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Sora Therapy
4301 Highway 7, Suite 155
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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St. Louis Park (Kids)

Sora Therapy

4301 Highway 7, Suite 155
St. Louis Park, MN 55416


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  • Located 1 mile off Hwy 100, near Yum! Kitchen and Bakery
  • Pediatric Speech, Occupational, Physical & Feeding Therapy
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Virtual telehealth visits available

4301 Highway 7, Suite 155
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Where We’re Located

We are located in St. Louis Park, MN in Hennepin County. Our location is 1 mile off Hwy 100, near Yum! Kitchen and Bakery. We love being close to our patients!

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You can give us a call anytime. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Our staff is dedicated to individual attention and customized plans to meet your child’s needs. 

Why choose Sora?

We go above and beyond when it comes to the treatment of our young patients. Our goal is to make their experience as close to “playtime” as possible. Our specially-trained pediatric therapists work one-on-one with our young patients to help them, encourage progress, and form lasting bonds. In addition, we work closely with physicians, parents, caregivers, and teachers with a collaborative approach to care to facilitate great clinical and functional outcomes. Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best, individualized treatment plan.  We are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential, faster! 

About Sora Therapy

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At Sora, we believe we’re all in this together, and no one knows a child better than their caregivers. We work hand in hand with our families to create an individualized plan to help our patients soar.

Sora Therapy’s mission is to deliver exceptional therapy for children with developmental delays and other disorders in a way that maximizes every child’s opportunity for success and growth. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our patients and their families. A commitment to serving kids and their families is at the core of everything we do.

Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Sarah McGoldrick is a fantastic occupational therapist and we had a great experience working with her throughout the last year! Highly recommend her and Sora therapy to anyone needing some extra support.
My kiddo did both physical and speech therapy at Sora because she was a bit behind the developmental milestones. Both of her therapists were warm and friendly, patient, and professional, and she quickly advanced to where she should be. They have two awesome gyms and tons of toys that the therapists use to easy the kids into therapy. My kiddo probably thought we just went there to play every week, because that’s what she did! I also learned a lot from her therapists about how best to support my kid.
Maddie has helped my daughter so much, the progress is palpable and I couldn’t be more thankful to the whole team at Sora. Maddie really knows the techniques and skills and how to activate the learning in my toddler. I also want to shout out Adrienne and her infectious positivity.
Madecyn, Nicole, and Autumn are wonderful!My Daughter goes here for OT and ST with Autumn and Nicole they do such a great job with her and they are so informative and giving me tip on what to do with her at home to make things run smootherMy son goes in for Speech with Maddy she great with him. sometimes you can here how much fun they are having.thank you ladies for all that you do!
My experience was a great one my son came to sora lacking basic communication skills and some Executive functioning skills Autumn, Carlene and Kaylin was Patient understanding and caring with Jayshawn they also made sure to follow up with any concerns I may have had and Executed it right away into his plan they are very friendly and was a big part of jayshawn success.
Very helpful for my son with “big feelings”.
We are so thankful we found Sora! Their occupational therapy and speech therapy services have helped our son make huge developmental strides over the past year. The entire Sora team works together to provide a collaborative & playful learning environment. Abby (OT) and Kaylin (speech) feel like a part of the family, and have always included us in the learning approach to help implement strategies at home. The progress we’ve made is because of their genuine care, and what they have taught us is invaluable. We will forever be grateful we found Sora.
I volunteered and shadowed at this location for 1.5 years before starting graduate school. I had the pleasure of having Kaylin as my supervisor. She is an extremely knowledgeable therapist who dedicates herself to meeting each child's individual needs in the most fun way possible. In the midst of her busy days, she finds time to mentor and coach future speech-language pathologist.I could go on and on about how compassionate, skilled, and welcoming the rest of the staff is too! They truly care for every family that walks through their doors.
I am a surrogate grandma to a little 3 year old girl with developmental delays. I have been taking her to SORA for OT and speech therapy for nearly a year so I am very familiar with the quality of care. Andria and Cassie are terrific OTs - they are warm and caring, knowledgeable and patient. They communicate well with parents and family. Nicole is her speech therapist and she is outstanding, too. These providers have done an exceptional job!!
We love Sora and our therapists. The staff is so experienced, professional and excellent at meeting kids and parents where they’re at. My usually shy kids like and trust their therapists and look forward to the sessions. The therapists are great at parent education and their therapy approach WORKS. We see Nicole for speech and Abby for OT at St Louis Park and highly, highly recommend them. Their patience and skill is unending. It’s like they are super heroes.I have had no problems at all with their admin or billing departments—they take pains to be clear and let you know what to expect beforehand. I am really glad we found Sora!
We have had 2 children go through speech from ages 2-3, but this is our first child at Sora and it has far exceeded my expectations. There is no pressure or formalized "homework" but plenty of education and inclusion of the parent during the session. I've learned so much! It took us a few tries to find a therapist that fit our family and style, but we connected with Nicole almost immediately; I felt very supported by her and my son and her built trust very quickly. We are six months in now, and he is meeting and exceeding his original goals and in a much better place for communication. Thank you, Sora!
Sora has been a life-changer for my daughter Genevieve and her challenges with eating.Our daughter struggled with eating right around when she turned four. We really didn't have any place to turn, until we heard about Sora. We've been going to Sora ever since, once a week for nearly two years.Sora worked with our health insurer and primary care physician to get everything okayed (and they continue to submit paperwork to our insurer every six months or so to ensure we're covered). That was a major thing off our plates (since we needed pre-authorization), and we definitely appreciated it.As far as therapy goes, it's been a night-and-day difference from where we began. Early-on, my daughter would basically reject any food but the few she could tolerate eating. Putting things on her plate put her in a state of total panic. She couldn't even discuss the possibility of trying something new, and would get visibibly emotional when talking about it.With Sora food therapist Andria Davis' expertise, patience, and amazing patient rapport, Genevieve has dramatically expanded the foods she will regularly eat. Trying something new is not a fearful thing anymore, and Genevieve often gets excited to be (as Andria calls it) a food scientist. For example, this week she chose to attend a kid cooking summer camp ... which would have most definitely not been the case all that long ago.It takes a lot of work, attention and empathy to treat children at this age, and Andria and Sora could not be any better in their approach. We're lucky to have found them, and would recommend them without reservation.
