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Ivy Insider: Spotlight on Chelsea Santos, PT & Clinic Director

“Never forget that you will be heard, and don’t be afraid to voice your ideas. Your idea could be the change the company needs to hear.” – Chelsea Santos, Clinic Director & Physical Therapist

We firmly believe that one of the best ways to grow as an organization is to trust the people around you. Some of the best ideas we’ve received and implemented have come from people who are inside our clinics, day in and day out.

Ivy Rehab, Charlotte, NC

Chelsea Santos started her career with Ivy Rehab as a physical therapist, and in just three short years, she’s expanded her resume to include Clinic Director, Mentor, and Clinical Instructor. She was able to climb the ladder and play a key role because she had the desire to aim higher and was never afraid to step up and share her ideas. As we celebrate National Physical Therapy month, we’re highlighting the folks within our organization who have risen to the occasion to do great things within our profession.

After participating in various leadership programs within the organization, like LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development Program) and GROW (Coaching for Leaders program), Chelsea was given the opportunity to take ownership of her practice by opening a brand new clinic in the Charlotte, NC area, where she serves as Clinic Director.

“Becoming invested in the company as well as in myself, was a key opportunity in my ability to advance my career,” explains Chelsea. “Over the past three years, Ivy has provided a significant amount of opportunity for professional growth. They’ve allowed me to take ownership in my practice through the de novo partnership and offered programs to enhance and cultivate my leadership qualities through GROW and LEAD.”

Ivy Rehab, Charlotte, NC

Along the way, she welcomed advice from her mentors and those who had paved the way before her. One such leader was fellow Clinic Director Tanya Sotillo-Pennix, whom Chelsea credits with always being there when she needed advice.

“Throughout the years, Tanya has shared her clinical and management wisdom with me,” said Chelsea. “She always makes herself accessible when I need her.”

Now it’s Chelseas’s turn to be the mentor. With one new clinic opening under her belt, she’s hoping to add a few more to the mix by continuing to build her network of practices and mentor others in the field.


Chelsea Santos is a Clinic Director in the Charlotte-Berewick, North Carolina area. She specializes in treating all stages of orthopedic diagnoses, including pre-habilitation, post-operative, and preventative.



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