, private care at a one of a kind PT practice! I wouldn’t feel comfortable going anywhere else for breast cancer rehab. Diana and her team are caring, knowledgeable, and really listen. Great environment!
12:53 13 Oct 22
12:04 01 Oct 22
Full Circle team is AWESOME! The staff and management are very concerned about their patients wellbeing. Great place to help you through your recovery.
15:12 29 Sep 22
Full Circle rehabilitation is accommodating to schedule appointments to make easy for scheduling! The pain I was dealt has decreased significantly within two visits and I am looking forward to continue rehabilitation to continue decreasing the size of the scar tissue from a past lumpectomy! Staff is phenomenal to operate with and I highly recommend going to them for any issues or concerns you are experiencing! I am grateful Sloan Kettering recommended them to me and I am truly appreciative of and for Full Circle rehabilitation! ❤️😘
22:55 21 Sep 22
At Full Circle/Ivy Garden City PT the staff and therapists were welcoming, caring, and most knowledgeable. I looked forward to my PT visits which help me recover well both emotionally and physically.Thank you!Jane
01:23 18 Sep 22
What a beautiful group of women helping other women!!! Kind, knowledgable, patient, caring, encouraging and supportive—they slowly and safely help you progress, strengthen and gain the confidence you need to get you back to doing the things you love to do! Diana, you helped me appreciate the value in mastering the small things so that I could move on to the big things, and I am forever grateful!!!
20:31 16 Sep 22
I cannot say enough about the wonderful experience that I have had at Full Circle. In the months since becoming a patient at this facility, I have had the opportunity to receive treatment from many therapists, and ALL of them have helped me to reach my goals. These women are not only professional; they are also very kind. Through my consistent treatments, which went from twice a week to once a week, my flexibility and range of motion has improved, which has improved my quality of life. I didn't realize on my first day there how much I needed to be a part of a program like this and how GOOD I would feel as a direct result of it. I highly recommend Full Circle Garden City to any woman, like myself, who is dealing with the lasting effects of breast cancer treatment.
22:23 05 Jul 22
Nice people here. Very professional. Tailored a program to fit my rehabilitation. Gave me my confidence back.
01:53 01 Jul 22
Very professional practice and helped get through a very difficult time.
21:50 30 Jun 22
I went to MSK for my chemotherapy treatment and had a bilateral mastectomy at the end of April. Radiation was to be scheduled 8 weeks after surgery. MSK attempted to schedule me with their own occupational therapist to improve range and motion yet there were no available slots until mid August. MSK contacted me and said they have availability with affiliates Ivy Rehab. At first, I asked Ivy Rehab representative to schedule me at their Lynbrook location because it was closer to my home in Queens. I got a call back from a representative who explained that Garden City location would suit me because of its Full Circle program for breast cancer patients. I thought that it was rather far and the gas will be so much more yet it be better to go to therapy that focuses on breast cancer patients Vs just any PT. That was the best decision I made regardless of how much it cost to get there. Diana built my plan accordingly, knowing I had prior injury issues. The team at Full Circle is well knitted and I believe it has everything to do with Diana’s training and guidance. They have been in communication my 11 sessions and all are in sync with what’s next for me. Their energy had me pumped since day 1 and now I am thriving. I already started radiation and am able to get through my treatment with next to no pain. I do still have issues with my prior injuries and majorly getting my right shoulder stable enough to get through it all.As someone who trains people in my profession, I know a great mentor when I see one in action. I believe Diana is that for Full Circle and her team mirrors. I believe that their should be a Full Circle in every area so that breast cancer survivors from all over can experience the best care and get back to life Full Circle. Diana is definitely key here and it shows.Thank you Diana at Full Circle and Ivy Rehab for connecting me.
20:44 30 Jun 22
After endless months of pain and limited mobility following a mastectomy and 4 reconstructive surgeries, a friend mentioned Full Circle. Diana and her very caring, professional team made a world of difference in how I felt. This place is a must for post mastectomypatients! Spread the word!! To all the staff at Full Circle, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
21:16 26 Jun 22
The Physical Therapists are knowledgeable, compassionate, and very sensitive to those who come to see them. I had a lot of pain following Diep Flap surgery and everyone at this center was wonderful and caring. Anyone with breast cancer surgery needs to have this center in their arsenal of good treatment centers. We all want to get back to normal and this center is helping me to do just that.
14:22 15 Jun 22
13:33 09 Jun 22
Full circle rehab is an outstanding place. I looked forward to every visit and saw significant improvement with every session. In addition to being exceptional therapists they also provided an environment that was comfortable and comforting. They listened, they encouraged and they made me laugh.They enjoy what they do and it shows.As a Physician I can honestly say they provided exceptional care.
