Post-Offer Employment Testing

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The goal of post-offer employment testing (POET) or pre-employment screening is to hire individuals who are physically capable of performing the essential job functions. This helps to ensure that the employee’s abilities match the job requirements especially if they are physically demanding.

The process can include:

  • Initial discussion with the employer to determine which jobs will be analyzed
  • Job site analysis
  • Creation of job description
  • Selection of tasks for post-offer employment test
  • Validations of the poet with incumbent employees with revisions as needed
  • Implementation of the poet
  • Data collection and follow up

After the new employee completes his or her post-offer employment testing, a report is issued that indicates whether the applicant’s ability meets the job demands. Ivy Rehab is also available to be the provider of previously developed POETs.

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Videos about Post-Offer Employment Testing

  • Construction engineers discussion with architects at construction site or building site of highrise building with Surveying for making contour plans is a graphical representation of the lay in land.

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