Meet Sarah Napora: Ivy Rehab’s Front Office Support Specialist & Resident Race Car Driver

Meet Sarah Napora: Ivy Rehab’s Front Office Support Specialist & Resident Race Car Driver

Sarah Napora is not your average Front Office Support Specialist. When she’s not assisting patient coordinators on a regional level, she’s tearing up the race track as a competitive race car driver. Her journey from the front desk to the racetrack is nothing short of inspiring, and it’s a testament to the incredible things Ivy Rehab teammates do outside of work.

Racing isn’t merely a pastime for Sarah; it’s part of her family’s heritage. With a lineage immersed in motorsport, including grandparents and uncles who were avid participants, Sarah’s affinity for racing was ingrained from a young age. Introduced to Quarter Midget Racing at just six years old, she attended a driver’s experience program designed for kids to get a taste of real race cars. That year, she was awarded a scholarship to kickstart her racing journey. From that moment on, Sarah was hooked. “Once I started, I couldn’t stop,” she recalls with a smile.

Sarah currently races on the dirt oval circuit in a sportsman modified—a type of racing that’s popular on the East Coast. With a powerful General Motors 602 Crate engine under the hood, Sarah tackles tracks like New Egypt Speedway and Bridgeport Motorsports Park with finesse. But for her, racing is about more than just speed and competition. “It’s about the hours spent preparing the car and doing maintenance each week,” she explains. “It’s about using your hands and understanding the engineering and mechanics of the racecar.”

The Ivy Connection

Sarah’s journey with Ivy Rehab began as a patient, receiving care after a concussion from a racing incident. Impressed by the thoughtful care she received, Sarah was inspired to join the Ivy family. “Being a sports medicine major in high school, I required clinical hours,” she recalls. “My clinician, Patty Baylis, didn’t hesitate to help me capture shadowing hours, sparking my interest in outpatient therapy.” Since then, Sarah has held various roles within Ivy, all while pursuing her racing dreams.

Balancing a career in healthcare with a passion for racing isn’t easy, but Sarah wouldn’t have it any other way. “Long-term, I want to intertwine the two,” she says. “I love people and being social, so intertwining healthcare and racing is the perfect mix for me.” At Ivy, Sarah feels supported in both her professional and racing endeavors, allowing her to thrive in both worlds.

“Having Ivy Rehab as my main sponsor has been an incredible journey. Through racing, I’ve had the privilege of hearing countless stories from friends, spectators, and even competitors who share how Ivy has positively impacted their lives,” explains Sarah. “It’s inspiring to see former patients thriving and living life to the fullest, thanks to the exceptional care they received. Racing with Ivy’s support isn’t just about crossing the finish line—it’s about spreading hope and empowerment both on and off the track.”

Lessons Learned

Through racing and her career at Ivy, Sarah has learned invaluable lessons about determination, grit, and confidence. “Competing in racing as a female in a male-dominated sport has taught me that I am strong and can do anything I put effort into,” she reflects. “My confidence has grown because of this.”

As she looks to the future, Sarah hopes to continue racing and representing Ivy Rehab on the track. She also aims to further her career in front office leadership, nurturing the development of her teammates and providing exceptional patient experiences. “In five years, I’d love to be a front office business partner,” she says. “Instilling confidence in people is one of the greatest gifts you could give.”

Sarah’s story is a testament to the incredible talent and passion within the Ivy Rehab family. Whether she’s helping patients or tearing up the racetrack, Sarah Napora is a force to be reckoned with.

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