Ivy Rehab, Putnam Valley, NY

Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Chris Kennedy, Clinic Director

We’re stronger together than we are apart. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our amazing teammates. Despite having clinics that cross over state lines, we’re creating a culture where we can collaborate and encourage others to build off the ideas that have worked well in other markets.

No one believes this more than Chris Kennedy. He’s a Clinic Director in Putnam Valley, NY, which was our 39th clinic (out of 445 and counting…), and he’s successfully built his practice through a mix of learning from others, a keen sense of humor, and being really good at what he does. As we celebrate National Physical Therapy month, we’re highlighting teammates who have reached higher, applauded the success of others, and held patient care to its highest level.

Ivy Rehab, Putnam Valley, NY

“The Ivy culture is all about providing a vibrant experience for the people – not only the patients but also the staff that takes care of them,” explains Chris.I enjoy trying to inject some humor at the office and through social media, and Ivy is very supportive and encouraging in letting me continue to do so.”

Chris has become well-known at Ivy for his humorous take on therapy. His unmatched wit shines in the videos he makes in the clinic and posts on social media, including one on patient education that went viral, which can be seen here.

While patients and team members alike have come to appreciate the positivity he brings to the table, Chris credits the Ivy Rehab Network with helping him grow as a leader, along with his Regional Manager, Tara Barrie, who he says was always there to support him and provide guidance as he transitioned from a staff PT to a clinic director. He notes that when there were bumps in the road, she was there to help make the ride smoother, and when there were successes, she was the first to say great job.

“Ivy has provided me with several continuing education opportunities that helped me grow as a leader and manager, as well as clinically – allowing me to better treat my patients,” explains Chris. “But I think what helped me the most were the interactions and communication with PTs in other clinics. It’s great to be in such a large network because there is an enormous resource of talented clinicians that are more than willing to share their knowledge.”

As Chris sets his sights on the future, he hopes to scout out a location for a new clinic and help make it grow from the ground up. Along the way, he’ll follow his own advice when it comes to paving the path to success: “Don’t be afraid to take the next step. You will always have the support from Ivy teammates on your journey.” – Chris Kennedy, Clinic Director, Putnam Valley, NY



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