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Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Heidi Boucher, PT, DPT

Working with students offers an experience like no other. Not only do they bring vibrant energy into the clinic, but we get to play a part in helping them grow into the clinician they’ve always dreamed they could be.

When Heidi Boucher was hired on as a physical therapy student in grad school, she fully embraced the opportunities that were presented to her. Over the course of 14 years, she grew to Pediatric Clinic Director and even played a role in expanding the company by overseeing the successful opening of a brand-new office. As we celebrate National Physical Therapy month, we’re highlighting the stories of those who have shown considerable growth and an unmatched desire to achieve greatness within our profession.

Ivy Rehab for Kids - Springfield

By building relationships with her mentors along the way, Heidi has grown both personally and professionally and is now considered a mentor to others.

“I started my career at Theraplay, a part of the Ivy Rehab Network, and have significantly grown over the past 14 years. In addition to the many amazing clinicians and families that have helped me flourish and treat a variety of ages and diagnoses, there’s one therapist, Katie Marino, who’s been with me since the beginning and I attribute so much to her,” Heidi explains. “Katie helped me grow as a new pediatric therapist and has always been available to ask questions. I continue to collaborate and learn with her to this day! When I transitioned into the Clinic Director role, she became my direct supervisor and helped me grow into the leader I am today, challenging me along the way.”

Ivy Rehab for Kids - Springfield

As her role has evolved, Heidi has embraced every step in her journey and used each opportunity to strengthen her skillset.
“I love the role I’m currently in because I have the ability to work with patients, collaborate with team members, mentor therapists that are new to the profession or new to Ivy, and grow our center to help as many children and families as I can. I enjoy being a part of a company that offers a lot of different opportunities to allow team members to grow throughout their career. They provide support to help you achieve your goals and will challenge you to be the best you can!” – Heidi Boucher, PT, DPT, Springfield, PA, Pediatrics.

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