We love Sora and we are so grateful that Sora team helped my son to increase his communication skills. When my son first started going there he couldn’t make simple sentences, and felt uncomfortable and unconfident. He cried a lot that nobody understood his wants and needs. When he started seeing Kaylin the magic happened. He started talking and was so much happier. When he sees her he has a big smile on his face and runs to hug her. I see that he is so happy and knows that It is going to be so much fun at their speech session. Kaylin has a big talent working with kids. She understands so well kid’s world and their language. I trust my son to Kaylin and know that she is making a Big difference! All our family so grateful to her that she made him talk!!!!❤️
We have loved Sora and now have been through their programs for 2 of my children. Andria was beyond dedicated to helping my child thrive and she is really great at educating parents. I also highly recommend Abby (OT) and Nicole (speech). Detailed and dedicated! You won’t go wrong with Sora.
We had a wonderful experience at Sora. The staff and therapists were kind, professional, and skilled. The communication was positive and organized. My son achieved goals for his daily life, making such a difference in his life, and he gained confidence and tools for continued growth. We are incredibly pleased and grateful for our experience with Sora, opening the door for our son's individualized positive experiences with learning and life skills!
Our family had an excellent experience with Sora. Our daughter was referred to physical therapy for torticollis when she was 2 months old when her pediatrician had noticed that her head was flatter on one side than the other. We saw Pam at Sora for weekly and then biweekly physical therapy appointments for about 6 months. Pam guided us through tummy time exercises and neck stretches and my husband and I learned a lot about child development from her. Our daughter made a full recovery and is now on track with her gross motor skills. Pam was very patient and encouraging, and we had good experiences with the rest of the staff at Sora as well.
I have so many good things to say about Sora and the therapists we’ve been working with, I’m not sure where to start. We are incredibly thankful we found them in spring ‘21. Their in person OT and speech therapy services have helped our daughter make incredible developmental strides. They also offer virtual therapy options when needed and those have been a great option. Rescheduling due to illness or vacation time has always been a non issue and their online parent portal is easy to use.All staff we’ve interacted with have been friendly, helpful and professional. From scheduling needs to our twice per week therapy sessions, Sora staff is vested in my daughter and I know they sincerely care about her progress. We primarily see Nicole for speech and Lindsey for occupational therapy and it’s like they’re part of our family. They listen to any and all questions we ask with open minds and offer thoughtful ideas and solutions. I just wish we would have found Sora sooner!
Lindsey, Nicole and the entire Sora team have been an amazing source of guidance and therapy for our 3 year old daughter. From assessment to ongoing, weekly sessions, they’ve been able to keep our daughter engaged and enjoying her sessions, while keeping us informed with regular reports and at-home recommendations. Highly recommend.
I've been working on my skills at Sora Therapy for almost four year, I recently graduated and wanted to share my experience. My OT Andria, Helped me to work with myself better. I can challenge myself to do things on my own without any support or guidelines. I'm continuing to progress in my fluency, I have more in my speech and alot more to say, I have learned alot From Kaylin. There is so much we have worked through together to get to this point that I can't decide on one thing to share, But I know that my success is because we are in it together. I highly recommend you'll love it!
Sora Pediatric is a phenomenal facility for kids. The down to earth and playful approach keep kids engaged. Our experience with Andria was second to none as her efforts and communication were top notch! They come with my highest recommendation.
Kaylin in the St. Louis park location is a speech therapy wizard. She takes so much time to customize her sessions for the individual child and uses a variety of techniques. My child has gone from less than 10 words to having a word for everything. They can ask for help, speak in full sentences, ask questions, and fully communicate with people around them (and people actually know what they are saying!). They hear when their sounds are off and self correct, can identify the beginning sounds of words, and so much more.Kaylin realized how compliant and willing to participate my child was and used it to her advantage creating games and activities that really challenged them. I sat in on most of the sessions which helped me understand how to cue and correct them and Kaylin always had ideas and different things I could try at home for even more progress. I am beyond amazed how far my child has come. My pediatrician was even shocked at the yearly appt and asked who we were using so she could refer to other families.Not only is Kaylin incredibly knowledgeable in all things speech related, she also has a magnetic personality that my child adores. She is fun, energetic, engaging, and an absolute joy to watch interact with my child. I don’t think it’s possible to find a more educated, creative, and all around wonderful speech therapist than Kaylin. We are so grateful to have found her.Although we could have waited for our child to be older to have an evaluation and to see progress on our own, we are thrilled with our choice to pursue early intervention. My child has gained an incredible amount of confidence and their ability to communicate is worth every dollar we’ve spent. If I had known I could have had an evaluation even younger we would have been at Sora sooner. Every interaction we’ve had at Sora has been kind and enjoyable and we recommend them to everyone!
