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Park Sports Physical Therapy
490 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Brooklyn - Williamsburg

Park Sports Physical Therapy

490 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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  • Located at Driggs & N 10th St.
  • Serving Williamsburg and Greenpoint
  • Most insurance plans accepted including Medicare
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • See us with or without a prescription

490 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Where We’re Located

We are located in Brooklyn, NY in Kings County. Our location is in the Williamsburg area. We proudly serve the patients of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. We strive to deliver exceptional therapy by making our services available and accessible to our patients nearby, within their communities.  We love being close to our patients!

Ready to Book? 

You can give us a call or you can click the “Request an Appointment” button above. One of our friendly patient coordinators will respond quickly to your request and confirm your appointment time at our clinic. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy may include reducing pain in muscles and joints, improving mobility and flexibility, recovering properly from an injury, getting back to playing sports, avoiding surgery, preventing falls, and ensuring the proper recovery after surgery. Our team is here to help you get back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

About Us

At our clinic, we go out of our way to make your physical rehabilitation and recovery a great experience. You can see us with or without a prescription from your doctor! We know your time is valuable, so to make you wait as little as possible we even offer appointments within 24 hours of your first phone call. We’ll also do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule.

About Park Sports Physical Therapy

Learn more about Park Sports Physical Therapy

We strive to:

  • Make each patient feel comforted and cared for
  • Use cutting-edge methodology and expertise
  • Promote a quick and effective recovery
  • Return patients to their maximal capacity
  • Offer convenient appointments at our clinic, in your home, and through telehealth visits 

Our energetic, family-like staff and upbeat atmosphere support rapid rehabilitation. You will feel at home in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our therapists work closely with each patient to create the best recovery plan with individualized, professional care.  We are committed to your health and recovery, and your goal of feeling better is our goal, too! Our experienced therapists know how important health, quality of life, and careers are to patients. We educate our patients on how to safely and quickly return to your regular activities after an injury, surgery or illness. In addition to treatment in our outpatient clinic, patients are educated on home exercises to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from reoccurring, and we support our primary care healthcare providers with easy access and rapid communication. Our highly-trained providers and staff work as a team to provide excellent, coordinated, cost-effective physical therapy care.

What we treat

Down below on this page, you’ll find the full list of what we treat and programs we offer. A high percentage of injuries and pain syndromes result from weakness and/or tightness in neighboring regions of the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists evaluate possible compensatory patterns in addition to the area of pain or loss of function. This thorough examination allows us to better identify and eliminate all underlying causes so patients achieve lasting results. We also focus on educating you, so that you’re empowered to take control of their injury, grow stronger than ever, and prevent recurrences.

We understand the impact that pain and loss of function can have on the lives of our patients. Our entire staff, from the front desk to our clinical team, provides a compassionate and motivational environment dedicated to healing. We ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs so their experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. We have extensive experience treating a variety of conditions including: shoulder injuries and surgeries, knee injuries and reconstructions/replacements, spinal conditions and surgeries, sports injuries and muscle traumas, chronic and acute pain syndromes, neck conditions and surgeries, pre and post-surgical cases, geriatric conditions, work-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, lower back pain, general strains and sprains, joint replacement recovery, neurological conditions, vestibular and balance conditions, auto accidents, hand and wrist injuries, and much more!