23:05 13 May 22
I am so happy to have found this very special practice. The staff are caring and concerned and dedicated to helping people just like me.
12:44 11 May 22
20:28 05 May 22
I had Diep Flap surgery in 2019. Diana not only helped me get my strength back, but I left there stronger than I was prior to my surgery. She is an expert in breast cancer recovery and tailors your treatment to you individually. I recently had another surgery and I knew exactly who I had to go to to safely help me with my recovery. Diana and her staff are very knowledgeable, caring and so encouraging. I am so very grateful to have found them.
15:27 02 May 22
I started with Diana at Ivy Rehab/full circle weakened after Diep Flap surgery. Her ability to zero in on exactly what issues to work on is a specialized gift that Diana has naturally. Her knowledge to apply exactly what you need is mind blowing and automatic for her. I am feeling stronger, more flexible, confident mentally and physically.I am so grateful to have found this amazing professional and caring person to help me achieve healthy goals! Thank you and bless this fabulous place!🙆‍♀️🤗🌈👏👏👏
14:59 22 Apr 22
Diana and her team at Full Circle are warm, welcoming and knowledgeable! Going to physical therapy each week was a bright spot throughout my surgeries and radiation, and I will forever be grateful for their help.
17:42 18 Apr 22
Full Circle Ivy Rehab is fantastic. They really make you feel cared for as you’re going through something tough. They help you physically and do their best to tailor your exercises to the areas that you need help with. It is all women and I am glad that I am going to them.
14:27 02 Apr 22
They are great, I am very fortunate that one of the nurses told me about them !!!! They are with you through your journey, with encouragement, understanding, and love.I 100% recommend them!!!!
02:32 21 Mar 22
I highly recommend Full Circle for anyone who is in breast cancer recovery. After my implant exchange surgery, I first went to another physical therapist, but he didn't specialize in breast cancer recovery and had never even heard of my situation before. Though he was very nice and tried to help, I didn't see much progress. At Full Circle, they were familiar with my issues (chest tightness and cording), and all the PTs (Diana, Fran, Abby, etc.) and support staff are super knowledgeable and take real care in their practice. I've been going there twice a week for a month now, and I've seen some progress. I really appreciate all the care and support that Full Circle staff have shown me. They also have flexible timings, so I'm able to get my preferred time slots.On a practical note, there is a large, free parking lot in the back.
21:41 03 Mar 22
They are professional and compassionate, a winning combination ❤️
14:05 07 Feb 22
15:57 02 Feb 22
12:08 01 Feb 22
01:14 21 Jan 22
What a wonderful place. I now have full range of motion and getting stronger by the day! This, just 4 months after surgery. They are miracle workers.
00:22 21 Jan 22
00:31 02 Dec 21
This office goes above and beyond for each patient. The clinicians are phenomenal, can’t say enough about the care you receive from both the physical therapists and their assistants. Their support during your recovery is unprecedented. The clerical staff is helpful as well to accommodate your schedule and assist in your billing questions and filing.
15:50 30 Nov 21
I recently had DIEP Flap surgery and most physical therapy places don’t even know what that is. They know exactly what it is here and they are helping me find my new normal. Very caring knowledgeable staff and everything is cleaned and sanitized.
12:16 08 Nov 21
12:45 27 Oct 21
12:37 25 Oct 21
Thank you. Words do not adequately express my gratitude for the support, encouragement, "listening", and of course, physical therapy that I received from everyone in helping me to recover from my surgery and get back to my current normal. An extra special thank you to my therapist Fran and Diane for pushing me to accomplish what I didn't think I would be able to do. Xoxo
16:18 17 Oct 21
22:20 01 Oct 21
I will never be able to enough about this amazing group of women who have helped me through some very challenging times. Many of us come to Full Circle feeling extremely vulnerable; the atmosphere, when you walk through the door is friendly and welcoming. The energy there promotes empowerment! Thank you, Diana!My physical therapist, Fran is kind, patient, thoughtful, professional, knowledgeable, funny (which in this circumstance is key) and encouraging. She knows when to move forward with an exercise and when to scale it back. She has been a huge help to my recovery process. I always leave there feeling better both physically and mentally. Fran has been absolute God-send for me and I do not hesitate to recommend Full Circle. Thank you so much, Fran.Also a thank you to Diane, the PT Aide, who puts up with my antics and thank you to Darcelle at the front desk.A top-notch organization all around. Again, a heart-felt thank to all of you.
