Ivy Rehab Acquires West Physical Therapy in Geneva and Sugar Grove, Illinois

Ivy Rehab Acquires West Physical Therapy in Geneva and Sugar Grove, Illinois

Ivy Rehab is excited to announce its acquisition of West Physical Therapy with clinics in Geneva and Sugar Grove, Illinois. The partnership expands upon Ivy Rehab’s five existing clinics in Illinois and Indiana.

“West Physical Therapy is an excellent partner as we grow our footprint in the Midwest,” said Dave Franklin, President of Midwest Operations for Ivy Rehab.” Over the past 13 years, West Physical Therapy has built an incredible staff that shares our values of patient-centered care and deep community involvement. We look forward to continuing and enhancing their mission of providing compassionate care that gets patients back to doing what they enjoy.”

West Physical Therapy delivers hands-on, personalized physical therapy to facilitate a faster, more effective recovery. “Their model of care aligns perfectly with ours,” said Michael Neuscheler, Chief Executive Officer at Ivy Rehab. “We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional patient experience at every Ivy Rehab clinic. Based on the strong reputation that the team at West Physical Therapy has built for themselves, I’m very confident that they’ll fit right in as part of the Ivy Rehab family.”

The West Physical Therapy clinics will become the 51st and 52nd locations for Ivy Rehab. To schedule an appointment at either of these clinics please use these links:

Schedule an appointment in Sugar Grove, Illinois

Schedule an appointment in Geneva, Illinois

About Ivy Rehab

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab provides management support services to a rapidly growing network of outpatient physical therapy centers. Ivy Rehab provides a comprehensive offering of physical therapy services through its 52 centers in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the U.S. Ivy Rehab has been rated as the number one outpatient facility in the U.S. by a nationally-recognized, independent surveyor of patient satisfaction. Ivy Rehab was recapitalized by Waud Capital Partners (WCP) in 2016. WCP partners with exceptional management teams to acquire or create platforms in the U.S. lower middle-market through control-oriented growth equity investments, industry consolidation, buyouts or recapitalizations.

For additional information on WCP, please visit www.waudcapital.com.

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