My son has received services for OT and feeding therapy. The therapists at Sora have been amazing. We saw a huge transition in less than a year of feeding therapy. He went from eating only a few different foods to being willing to try new foods and expanding his preferred foods in all food categories.
My daughter Hazel has had a wonderful experience at Sora. She loves her speech therapist Jennie and looks forward to their sessions. Her speech has improved immensley , and even Hazels pre-school teachers are impressed at her progress. Jennie is always thourough in Hazels assessments, and offers great suggestions to help Hazel progress. I highly recomend Sora pediatric therapy.
Our speech therapist, Kaylin, was amazing. We did virtual speech therapy with her for several months and our daughter made more progress during that time than we ever expected. Our daughter worked hard, had fun, and we learned so much about her specific needs and how to help her continue to improve. She was actually sad when she “graduated” and no longer got to have her speech appointments. Who knew virtual speech therapy could be so successful?!?
Sora Pediatric has been a great experience for our daughter! It's been wonderful to see her speech improve as she works with the staff at Sora. She also enjoys and looks forward to the sessions. Highly recommended!
I absolutely loved my experience at Sora Pediatric Therapy. My son did speech therapy for 6 months there and he florished so rapidly there.The workers are all very welcoming, child engaged, enthusiastic and parent supportive. They answered each question I could possibly ever think of. They didn't make me feel rushed. They addressed every concern I had. The staff also helped my son with his social anxiety around people. Specifically due to COVID-19 this past year, my son was not really exposed to socializing and the staff helped him adapt to being away from mom/dad.They are very careful with Covid-19 protocols.My son grew to love and enjoy going in for his therapy and the one to one interactions with the therapist there.
My son was having issues at his school and at home. He was biting and screaming all the time and was just so frustrated. I finally called Sora for an evaluation and my only regret was not doing it sooner! Week one he made progress and has made so much progress every week since. We now have a much happier kid and family. He loves going there and everything about it has been so wonderful! We are lucky and look forward to watching him progress until he has met all his speech and OT goals!
Sora has helped my daughter SO much from emotional regulation struggles to improving her speech. I recommend them to everyone!
We really really love Sora Pediatric Therapy! My son started with speech therapy there 2.5 years ago, and we completely fell in love with his therapist, Kaylin. Since that time, we had added occupational therapy and feeding therapy services. We currently work with Lindsey as my son's occupational therapist, and she is also amazing! We love that we have consistent therapists to work with, though at this point we have gotten to work with most of the therapists at the SLP location (when subs were needed or when we had to reschedule), and I can attest that we have not had a negative experience yet. The team at Sora is collaborative, creative, and they think outside the box. They are good listeners, and you can truly tell that they care about us, our child, and their role in helping our child grow and develop. Truly, I can't say enough good things about our experiences at Sora!
I served as the Clinic Director at St Louis Park Sora. I worked along side the team of therapists to make sure each client and their families received the absolute best therapy. I saw first hand how dedicated each therapist is to making sure they are effectively providing the best, client centered, play based, and research based therapeutic strategies. When you choose to seek services from the St Louis Park Sora therapy team, you will appreciate the kind, respectful, and honest approach. The team of Speech Language Pathologists bring extensive knowledge in the areas of feeding, language, assistive technology, apraxia, communication disorders, articulation delays, voice, fluency, and are the best at play! The Occupational Therapy team brings their extensive knowledge in all areas of development, including strength, attention, sensory, play, self cares, feeding, handwriting, vision, and social skills. The team at St Louis Park Sora is always excited to meet new clients and their families. Current clients and families can attest to the dedication and relationships that are built through the therapy sessions. I would recommend this therapy team to anyone who feels their child would benefit from Speech or Occupational Therapy services.
My son has been going to Sora for one year now. We started him at the age of three. He couldn't speak full sentences, couldn'task for help, didn't know how to crawl, jump or climb and was about 1 1/2 years behind other children his age.Today my son speaks full sentences, jumps, climbs and asks for help. He addresses people by their name and even asks questions! He's a completely different child and I am amazed by his progress over the past year.He loves going to Speach and OT so much that almost every morning he asks if he'll be going that day. What a great feeling knowing that your child loves the environment at Sora so much, he wants to go every day! The staff is amazing. Very caring, understanding and willing to work with us.Thank you Sora!
Our 9-year-old son has been going to Sora for almost 3 years. The skills we've learned there have been nothing short of life-changing. Our OT, Andria, has been so patient with our son and us, teaching us new skills and supporting us through it all. We've learned so much from her about everything from sensory integration to emotional regulation to social development and feeding therapy. I couldn't recommend Sora more highly!
