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If you’re a runner, Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy is your ideal choice! Our experts help with movement issues, pains, and injury prevention. We run Philly and 100+ locations in Greater Philly and provide top-notch care based on research and personalized treatment plans.

You can access our care with or without a doctor’s referral.


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  • AlterG® Anti Gravity Treadmill®

    The AlterG® Anti Gravity Treadmill® is the latest in physical therapy technology, utilizing the NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. The Anti Gravity Treadmill® is designed to help improve mobility and wellness, help with lower extremity injury or pain, and enhance physical performance. All patients, from athletes to seniors, can benefit from this new technology and equipment from AlterG.

    The AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill offers a unique advantage for runners training through injury or post-race recovery. Unlike other treadmill systems, it allows users to exercise comfortably and freely without a restrictive harness. Using air pressure to create a safe environment minimizes the risk of further injury in case of a fall. This safety feature can alleviate the fear of exacerbating an injury, empowering patients to move and recover confidently. Contact a nearby clinic to get started today if you’re experiencing mobility issues, impairment, or joint pain.



Additional Resources

Looking for quick tips to help you perform at your best? Find additional runner resources below.


  • Safe Running & Strategies for Preventing Injury

    Every runner will suffer an injury, pain, or imbalance at some point, but that doesn’t have to stop you from hitting the pavement. Proper form and strength training can prevent injuries and improve your performance, form, and control.

  • Marathon Training & Quick Tips From a Runner / Physical Therapist

    Is running a marathon on your bucket list? It takes a lot of planning and preparation – right up there with writing a book, climbing a mountain, and jumping out of an airplane. If you’re one of the lucky ones to accomplish this incredible feat, you’ll join the mere 0.5 percent of the US population that completes a full marathon. 

  • Overcoming Intense Sciatica Pain to Run a 100-Mile Race

    The pain shooting down his hip and into his leg was so intense that, at times, Tim could barely walk. Daily activities were unbearable, and exercise was completely out of the question. Yet he was expected to run a 100-mile race in just three short months. After having come this far, it couldn’t all be for nothing…could it? Unexpected pain showed up at the least optimal time, leaving Tim to turn to physical therapy if he had any hopes of making that race dream come true.