Early Intervention

What is Early Intervention? 

Early intervention (EI) is a collection of services and supports provided to children from birth to three years that are designed to help families enhance their child’s development.  

EI builds upon the natural learning that occurs in the first few years. Services are provided in the child’s home, daycare or other community settings.  Early intervention is “routines based” which means all services support the child in being a part of their family and community.  

Benefits of Early Intervention 

Ivy early interventionists, families and caregivers work together as a collaborative team to maximize the benefit of a personalized EI program for every child.

EI services include physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapy, social work and nutrition services, as well as special instruction. Developmental expertise is also provided in the following areas: 

  • Cognitive development: thinking, learning, problem solving
  • Speech and language development: talking, expressing oneself, comprehension
  • Social/emotional development: interacting and building relationships with others
  • Physical development: using hands, small and large muscles and moving around
  • Self help: eating, dressing, toileting and sleeping

How Do I Get Started? 

The first step in seeking Early Intervention services is for a parent or guardian to contact the EI program, which can be found through the public health department.

Can I Request an Ivy Rehab for Kids Therapist? 

Yes! Our Early Interventionists are highly trained physical, occupational and speech therapists, nutritionists, social workers and special instructors, and can be directly requested by parents and caregivers to provide EI services. 

With decades of clinical and pediatric therapy experience across multiple counties and states, our pediatric team of specialists create supportive bonds for families and children.