Ivy Rehab for Kids Opens 5th Location in Pennsylvania

Ivy Rehab for Kids is now open in Warminster, Pennsylvania. This new facility is located at 720 Johnsville Boulevard across from Warminster Community Park and Ann’s Choice. Ivy Rehab for Kids provides a wide range of pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapy services with highly trained therapists to provide world-class care. This new facility marks… Read more »

How to Manage Picky Eating in Kids

Food is one of the basic human needs that we need to survive. We all have our favorites in each of the five food groups – fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy –  but it is important to eat food from each group for proper nutrition. However, picky eaters may not be getting the proper… Read more »

Why Do Food Textures Matter?

Food comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in different colors and textures as well. Most people may not think about these properties when eating, but for a child with sensory sensitivity, food textures do matter!   Why is texture important for children’s food?   As a child’s oral motor skills develop, they progress through… Read more »

Ice Bath Benefits for Athletes

Chances are you have either heard of, seen, or experienced for yourself the ice bath, also known as cold therapy or cold water immersion. And if you haven’t had the opportunity, picture a giant tub filled with cold water and maybe even ice, depending on the ambient temperature, where individuals submerge themselves, potentially their entire… Read more »

What Is Dynamic Stretching? 

Have you ever been confused or lost about the best way to get warmed up for a workout? What’s the best way to prepare your muscles, joints, heart, and lungs for a workout? Should you stretch? Is before or after better? What even is “dynamic stretching?”   What is the definition of dynamic stretching?   Whether… Read more »

What are Augmentative Communication Devices?

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a term used to describe forms of communication other than speaking. AAC encompasses a variety of communication strategies from sign language, picture cards, and picture boards to various mobile apps and high-tech speech generating devices. These forms of communication allow children with complex communication needs to interact with the… Read more »