Peak Performance Physical Therapy Joins the Ivy Rehab Network!

Peak Performance Physical Therapy Joins the Ivy Rehab Network!

Ivy Rehab is excited to announce that Peak Performance Physical Therapy, a leading Long Island-based physical therapy company with over 25 years of experience, is now part of the family.

Peak Performance brings its four clinics in Nassau County and over 20 physical therapists to the growing Ivy Rehab Network, now at over 135 clinics nationwide. Its robust team of highly skilled therapists can treat a variety of conditions including spinal injuries, vestibular or balance problems, and injuries requiring the use of aquatic therapy. Peak Performance is committed to caring for each patient by using its expertise and cutting-edge technology to promote optimal recovery.

“This is an excellent partnership that enabled us to expand our presence onto Long Island,” said Michael Rucker, CEO of Ivy Rehab. “For 25 years the team at Peak Performance has shared our commitment of providing patient-centered care and deep community involvement. We look forward to continuing and enhancing their mission of promoting a quick and effective recovery that gets patients back to feeling their best.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Ivy Rehab Network. Their commitment to outstanding patient experience, and the resources which will enhance our professional staff’s ability to deliver exceptional care, make this relationship incredibly positive for our patients and our team,” said Joseph Sullivan, owner, and president of Peak Performance. “We’re very proud of the reputation that our organization has earned since 1989 and for the lives and communities which we’ve improved along the way. Joining with a partner like Ivy Rehab facilitates taking our service and patient experience to yet another level.”

Peak Performance is one of Nassau County’s leading physical therapy groups and will continue to operate under its current name. As part of the Ivy Rehab Network it will now be able to offer improved insurance access and reimbursements for patients with different health care plans, all while continuing to provide the community with diverse treatments and programs. Additionally, Peak Performance, along with all Ivy Rehab Network clinics, will provide access to appointments within 24 hours and free consultations with a therapist.

“We’re excited to welcome Peak Performance into the Ivy Rehab family,” said Troy Bage, COO for Ivy Rehab. “This partnership enables Ivy to expand our services in the Northeast with a world-class team. We will help the Peak Performance team continue with the exceptional care and service that they’ve already been providing their patients and look for opportunities to grow the Ivy/Peak brand in Nassau County.”

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About Peak Performance

Peak Performance Physical Therapy’s mission is to provide the highest level of care and to return all patients to their maximal capacity as quickly as possible. Founded in 1989, Peak Performance is one of Nassau County’s largest physical therapy groups with four locations and over 20 physical therapists. Peak Performance offers a combination of physical therapy modalities, hands-on manual therapy, and a full range of exercise equipment, as well as experience with a wide range of surgical, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular conditions.

About Ivy Rehab

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of over 135 best-in-class outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinics in the Northeast (CT, NJ, NY, PA), the Midwest (IL, IN, MI), and the Southeast (NC, SC, VA). The Ivy Rehab Network consists of multiple brands dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get patients feeling better, faster. With backing from leading middle-market private equity firm Waud Capital Partners, Ivy Rehab will continue to grow and further expand its U.S. footprint.

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