We Love Teachers at Ivy Rehab
We love teachers at Ivy Rehab

We Love Teachers at Ivy Rehab!

We love our teachers! Back to school means a lot more than just decorating classrooms and passing out books. We know that the reality of being a full-time educator means the possibility of back pain. It comes with the territory of being on your feet all day long five days a week. According to the latest injury figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries account for more lost days of work than any kind of injury or illness. Repetitive movement can lead to strain, sprain, and in some cases even fracture. It is important to be aware of the occupational injuries teachers can have as some of them are avoidable.

Keep Moving, Teachers!

By not standing in the same position and becoming static, your muscles and spine will not strain as much or as often. Take breaks from standing and stretch whenever possible. Recent research has shown that frequent rest breaks help to reduce fatigue and musculoskeletal discomfort. Gentle stretching will help to ease muscle tension and improve circulation. Pay attention to how you are standing and correct any posture issues that could be causing back pain. Lastly, the most common and easy fix is the correct shoe. Choosing the right shoe can help with support all the way to your upper body.

We’re Here For You Anytime During The School Year

With no physician referral needed, our physical therapists are experts in neck and back pain caused by being on your feet all day. Ivy Rehab Network therapists can also help with ongoing issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow from overuse. We’re here to get you ready for the best school year ever, teachers! Let us help keep you in tiptop shape the whole year long. Request an appointment online or get in touch with one of our clinics in your area.

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