Little Steps Pediatric Therapy Now Offers Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Glenview, IL

Little Steps Pediatric Therapy Now Offers Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Glenview, IL

Little Steps Pediatric Therapy, an Ivy Rehab for Kids partner, now offers Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA) in Glenview, IL. This unique campus offers two pediatric therapy offices, one offering pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy and the other solely providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. The new ABA facility is located at 1864 Johns Drive near Chestnut and Lehigh Avenues.  

Little Steps Pediatric Therapy – ABA Therapy in Glenview, IL, provides exceptional care for young patients with autism. The Applied Behavioral Analysis program (ABA) is geared toward helping children and their families learn new skills and techniques using the most effective therapy for autism. Whether working on communication, social skills, aggression, non-compliance, self-help skills, play, academics, or fine or gross motor skills, they address specific concerns for each individual. 

“We couldn’t be happier to bring this new service line to Glenview,” said Jaime Passaglia, Regional Director of Pediatrics in Illinois.  “There has always been a great need, and with our amazing team, we are now able to help even more children.  I feel incredibly lucky to lead this great team and collectively be able to continue to help families and children every step of the way.”  

Vanesa Corado, BA, serves as the Clinic Director at the ABA facility in Glenview, IL. 

“I am excited to bring ABA to the Glenview community,” said Vanesa. “As we continue to see the need, I am excited to support our families.” 

Vanesa has always been passionate about working with children and began her work as a volunteer tutor in middle school. Throughout the years and extensive research projects, Vanesa saw the importance of family and the community surrounding the child and its impact on their development. Her teaching philosophy focuses on creating a classroom environment that will encourage children to learn from one another, which now translates to the therapeutic world.  

She bases her curriculum around each child and their strengths while assisting in areas that are difficult for each child, everyday tasks, and hands-on and fun activities! She has incorporated what she has learned in the classroom into the therapeutic world. Vanesa works hand-in-hand with Occupational, Speech, and Physical therapists in group settings.  

Vanesa was born and raised in Chicago and continues to love to explore new places within the city and the world! 

Services available at Little Steps – ABA Therapy in Glenview, IL, include:     

Learn More & Request Appointments 

To request an appointment for applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA), call (847) 707-6744, or to request an appointment online, visit the Little Steps ABA Therapy Glenview page. 

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