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Orthotics and a Healthy Lifestyle

Orthotics and a Healthy Lifestyle
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Added on March 14, 2014

Our mission is to get you in the best shape of your life through our exercise and nutrition program here at Ivy Rehab. But what if you can't even stand without pain, let alone exercise?! Well, we have a solution for that too. Introducing Ivy Rehab's custom heat-molded orthotics. Our orthotics will help you get fit and stay healthy by keeping you on your feet.

Your foot holds the key to your entire posture. If you have poor support of your feet, this can cause not only foot pain, but knee pain, hip pain, and even LBP. This is because your foot functions as the first chain in a long chain of events that occurs dynamically through your joints to keep your body erect. If the foot is off, it throws everything else off. How do you know if your foot is off? Here's a simple test to do with your shoes off: Stand in front of the mirror and do a squat to 90 degrees. Do your knees stay in line with your ankles or do they curve in or out when you are in a squat position? Now stand on one leg and do a single leg squat, notice the position of your foot, your knee, and your hip – are they still perfectly in line? If you answered no to either of these two questions, then your foot is in need of additional support and orthotics may be the solution for you.

A physical therapist is trained in analyzing your gait and / or running pattern. If you feel you don't walk or run correctly, make sure you ask your physical therapist to take a look at your feet. Orthotics are designed to accommodate or correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern. The old school of thought was that orthotics were just for runners, but this is just not the case anymore. While we treat many runners with orthotics, we recognize that walking is also a beneficial cardiovascular exercise and patients are more likely to stick to a program when it is pain-free.

But why can't I just get over the counter orthotics? Won't they do the same thing? Yes and no. There are some brands of over the counter orthotics that are very good and will help to give you some support. It's a low cost way of seeing if orthotics are right for you. There are some issues with using over the counter orthotics however. First, they come in one size fits all. That would be great if every person with a size 7 foot had the exact same foot. They don't. Second, even the ones that try to "customize" the orthotic for you are still the exact same orthotic between your right and left foot. Many people need their orthotics built differently for each foot. For just a couple of bucks more, custom heat-molded orthotics will be perfectly built to fit you so you can get on with your life and let us help you to be in the best shape of your life.

Written By:

Tara Barrie, PT, DPT, OCS, TPI CGFI
Director of Rehabilitation

White Plains, NY


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