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Northern Physical Therapy, Generation Care, Grand River Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy One are Now Ivy Rehab; Same Exceptional Team with a New Name

“At Ivy Rehab we truly strive to be the best that we can be. Whether as clinicians or in the community, as a team we come together to make a positive impact.” – Brandon Gerardy, Regional Director, Ivy Rehab

It’s been said that when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. We tend to agree with that philosophy because the outcomes will always be better patient experiences, a positive impact within our local communities, and the ability to reach higher within our profession. We found all those qualities and more when we partnered with West Michigan based Northern Physical Therapy, Generation Care, Grand River Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy One. Today, we’re immensely proud to announce that these four amazing organizations are officially Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy!

To say we’re thrilled that these clinics are part of our family would be an understatement. When choosing organizations to partner with, we’re looking for teams that are excelling in their field, have a desire to continuously grow and learn, and have the heart and drive to put the needs of the patient first. The four brands mentioned above embody each of those characteristics.

Diverse opportunities for team members

Lisa Otterbein-Bolek was born and raised in Coopersville, MI – a small farming community about 20 minutes west of Grand Rapids. She began working with the Northern Physical Therapy clinic in Coopersville right out of college and became a well-known physical therapist in the area. It wasn’t uncommon for her to treat former classmates, neighbors, or community members that she knew growing up. This small town feel paired with the quality of care that they were receiving made people love coming to Northern, so the decision to partner with Ivy Rehab was something the team carefully considered. They were proud of the hometown roots they had established and the positive relationships that were cultivated over the years, but deep down they always knew they wanted more. They wanted to give their clinicians more opportunities for advancement, to provide patients with more robust insurance options, and have access to expanded operational processes. All of these things and more were made available when they joined the Ivy Rehab Network – all the while, their clinicians were able to focus on what mattered most to them – treating and caring for patients. 

Once our partnership with Northern began it didn’t take long for Otterbein-Bolek to climb the ladder. She’s now our West Michigan Regional Director and a member of various committees within our organization.

“One thing that attracted Northern to the Ivy Rehab family was the opportunity to grow, allowing our teammates to make a larger impact on our profession as a whole,” explains Otterbein-Bolek. “This partnership has allowed us to set our sights high and keep our priorities focused right here – on our team members and patients – and for that, we’re so very thankful. We may have a different name now, but we’re still the same people that continue to love serving our local communities, even though we’re part of a larger organization now.”

West Michigan Physical Therapy Clinic

Making an impact in the community

The sentiment was similar at Generation Care, Grand River, and PT One, who combined, grew to become highly successful networks of outpatient therapy clinics in the West Michigan area. Regional Director Brandon Gerardy, who works closely with clinics and physicians in the surrounding area, speaks for the entire team when he talks about the positive impact this organizational change will have on the four individual brands.

Here at Ivy we talk about “One Ivy” meaning we work hard as a team to help each other both professionally and personally,” explains Gerardy. “Having everyone under the same brand will really help our communities, patients, and referral sources see the impact that we are making in our communities.”

As we continue to grow our organization, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment – these goals align perfectly with those at Northern PT, Generation Care, PT One, and Grand River PT so the decision to market ourselves under one umbrella was a step forward for each organization involved.

“Seeing my team succeed by helping more patients live their best lives and coming together to participate in advanced educational courses makes me proud to be a part of the Ivy Rehab family,” said Otterbein-Bolek. “I’m proud that we have a dedicated group of people that can continue to serve our communities and provide patients with the best possible outcomes for success. I’m really looking forward to seeing the opportunities that 2022 will bring our way.”

West Michigan Physical Therapy Clinic

About Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

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