17:37 30 Sep 21
I will be forever grateful to the Full Circle Staff! It took six years and four different physical therapy facilities before I was fortunate enough to be referred to Full Circle. It has been a complicated recovery for me and thanks to the care I received here , I am finally hopeful! Diana has years of experience and the knowledge required to treat the many side effects and mobility issues that breast cancer patients can experience. All the PT’s and staff are wonderful. From the minute you walk in you are surrounded by optimism and assured the best level of care. They take the time to educate you, explain the exercises and movements, and are positive and encouraging. The other PT facilities gave me generic exercises and I was mixed with clients that had a myriad of injuries and surgeries. I rarely saw the same PT and they had little experience with my problems. Here I felt a sense of community. Diana researched and collaborated with her staff and colleagues to develop a plan of care for my unique situation. If you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, or if, like me, are experiencing long term complications from treatments you will be in the hands of experts. This is definitely the best PT for the specialized care of breast cancer patients.
02:01 14 Sep 21
Love Diana Tjaden and Full Circle- Ivy!
00:11 01 Sep 21
19:12 11 Aug 21
10:58 05 Aug 21
Diana is AMAZING!!!! I was frustrated after 2 months of healing from DMX that my doctor insisting I go to PT. Hadn’t I done enough?!? But once I stepped into Full Circle I immediately felt I made the right decision. I could have gone somewhere closer, or gone twice and been recommended exercises to do on my own, but the experience of working with Diana, and seeing the actual progress was profoundly healing. I now look forward to going, as for me, it’s more inspecting than support groups or other “cancer” forms of support. She truly made me feel like I got this. I went from victim to taking charge of my own healing. Thank you Diana and full circle!!!!!
11:52 29 Jul 21
My mom has recently received therapy for a mastectomy in the last few months and she can’t stop raving about how friendly and caring NYRehab people are as they really listened to her. This is definitely the right place to go for all women facing breast cancer and the impact of surgery because of it
23:02 18 Jul 21
I was referred by a nurse practitioner at Memorial Sloan Kettering, because their rehab was so booked up. I couldn't be happier with the treatment I got at Full Circle Rehab in Garden City, NY. The physical therapists, Fran and Kathy, are so knowledgeable and give wonderful treatments. The office staff and exercise therapists are warm and helpful. Was so good to have a place that caters to the specific needs of women going through recovery. I highly recommend anyone going through Breast Cancer recovery to take advantage of what they offer.
22:12 08 Jul 21
Full Circle Physical Therapy is an exceptional place to receive care. From the moment you enter, it is a warm and welcoming environment. Every employee and therapist is friendly, helpful, caring, and hard-working. They always go above and beyond. There aren't enough kind words or stars to give to Full Circle. I would highly recommend them to anyone recovering from breast cancer surgery.
00:05 02 Jul 21
12:03 30 Jun 21
17:47 24 Jun 21
Diana is a rockstar, her knowledge and understanding of breast cancer is extraordinary! Her skills in helping are outstanding! Not enough stars for this practice!
19:13 01 Jun 21
22:11 30 May 21
The atmosphere helps with your healing. Everyone is nice and pleasant.
10:34 28 May 21
Diana and staff are wonderful. Helped me through a rough time of a year of nerve pain. Couldn’t have done it without them. Besides for they therapy they provide, their compassion,, goes above and beyond.
13:39 24 May 21
This was the absolute best experience I’ve ever had — love the niche Diana & her staff have carved. This is what you’re looking for.
02:48 24 May 21
9 years later and I am still so grateful for Diana and her staff! The care, time and love that she gives each one of her patients is so comforting. She is THE best .... Forever grateful
16:52 23 May 21
Every single therapist and employee in Full circle works so incredibly hard making sure we heal inside out. Having cancer and surgeries can be so traumatizing to anyone and the ladies here work so hard and they show the utmost compassion and love towards every patient. Best therapy I have ever received. My surgeon was impressed at how much necrosis they helped heal inside my breast. I was finally ready for more surgery which wasn’t as extreme because of the Type of therapy I received.I can not thank Diane and her Staff for every thing they have done for me and my healing. I love all of you and can’t wait to come back and continue my therapy.
02:31 23 May 21
Full Circle helped me regain full movement in my left arm. Going through breast cancer is one of the hardest diseases women and some men face. This is a one of a kind place where Diana and her staff will help with massages and exercise to feel whole again. We do not know how we take are bodies for granted until we have limited use. I’m forever grateful and thankful there was a place like this when I went through my breast cancer recovery. Diana words cannot describe how much you and your staff are appreciated and loved. I enjoyed going for my arm therapy. Your Mom working at the reception desk is great she always made me laugh with her great sense of humor. It made things easier to get through. Great location and beautiful office. I would give you a 10+ review if I could. Thank You!! Rosa
20:05 22 May 21
Diana and her staff are top notch! The caring and concern they have shown have helped my recovery immensely. I would highly recommend them to any woman who has to undergo breast cancer surgery. They are the best!
