David DeHaan Opens New Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy Clinic in His Hometown of Rockford, MI

David DeHaan Opens New Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy Clinic in His Hometown of Rockford, MI

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy is now serving Rockford, Michigan. The clinic is conveniently located at 6575 Belding Road NE, just west of Ric’s grocery store. As this clinic opens its doors to welcome new patients, they are committed to providing quality care with convenient hours and accepts most insurance plans. This new facility marks another significant step in Ivy Rehab’s expansion across Michigan, enhancing its robust network of nearly 75 orthopedic, pediatric, and ABA facilities statewide. 

David Dehaan, PT, DPT, CMP, serves as Clinic Director and Physical Therapist at the new Rockford facility. 

“Having spent the first ten years of my clinical career in two other great West Michigan communities, it feels great to be back home,” said David. I feel strongly about physical therapy’s benefits to every person, whether you’re a high-level athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to walk your dog. I look forward to serving the Rockford community and helping everyone achieve their personal goals and live life to the fullest!”  

With a decade of dedicated experience in orthopedic physical therapy, David is deeply committed to guiding individuals back to doing what they love most. Having undergone physical therapy himself following knee surgery, he empathizes with the challenges of restricted mobility and the profound impact it can have on one’s life. 

David’s focus is on cultivating an environment that is not only effective but also fun and inclusive. He believes in utilizing a diverse range of treatment modalities, including dry needling, blood flow restriction, and manual therapy, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual across various orthopedic conditions. 

Beyond his professional endeavors, David cherishes moments spent with loved ones, indulging in rounds of golf, and passionately supporting the Wolverines. If you happen to encounter him in the Rockford community, don’t hesitate to share a spirited “Go Blue! 

Regional Director Lisa Otterbein-Bolek, MPT, said, “I have enjoyed working with David for many years now. He is an amazing clinician, a rockstar teammate, and most importantly, a great human being. I am so thrilled that he has this opportunity to open a clinic in his hometown. He will be able to serve the community he loves his entire life with great physical therapy services and quick access to care.” 

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy in Rockford, MI, provides treatments that include blood flow restriction therapy, dry needling, vertigo treatment, vestibular rehab, TMJ, and more.     

Special programs offered at the Rockford clinic include:      

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Access to care is available with or without a physician’s prescription, usually within 24–hours, and through virtual telehealth.      

Please contact us if you’ve injured yourself, are experiencing pain or discomfort, have lost your sense of balance or strength, or have any musculoskeletal concerns. The Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy team is here for you!      

To make an appointment, call us at (616) 317-8048, or to request an appointment online, visit our Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy Rockford page.    

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