Orthopedic Residency Spotlight: Nicole Brovarone

Orthopedic Residency Spotlight: Nicole Brovarone

Physical therapy is a profession that allows us to make a real impact on people’s lives, and for those with a passion for helping others and a desire to take their skills to the next level, opportunities like the Ivy Rehab HSS Orthopedic Residency Program (ORP) can be a life-changing opportunity – just ask Nicole Brovarone.

Nicole is a stellar physical therapist who has taken her knowledge and skills in orthopedics to new heights. Through her grit and perseverance, she has grown professionally and personally due to her participation in the ORP. Her development in the program has been recognized by both her mentor and residency leadership, and her story serves as a testament to the impact of the program for those looking to specialize in orthopedics.

With just one year of physical therapy practice under her belt, Nicole was eager to craft her skillset and advance within her profession using the tools she was learning to become a better therapist all around. During her time in the ORP, Nicole’s confidence and communication skills really flourished. Her mentor, Mike Lenart, had this to say about her progress: “The growth Nicole has shown during her year in the residency program has been astounding. She is a more knowledgable and confident clinician, which has led to improved outcomes and satisfaction with her patients.”

It’s clear the 150 hours of one-on-one mentoring time that Nicole and Mike spent together had a significant impact on her development as a therapist. But it’s not just her mentor who’s taken notice of her progress – Nicole can see the difference in herself as well.

“I applied to the ORP because I wanted to continue progressing and advancing my own practice and specializing in orthopedics. Having been practicing professionally for no more than a year, I believed that taking part in this program was a perfect opportunity to help me grow my skills, education, and tools as a PT,” explains Nicole. “As a result of my development in the Residency Program, I am more confident in my clinical practice, make more evidence-based decisions, and provide more individualized treatment plans to best address each patient and their respective needs. All told, the ORP has helped me to become more thorough and efficient with my patients.”

As a component of the program, each resident is required to prepare a case study abstract for submission to a publication or conference. This year, Nicole has hers ready for submission to the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) for a platform presentation on Conservative Management of Distal Biceps Rupture. She hopes to represent herself and the collaborative Orthopedic Residency Program at CSM 2024.

1-1 Mentoring is Priceless

While the knowledge she gained throughout her year-long residency was priceless, Nicole felt that the one-on-one mentoring provided by the program was the most valuable aspect. She appreciated being able to get feedback from, and brainstorm with, an experienced  therapist for an entire year. Being able to take all the didactic information she learned throughout the year and then apply it with the help of a mentor makes it all the more doable.

“I would recommend this program because of the opportunity to learn from very experienced and knowledgeable PTs who take all the most recent evidence, plus their clinical experience, and seamlessly break it down for you to apply to your own practice,” said Nicole. “Following my studies in the OPR, I now feel so much more educated as an orthopedic therapist, especially in the case of direct access patients.”

Nicole’s journey through the ORP is a testament to the impact such a program can have on a physical therapist’s career and personal growth. By offering the chance to learn from experienced mentors, stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments, and grow as a practitioner, we not only help our teammates flourish, but we are able to provide a better experience for the patient as well.

Nicole Brovarone practices out of our Hoboken, NJ clinic.

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