17:18 11 May 21
16:42 26 Apr 21
The Physical Therapists and staff are all so amazing. They are caring and very knowledgeable. They helped me through a difficult time. Not only did they help me heal and recover quickly they made it enjoyable. Everyone is friendly and kind. I was always greeted with smile. I would recommend any woman recovering from Breast surgery to go here.
00:46 16 Apr 21
I am pre-op and having surgery 4/21. They have been very supportive getting my shoulder ready for the reconstruction. I also was taught what I can do while needing to be in the T-Rex position during post op. I can’t wait to start post-op rehab with ladies who get the whole process of this surgery and how it effects not just the surgery site.
00:03 15 Apr 21
00:08 05 Apr 21
I have loved working with the therapists at Full Circle! They have helped me tremendously in my recovery and I find myself looking forward to spending time there. Every single person at Full Circle is caring, kind, knowledgeable and has been helpful in my recovery process. I highly recommend Full Circle Rehab and have had many friends who have been happy with their support as well.
12:34 21 Mar 21
Full Circle is a great experience. They take great care in getting you back to where you want to be. Definitely a piece to the recovery puzzle that I could not do without. A very caring team!
01:01 19 Mar 21
13:13 18 Mar 21
Everyone here is very professional and personable!! Even with mask on, they recognize everyone :)Thanks for always making me feel better both physically and emotionally!!
12:42 18 Mar 21
13:38 11 Mar 21
23:02 03 Mar 21
Outstanding, professional staff who are are caring and supportive including the scheduling and front desk staff,physical therapists and their assistants. Everyone was welcoming, respectful and concerned about the patients personal needs. As a woman with breast cancer the physical therapists are highly educated and skilled to enhance our recovery,promote improved mobility and most of all build our confidence again! Full Circle/ Ivyrehab, is highly recommended! Special thanks to Kathy an excellent, caring physical therapist!!
02:00 02 Mar 21
Incredible staff! Diana and Fran are exceptional! Thank you for your attention to detail and most of all care :)
13:38 01 Mar 21
13:06 28 Feb 21
17:27 21 Feb 21
I couldn’t say more about the caring, kind, professional staff at Full Circle. Not only do I feel better physically but emotionally as well!
14:02 21 Feb 21
I am using my husband's account to write this review. The staff at Full Circle are amazing in every manner. Diana and Fran are beyond amazing. Even before the covid pandemic hit, they were extremely clean and careful because most of their clients are immune compromised. Now with covid they take even more precautions. They care about everyone and you can see it in how they interact with their clients. I have been in physical therapy in other places for different issues in the past and was left to do my exercises by myself with little guidance. Here, they make sure that you are doing each exercise correctly and constantly monitor you. Everyone that you interact with is fabulous. They recently merged with Ivyrehab physical therapy. I have not noticed any changes since the merger.
01:53 06 Feb 21
There is no other place like Full Circle PT! A friend of mine enthusiastically referred me after my prophylactic surgery. Initially I developed cording which impeded my range of motion significantly. To my amazement, after a few sessions with Diana and the entire team, my issue resolved. Over the years I have returned when needed. I am always amazed how supportive and caring the entire team is. Diana consistently figures out the issue at hand and comes up with an individualized plan to resolve it. The sessions consist of massage and exercise, but there is always laughter mixed in, inspirational quotes on the walls and it's such a relaxing and positive place to go. Diana's passion and for her work is evident and she is so skilled in this specialized area. She is making a difference for so many women. Following my experience, I too, have enthusiastically referred many women here. It is the best!
18:16 02 Sep 20
I simply cannot say enough good things about Full Circle PT. I came to Full Circle very soon after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction and just prior to beginning chemotherapy. To say that I felt comfortable and welcomed with open arms is an understatement. Full Circle is like no other physical therapy offices I have been to before. When you have experienced, or are experiencing, a life-changing event like being diagnosed with breast cancer a place like Full Circle is an absolute necessity. Everyone there is warm, caring, supportive and understanding. My time with Diana is undeniably one of the highlights of my week. Although I hope to never have to refer someone here, for obvious reasons, I would do so wholeheartedly and know that they will be in the best hands possible during their recovery.