First of all, the level of care your child will receive is unbeatable! Sora therapists are always continuing their education to keep up with the latest advancements in their field which makes them able to recognize conditions that other therapists might miss. They are experts and because they truly care and bond with your child, it will make a huge difference in your child’s progress and the love and enthusiasm of these therapists only encourages your child to want to come to appointments, much less, enjoy them! Previously, my son was with a therapist and only diagnosed with speech disfluency with really no change and no progress in five years. I then found Sora through my insurance and right away they diagnosed him with dentofacial functional disorders and saw that he had trouble eating and swallowing. He went through a whole slew of evaluations and we were even sent out for other testing to rule out anything neurological. Care plans were made and carried out, all the while, keeping me informed and explaining everything as we went along. Two years later, he is flourishing! We still have work to do but, the fact that these therapists are top-notch professionals in an easy, relaxed, and caring environment referring to their kids as “friends”-let’s me know how invested they are in my child and in what they do- to me, that’s priceless. I’ve had no issues with billing because it is always our responsibility as the policyholder to make a quick call to our insurance to make sure all the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. I’ve had no problems with appointment times because this is my priority and I always look for the less popular times. As with any other medical office, they only have one opening per hour and per therapist and that’s life. So please come check them out if you’ve seen little or no progress elsewhere- I can personally guarantee, it will be life-changing for your child, just as it is for mine.
My 4-year-old daughter has been going to the St. Louis Park location since earlier this fall, and our experience has been nothing short of incredible. My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions—they've become a highlight of her week—which, as a parent, is beyond a relief. Prior to Sora, my daughter had attended two other therapy centers. Neither of which—although not horrible centers—come close to the care we've experienced at Sora. Amber and the St. Louis Park are incredibly attentive, thoughtful, and caring. My family couldn't be happier to have come across Sora. It's an amazing place.
We LOVE Family Speech!! Kaylin, in the Edina office, came in and saved the day a year and a half ago when we had lost hope that we could find a speech therapist that could help our son. He has Down syndrome and sensory issues, was wary of any new providers, and had recently been diagnosed with Apraxia. She is so wise, intuitive, patient, joyful, knowledgeable, creative, fun, always willing to learn more, and she thinks outside the box! My little guy considers her to be one of his very best friends! He will do things no other provider would be able to get him to do because he likes and trusts Kaylin so much and she makes the environment just perfect to challenge him. I have learned so much from her and we are seeing such exciting improvements in Aaron's speech and overall development.We have added OT and we LOVE Andrea too!!! She was able to really understand where Aaron is on so many levels. I REALLY appreciated how she (and Kaylin) truly listened to me about Aaron's strengths and weaknesses and took his diagnoses into account. We were able to pinpoint what his immediate needs were, which involved backing up to make him more ready to accomplish the many tasks ahead of him. I LOVE the approach at Family Speech! It is so relaxed yet always challenging in a completely non-threatening way. We always make progress-every week! We had not had that experience anywhere else during the first 3.5 years of his life. Andrea has new (and super fun) ideas and activities every week. They draw Aaron in and he then uses them at home all the time. He also benefits from having other kids in the same area while he's there. Everyone at the Edina office has been so flexible and had their focus on the goal of success for Aaron.I don't want to forget to mention Brenna who fills in for Andrea...she is great too! Love all the info she shares each time and her joyful and patient approach with Aaron is so sweet! She always joins him where he's at and works from there.Karrie has been so helpful to our family in finding a way for Aaron to make progress despite his tendency to be sick a lot. She too sincerely wants him to succeed and has been willing to go out of her way to help make that happen. Kelly too!!I had a few blips with the office staff (over the phone) too BUT the managers have worked through the issues I experienced and I am completely satisfied with and thankful for how they resolved them!Thank you to everyone at Family Speech!! Our lives are constantly changing for the better because of your help and commitment to helping Aaron succeed!
Brenna Patterson has gone above and beyond for making the time to speak with me weekly about my daughters progress.. It is immeasurably helpful and comforting to hear how things are going and making huge effects at home, too. Brenna has proven to be an excellent OT therapist and we are truly grateful for the life changing work you are doing for my dear daughter. I am not overstating that. You really have helped make serious leaps forward in our home lives with our daughter and I am so thrilled with the work you are doing. If you are seeking a caring, experienced and wonderful OT therapist, please reach out to Brenna.I hope in someway we are able to repay you with a gift of our gratitude.Thank youStephen

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