Illinois 45th State to Pass Legislation Allowing Direct Access
Direct Access is now available in Illinois

Illinois Becomes 45th State to Pass Legislation Allowing Direct Access

Congratulations, to the great State of Illinois! A bill that eliminates the requirement for patients to obtain a doctor’s prescription prior to seeking physical therapy services has been signed into law. Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner, signed the legislation on August 16 during a ceremony at the State Capitol in Springfield.

Direct Access Means You Can Refer Yourself To Physical Therapy!

Illinois is the 45th state to allow patients to seek treatment from a physical therapist without a prescription or physician referral. This is great news for residents of Illinois! You can now REFER yourself to physical therapy services!

Ivy Rehab Network has 11 clinics in the state of Illinois. We invite you to visit one today OR anytime you need us! We’re here for you, Illinois! If you live in another state and unsure about the direct access laws, check out this link for more more information on the laws of each state.

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