14:24 31 Aug 20
Full Circle Breast Cancer PT should get more than 5 stars! The staff is talented and supportive, and they take the time to explain the reasoning behind my personalized PT plan. The environment is welcoming and very positive, which is a huge plus. They have convenient hours, and I never feel like I am being rushed out of the door. It is an outstanding place!
17:36 26 Aug 20
03:27 28 Feb 20
As a practicing Physical Therapist for 31 years, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past year, there was only one place I knew to go for my post mastectomy care, and that is Full Circle PT. Diana Tjaden is the most knowledgeable therapist you will find on Long Island for your rehabilitation needs. She has a very professional and caring staff. Her manual therapy (hands on ) skills are very effective along with her application of therapeutic exercises. I drove 50 mins each way to go to my therapy appointments where I have many local clinics I could choose from. I highly recommend this practice to meet your breast cancer therapy needs.
18:20 09 Dec 19
Everyone from Diana, Cathy and the entire staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They have helped me tremendously in my recovery. I highly recommend Full Circle without any reservation.
16:24 18 Aug 19
Full Circle was a game changer in speeding up my recovery. The entire team was so kind and helpful. They totally understood all the issues I experienced during my recovery. I can’t say enough good things about them.
19:24 22 Oct 18
Full Circle PT is an exceptional and professional physical therapy organization. The physical therapists and PT assistants are all superb, bright and caring. They treat not only the physical body but the mind. They are a source of knowledge and caring which is specific to breast cancer. They treat the whole person and are highly effective. I heartily recommend this remarkable group of physical therapists and their assistants. My thanks and gratitude to you all.
16:27 24 Aug 18
When I first began a physical therapy program after my first mastectomy, it was at a local facility in my community. The staff was knowledgeable about a variety of conditions. They were caring and attentive but not experts about breast cancer. My Radiology Oncologist suggested I try Full Circle; the difference in treatment was profound. I cannot express how grateful I am for the care given to me by Diana, Fran and the entire staff. Their knowledge about the effects of chemo and radiation on the body were enlightening. I will never consider myself a former patient with Full Circle because I will return for “tune-ups” to make sure I do not regress.Barbara, Survivor
00:49 21 May 18
Diana and her team, are kind extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. They were a great source in my recovery
02:30 30 Oct 17
After my double mastectomy surgery, I was lucky enough to hear about Diana’s Full Circle Program through a friend who had also recently gone through breast cancer. “You have to see Diana - she will change your life for the better,” my friend told me. And that is exactly what happened. Diana has completely changed my life for the better – both physically and emotionally. After surgery, I completely lost range of motion in both of my arms. I was only 28 years old and I felt like I was 80 years old – not being able to reach up and put on my shirt without my husband’s help. The first time I saw Diana, I felt confident that I would be back to my young self again. Within a few weeks of seeing her, my range of motion was restored and the tight cords in my arms were resolved. I continued to see Diana through chemotherapy, reconstruction surgery and radiation. Each step of treatment brought on new challenges. Diana diligently worked with me and customized exercises and tissue massage that would help me gain back strength, restore full range of motion and lower my risk of Lymphedema. Diana was always available to answer phone calls and offer advice any time I had a problem during treatment. Not only did Diana help me physically, but she always took time to offer emotional support and optimism. After a year of seeing Diana, I was just recently discharged from the Full Circle Program. I feel energetic and strong. I am back to work full-time and I’m back to exercising, swimming and enjoying life. I can honestly say that out of my medical team of 10 doctors and nurses, it is Diana who has helped me the most during my journey. Thanks to Diana, I finally feel back to my normal, strong and young self again.
14:55 04 Aug 13
I was recommended to see Diana after my surgery. I had some issues with range of motion, but after only a few sessions with Diana I was pretty much as good as new. Diana and her staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Diana really cares a lot about her patients and is always available when you need her. Physical therapy is a very important part of recovery from breast cancer surgery, and Diana makes that part as smooth and painless as possible. Her programs are all patient specific and are individualized to each patients specific needs. I highly recommend Diana to anyone recovering from BC.
00:53 30 Jul 13
Diana and her program have been a blessing to me. After surgery I had very limited range of motion and Diana had me out throwing softballs to my daughter before I knew it. I could not have gotten to this point on my own. The combination of therapeutic work Diana does on me and the exercise program really works! After my radiation and additional surgeries I had more set backs but I am back with Diana now and am fully confident she will have me back up and going before long. Full Circle is more than just a program for women with breast cancer, it is the confidence of knowing you have a dedicated physical therapist who goes above and beyond and honestly cares for each and every patient. I highly recommend Diana and her program.Katie Nidermaier
03:56 29 Jul 13

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