An Aquatic Therapy Success Story for Multiple Sclerosis Patient

An Aquatic Therapy Success Story for Multiple Sclerosis Patient

Not all therapy happens on land. Aquatic therapy is not all about swimming! The power of water for therapy has been proven to be better than land-based therapy for certain conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and fibromyalgia. Even cardiac patients and those struggling with balance can benefit from aquatic therapy. And most orthopedic conditions can benefit, too.

Ivy Rehab Network partner clinic, Generation Care, has a well-established aquatic therapy program.  From customizable one-on-one aquatic therapy programs to specialty group exercise classes for Parkinson’s patients and cancer survivors, Generation Care has two West Michigan clinics that offer therapy in water. Generation Care physical therapist, Laura Kate Covey, DPT, has been working with a patient that has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for over three decades. Read what her patient, Brenda had to say in her own words about how aquatic therapy with Laura Kate has made a positive impact on her life!

Brenda’s Aquatic Therapy Story

“Physical therapy has been a part of my life on and off most of my life. In 1981, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. M.S. is an incurable, progressive, and crippling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms vary from person to person, from mild to progressive. One thing that it hasn’t changed for me is the importance of not giving up hope and to keep on moving as much as possible despite the pain and weakness.

While physical therapy (aka, Chinese torture) has been a part of my life for years, it has been only about a year since I’ve been coming to Generation Care. Either I have one-to-one therapy or I take part in the MySTEPs program.

The thought of loving or even liking physical therapy before Generation Care was inconceivable. I’ve had both land therapy and aquatic therapy before. So, what makes the difference now? The care. My therapist, Laura K. is professional, compassionate, inspiring, informative, and a blast to work with. Sometimes I don’t understand why Laura K. has me do a new exercise, I have learned to have a heart attitude of trust or “as you wish.” The gal knows her profession… and she will always answer my questions if I really want to know why.

Even though motion (land and water physical therapy) can be and sometimes is very painful, I no longer think of it as Chinese torture – nor do I dread it. I experience the difference aqua therapy makes in strength, flexibility, balance, and it has improved my ability to walk. Is it easy? Not always. Have I experienced setbacks? Yes. But Laura K. is a HOPE Giver, not a hope sucker. The constant struggle with pain and weakness tends to wear me down at times. Laura K. picks me up (yes, this is possible –even physically IN the water).

While I have always known the importance of keeping a prevailing hope and faith in God while fighting M.S., I never experienced the difference in physical therapy (especially aqua therapy) made in my life until now. Why now, after over three decades of M.S. and physical therapy have I gotten this revelation? I believe because of the care. Laura K. cares. The staff at the desk at Generation Care cares. They are kind and considerate. They are the CARE in Generation Care. What a difference YOU make in my life. Thank you from my heart.” – Brenda

About Ivy Rehab Network partner Generation Care

Generation Care became an Ivy Rehab Network partner this past May. With three West Michigan locations in Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids, Generation Care offers physical therapy and occupational therapy as well as sports performance and wellness programs. To make an appointment or learn more about Generation Care, visit their website at

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