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Most headaches are harmless and resolve on their own, although severe headaches that recur frequently can affect your ability to do daily activities and can reduce your quality of life. However, there is an effective treatment for almost every type of headache. The challenge lies in determining the type of headache, its cause, and in developing an appropriate treatment plan that will reduce both its frequency and intensity. Physical therapists can help determine the type of headache you have and are experts in managing pain from tension-type headaches.

What are Headaches?
Headaches, like back pain, are one of the most common physical complaints and can be one of the most frustrating to manage. Tension-type headaches (also called muscle-spasm headaches) are the most common types of headaches in adults and they may be the result of a neck or jaw problem, poor posture, fatigue, or stress.

A problem in the neck, head, or jaw–such as an injury or arthritis–can lead to tension in the muscles at the back of the head and to increased pressure on the nerves to the face and head. Poor posture can cause these muscles to become overworked, which can trigger a headache.

Types of headaches:


A tension headache typically begins at the back of the head and spreads to the top of the head and the eyes. You might feel an increase in facial pain along the cheeks near the jaw bone. People often describe a tightness, a sensation of someone tugging on their hair, or a feeling of wearing a tight cap. These headaches can worsen with specific positions–such as sitting at a desk–and may ease with rest.


There are many triggers for migraines, including hormones, alcohol, certain foods, and environmental situations. Usually quite painful, migraines are often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.


Usually caused by an underlying condition, such as a fever, disease, or sinus issue.

How can a physical therapist help with tension headaches?

 We help relieve tension through massage, stretching, dry needling, and personalized exercise programs. We’ll also show you how proper posture can make a world of difference.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help?
There is an effective treatment for almost every type of headache. As physical therapists, we can help determine the type of headache you have and manage the pain and will conduct a thorough examination that includes a review of your health history. We will ask you questions and perform tests to determine the most likely cause of your headaches. For example, we may ask you:

– to recall any previous injuries to your neck, head, or jaw
– the location, nature, and behavior of your pain and other symptoms
– to draw your areas of pain on a body diagram
– to perform tests of muscle strength and sensation
– examine your posture when sitting, standing, and performing various activities
– measure the range of motion of your neck, shoulders, and other relevant parts of your body
– use manual therapy to evaluate the mobility of the joints and muscles in your neck

If it appears that you do have tension-type headaches, we will work with you to design a plan of care to meet your goals. If the evaluation indicates that you may have a different type of headache–such as sinus, migraine, or cluster headache–we will likely refer you to another health care professional for additional diagnostic tests and treatment.

You can begin to correct the problems that are causing your pain by learning to prevent headaches through simple changes in your posture and lifestyle. We help improve neck mobility and strength in your upper back and neck, improve your posture, and modify your workstation or home office. You don’t have to live with pain, therapy can often help. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, contact us to see how we can begin helping you feel better today.

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