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Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Laura DiGioia, PT, DPT

The healthcare industry has and will continue to evolve. But in a constant state of change, how do you ensure you can consistently provide the absolute best care time and time again? It’s easy…you invest in people.

Laura DiGioia started with Ivy Rehab as a Clinic Director, but it didn’t take long for us to notice her incredible drive to aim higher and her immense passion for helping others. As we celebrate National Physical Therapy month, we’re highlighting the stories of those who have shown considerable growth and an unmatched desire to achieve greatness within our profession.

In just three short years, Laura has gone from Clinic Director to Regional Director of Operations with quite a few stops in between, including Regional Work Comp Champion, Raintree Superuser, Regional Outcomes Champion, Mentor, and Clinical Instructor. So how has she managed to do it all (and do it all incredibly well)? Early on, Laura took her own advice.

Ivy rehab Physical Therapy - New Jersey

“It’s worth the investment in yourself. With Ivy, the sky is the limit if you put in the time and have the drive to level yourself up to those around you,” she explains.

Laura has also taken advantage of a few of the leadership opportunities Ivy offers, including LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development Program) and GROW (Coaching for Leaders program) – both of which helped her excel personally and professionally. Although she points out that it wasn’t just one key opportunity that opened doors for her, but rather her desire to be involved and invested and her willingness to lean on and learn from her mentors.

“Early on, I had open communication with my Regional Directors, so it allowed me to speak honestly about my career goals and get to the place where I am now. My first two Regional Directors, Joe Moore and John Jemison, showed me the ropes and helped me assimilate to Ivy’s core values. They took the time to mentor me, understand my professional goals, help me grow as a manager and a person, and opened doors along the way,” explains Laura. “When I was on the Raintree Superusers team, Janis Kemper was always there for me as I leveled up my understanding of key processes and learned to be a mentor for others.”

Ivy rehab Physical Therapy - New Jersey

In her short time with us, Laura has become an invaluable part of our south central New Jersey​ region. Even though she’s grown considerably since her days as a Clinic Director, she shows no signs of stopping.

“I want to continue to be an active and important member of the Ivy Rehab Network. I want to drive my team toward success through leveling up our clinical expertise for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. I want to create a vibrant environment for those around me to maintain engagement and excitement for being a part of an amazing network of people.” – Laura DiGioia, PT, DPT, and Regional Director of Operations, South Central New Jersey



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