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Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Colleen Weitekamp, MSPT, PCS

“This position, along with the team above me, have helped me realize my potential as a leader.” – Colleen Weitekamp, MSPT, PCS, and Area Director

When we expanded the pediatric division of our organization, we had high hopes and big dreams. So many things needed to fall into place, but one key element was finding the right people to see our vision through. Colleen Weitekamp checked all the boxes and so many more. Almost immediately, we knew she would go on to play an instrumental role in the growth of our pediatric division, so it was only fitting to highlight her successes as we celebrate National Physical Therapy month.

Colleen was hired as the Clinic Director for a brand new pediatric clinic in the Newtown, CT area, and due to her unmatched skillset and ability to work hand in hand with families and children, she saw steady success right from day one. But she credits part of that to the foundation laid along the way.

“The support for pediatrics has been immense,” explains Colleen.” There is such a focus on continuing education, as well as the time and money to support the cause. Ivy has provided so many opportunities to help me advance up the clinical career ladder.”

Never one to shy away from the opportunity to grow professionally, Colleen has taken advantage of various educational opportunities that have come her way, like our Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LEAD), which she describes as an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as the opportunity to dig further into the business side of Ivy. Early on, Colleen was also transparent with her leaders about her professional goals, which helped to open some doors for her along the way.

Ivy Rehab for Kids, Newtown, CT

Colleen Weitekamp and Samantha Gorrell (Regional Vice President of Pediatrics)

“I give credit to one of my early leaders like Kerrie Glassman, for seeing the potential in me as a Clinic Director, and to Samantha Gorrell, who helped me grow as a leader with a pediatric focus,” says Colleen. “Having steady success in the Newtown clinic as the company was expanding in pediatric markets put me to be in a good position to grow into the Area Director role.”

As an organization, we continue to have lofty goals when it comes to the growth of our pediatric division, and with people like Colleen on our team, our success is inevitable.

“There are so many paths for success within this organization. I continue to examine my future professional goals daily. Ultimately, I want to continue to open new clinics within my region while providing the best quality care for kids, both from a hands-on perspective and from a mentoring and leadership perspective.” – Colleen Weitekamp, Area Director of Pediatrics for Central New York and Connecticut



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