Ivy Rehab for Kids Opens 100th Pediatric & ABA Facility in Muskegon, MI

Ivy Rehab for Kids Opens 100th Pediatric & ABA Facility in Muskegon, MI

Ivy Rehab for Kids is thrilled to announce the opening of a state-of-the-art facility in Muskegon, Michigan. This new facility marks the Ivy Rehab Network’s 100th pediatric facility. The unique space has two pediatric therapy offices, one offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy and the other solely providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. 

The highly trained team at each office specializes in developing individualized treatment plans customized for each patient’s unique needs. The therapists work closely with each patient to create the best individualized plan and are dedicated to helping patients reach their full potential.  

“I am so excited to expand our pediatric services in west Michigan and bring much-needed services to Muskegon,” said Jenny LaRue, OTRL and Regional Director for Pediatric clinics in Michigan.  

Shanyn Rapson, OTR/L, serves as the Clinic Director and Pediatric Occupational Therapist at the kids’ facility in Muskegon.  

“I am elated to be a part of the growth of pediatric outpatient services to Muskegon,” said Shanyn. “I look forward to serving each family to help their child grow into their best possible self.”  

Shanyn moved to Muskegon in 2020 and fell in love with the community. Shanyn is passionate about helping each child and family feel empowered to be the best versions of themselves.   

Shanyn is trained in SOS feeding intervention and Beckman Oral motor protocol to help picky eaters expand their nutrition horizons. She is also trained in DIR Floortime and STAR provider to help children with disordered sensory processing and modulation engage to their fullest potential.   

Shanyn aims to always deliver quality treatment and comprehensive education to caregivers and children to foster growth and understanding of their sensory experiences.  

Services available at the Ivy Rehab for Kids in Muskegon, MI, include:      

Edward Ansuini, MA, BCBA, serves as the Clinic Director and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst at the ABA facility in Muskegon.  

“I am very excited to be stepping into the clinic director position and serving the community of Muskegon and surrounding areas,” said Edward. “I am thankful for the opportunity to provide outstanding services to clients and families.”  

EJ is energetic, personable, and strives to provide the highest quality of care by focusing on the specific needs of clients and families. EJ is a compassionate professional that thrives on seeing others reach their potential and accomplish their goals.   

He began his career in 2008, working in public school special education classrooms from kindergarten to high school. Starting in 2015, EJ worked as an ABA technician after school and in the summer. EJ began his master’s coursework in ABA in January 2016. He passed the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst’s exam in February of 2018. EJ has worked as a BCBA, and an ABA Department Lead in Jackson, Michigan, with various clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders from ages 18 months to 18 years.  

Services available at the Ivy Rehab for Kids – ABA Therapy in Muskegon, MI, include:      

Learn More & Request Appointments  

The new facility is located at 1910 E Apple Avenue next to the Muskegon County Library. They accept most insurance plans and offer convenient early morning and late evening appointments.   

To request an appointment for pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, or pediatric speech therapy, call (231) 333-9148, or to request an appointment online, visit the Ivy Rehab for Kids Muskegon page.  

To request an appointment for applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA), call (231) 354-2588, or to request an appointment online, visit the Ivy Rehab for Kids ABA Therapy Muskegon page.  

About Ivy Rehab      

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of best-in-class outpatient physical, occupational, speech therapy, and ABA clinics throughout the United States. The Ivy Rehab Network is comprised of multiple brands dedicated to providing exceptional care, personalized treatment, and unparalleled outcomes. With the support of leading middle-market private equity firm Waud Capital Partners, Ivy Rehab will continue its strategic growth via the ongoing investment in new partners who embrace a shared mission, vision, and values, and a culture of being “All About the People.”  



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