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Did You Know: Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery, Ivy rehab Physical Therapy
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Added on February 19, 2015

It is quite rare that you come across someone who knows no one who has had heart surgery. There are so many different types and different reasons most people will have someone close to them need heart surgery in their lifetime. I myself have experienced three of these instances, but it was not until recently that I learned more on what went into the procedure at hand.


  • This surgery involves the opening of the chest cavity. Thus, the term 'open heart' actually refers to the chest.
  • The use of hypothermia is limited according to the complexity of intracardiac repair involved.
  • The 'controlled cross-circulation technique', extracorporeal circulation via oxygenators, and pump-oxygenators were part of the trial and error applications, used by a number of surgeons across the globe.
  • In all these applications, the primary aim is to stabilize the beating of the heart to achieve a near-still work area. This helps to ward off the postperfusion syndrome.
  • Patients have successfully recovered in a matter of weeks, with improved health.
  • The latest trend is the off-pump bypass surgery. This method involves bypass surgery of the coronary artery, without cardiopulmonary bypass.
  • Another technique is also referred to as 'robot-assisted' heart surgery. The machine used to perform the surgery is controlled by the surgeon. The main advantage is that, the dimension of the incision made, is greatly reduced.
  • One of the best procedures is the minimally invasive heart surgery. Here, surgeons operate between the ribs without splitting the breastbone (sternotomy), which results in less pain and a quicker recovery.
  • Even within this category, there are various operations , like aortic valve surgery, mitral valve surgery, tricuspid valve surgery, atrioventricular canal defect, atrial septal defect closure, etc.
Check Buzzle for risks, types, and results.


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