Helen's hip surgery changed her life
Helen recovered from hip surgery at Ivy Rehab

Helen’s Hip Surgery Changed Her Life

A case of polio when she was young led Helen to experience severe hip pain later in life. The increased pain in her hip started affecting her quality of life. As Helen says “I don’t think I was in a mall for two years. And a woman that doesn’t go to a mall isn’t a happy person.” By the time she met Dr. Michael Gott at an Ivy Rehab event, her hip had degenerated to about half its original size. Because Helen had already done a good deal of physical therapy, Dr. Gott knew that she would be a good candidate for hip surgery.

Dr. Gott, of Westchester Sport and Spine, performed successful hip surgery on Helen which, coupled with her post-surgical physical therapy, changed her life for the better. Helen completed her physical therapy treatment at our Ivy Rehab clinic in Briarcliff Manor, New York with Meryle Richman.

Helen’s Outcome after Hip Surgery

As Helen mentions in the video, physical therapy after hip surgery is extremely important for ensuring a full recovery. In addition to many other benefits, post-surgical rehabilitation can also help you regain full range of motion in the affected area. Post-surgical physical therapy after hip surgery doesn’t just help ensure proper recovery, it also helps patients get moving again after surgery. Helen’s treatment plan also included Yoga and various stretching techniques specifically for her body and condition. Dr. Michael Gott is extremely happy with Helen’s progress in which she claims to be pain-free, stronger, and able to enjoy life more. Many times, surgery can make you feel debilitated and leads to long stretches at home where you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Physical therapy after surgery helps to get you out of the house, back into the world and being social again.

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Helen’s Hip Surgery Changed Her Life