Check Out Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
The Park Sports Team was great in helping me navigate insurance and a treatment plan for my injury. They were very responsive and accommodating when I needed to move appointments around, and never made me feel like it was an issue. Emmanuel at the front desk always got back to me quickly for scheduling and payment options. Megan, my therapist, was very professional and always gave me her full attention, even when the place was busy. She helped get my shoulder back into working order and I’ve got a slew of exercises I can do at home to maintain my new strength. Can’t say enough nice things about the team!
I can say with no exaggeration that I would not be back to running, lifting, and playing sports if not for the staff at Park Sports Physical Therapy. Ellis, Kim, Emmanuel and the rest of the staff here were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and empathetic with an ACL reconstruction recovery process that took over a year and included some additional visits for related injuries. They are professional, timely, and organized and come highly recommended from medical providers. This is the place to go in north Brooklyn!
I had a great experience here. Before I started coming here I was having a consistent issue with rolling my ankle while skateboarding. Kimberly walked me through a wide variety of exercises to help with stability and strength which made me feel much much more confident with my ankle now. The deep tissue massages also help a lot. Thanks a alot Kim and everyone for the help!
I've been coming to Park Sports PT for the last 2+ years consistently to treat a chronic back issue. The care I get from Kim, and others has been so wonderful. The front desk staff is always kind, welcoming and helpful when scheduling or rescheduling appointments. I can't speak for other places as this is my only real PT experience but I know they take my care seriously and personally. Highly recommend!
Kim and the entire team at Park Sports are so knowledgeable and helpful! I came in for prehab for an ACL injury and the progress I’ve made has surpassed all my expectations. Can’t recommend Park Sports enough!
Best PT I've ever had! I herniated a disc in my back about 2 months ago and was in so much pain I could barely move. I surfed for the first time since my injury today and had no pain whatsoever - in some ways my back feels even better than it did pre-injury. Can't thank Kim and the staff enough!
Great place for physical therapy. I did try a few other places before but I believe this place is different and beats them by far!
McKenna's patience, thoughtfulness, and personalized approach to my post-achilles surgery rehab effectively addressed any initial concerns. I'm delighted with the progress I've made so far, leaving each session feeling confident in my recovery. I eagerly anticipate each session, grateful for her excellent guidance and support.
I've been coming to this location for a couple months to treat plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The facilities and staff are top notch. Highly recommend Kim, McKenna, Jason and Kevin!
Just finished up 4 months of OT after having broken both of my elbows. Had a great experience at park sports, everyone was extremely friendly and deeply cared about my journey to recovery. Big thanks to Steph and Em, for helping me stay motivated/ adapting to what I needed, Kevin for his jokes and positivity and the admin staff for proactively checking up / managing changes to apts.This proof is really in the pudding, after my recovery I was finally able to do a ropes course. Thank you!
I cannot speak of Park Sports PT highly enough.I started PT following surgery for a torn MPFL in my left knee (hurts, don't do it), in October 2021, with the goal of getting back to playing soccer once I'd completed my recovery. It required around four months of therapy, and these guys were absolutely fantastic.They were knowledgable about the injury and did a really good job of tracking my progress. Every time I came in, the PT/assistant knew exactly what exercises I need to do, with the exact weight and everything. They ensured that my form was solid, and did their bit to make exercises fun, too. I worked mostly with Ellis and Vic, who were both excellent. From hanging around the clinic, and seeing different patients recovery smoothly from different injuries, I got the sense that everyone else was just as capable.Most of all, though, I found myself having a good time whenever I was there. All of them, from the front desk to the full time docs, are fun, engaging and warm people. My four months flew by, and I'm back to playing soccer at full capacity now!
My experience with Park Sports has been amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, who helped me recover from my wrist fracture. She is attentive, sweet, caring and a true professional. She will do everything to guide you and help you in your recovery. The staff is amazing and the facilities too.Thank you so much for everything Stephanie and Park Sports for this amazing experience.I highly recommend!
Very professional, And they will help you to meet your gold
Huge thanks to Shreya and the rest of the Park Sports Physical Therapy team for helping rehabilitate my bicep back to a full recovery (after a distal bicep tear surgery). The entire team was incredibly caring and supportive throughout the process. It was also easy to work with the team to find times that matched my schedule. Facility is also very clean and modern, with easy access to the L train. Highly recommend!
Friendly, professional staff and a clean, welcoming environment have made getting treatment at Park Sports PT a great experience!
Comfortable and friendly setting. The PT team is excellent!! I'm on my way to recovery!!
The therapists are just amazing! They truly care about you.
I came in for bad tendinitis in my wrist and worked with Katie, the OT. She was incredible and got me back to being pain free, much faster than I had expected. Katie, and all other staff that I encountered, were friendly and knowledgeable. It was easy working with the front desk to make schedule changes. The team helped me understand my insurance and submitted accordingly so that I could receive treatment. Overall, highly recommend
Very good therapists, friendly atmosphere, nice space, well organized.. Just great physical therapy place.
Everyone is friendly and Katharine listens to everything I mention about what I'm feeling in my hand. She explains what meant be the reason behind the pain. She also shows and explains clearly on how to help relieve and minimize the pain.
I was in a terrible accident in October and my doctor recommended coming to Parks Sports and seeing Stephaine. She was so great! I saw her 2x a week for about 5 months and was back to work within 2 months. She wasn’t just part of my physical healing but also emotional, thank you for everything Stepanie!
Kim Gronski @ Park Sports PT is an amazing therapist and helped me get fully functional and back on my feet! Thank you so much!
Highly recommend! I worked with Stephanie for an elbow break and she was great to work with, and very flexible to squeeze me into her schedule 2x/week. Also the location is very convenient for anyone who lives in the neighborhood.
Jean and all the other therapists at Park Sports Williamsburg are really great! They're knowledgeable and attentive to how I'm reacting and performing - tailoring my sessions based on my pain levels. Everyone seems dedicated to helping me heal from my surgery, improve my strength and range of motion as well as reaching my future exercise goals. I highly recommend them to anyone in Brooklyn.
My experience with Stephanie was incredibly easy and successful. I would highly recommend her for anyone in need of PT for wrists and hands!
The staff on all locations is on point and there to give you their full attention and care.
Jean is an excellent physiotherapist. She did a fantastic job rehabbing my injured neck. The space is wide open, making it an ideal environment for exercising. I highly recommend Park Sports.
I've worked with Park Sports at their Williamsburg location after both of my hip replacements. I'm super grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Katy DiLorenzo this time around (and to have worked with Kristen Lettenberger after my first, though covid shutdowns interrupted it). It was encouragingly challenging, and I always had complete confidence that I was working with a capable, knowledgeable, and engaged professional getting me back on my feet and up to speed. The facility is clean and spacious, and I came away feeling like I have the tools to keep getting better. Thanks!
Super professional... great team !!!
So far the therapy has helped my foot . They are a great help here.

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