Leaps and Bounds is now Ivy Rehab for Kids

Leaps and Bounds Therapy Services is Now Ivy Rehab for Kids

“Whenever you get a great group of people together with the same mission and values, good things happen.” – Jennifer LaRue, Regional Director, Ivy Rehab for Kids

It’s been said that running a business can be compared to raising a child. Your efforts are filled with meaning and purpose, all decisions are made with great care, and you work tirelessly to watch it grow into something that you’re really proud of. Providing excellent outcomes is at the forefront and partnering with the right people to help you along the way is crucial.

As the Regional Director of Leaps and Bounds Therapy Services, Jennifer LaRue dreamed of growing the pediatric occupational, physical, speech, and ABA therapy sector in the state of Michigan so she could play a part in helping children all over the region get the care and services they need to live their best lives. Becoming a part of the Ivy Rehab family allowed her to see that dream turn into a reality and today we’re incredibly pleased to announce that Leaps and Bounds Therapy Services is officially Ivy Rehab for Kids.

“We’ve become better and stronger because of the support and guidance Ivy Rehab has given us,” explains LaRue. “When we joined the Ivy family we had three clinics and we’ve grown to 13 in just four years. This allows us to help more kids and families, which is what it’s all about.”

Leaps and Bounds is now Ivy Rehab for Kids

“A big step in the Leaps and Bounds rebranding process was to remove the old sign. As much as I loved Leaps and Bounds I am proud to officially be Ivy Rehab for Kids!” – Jennifer LaRue

When patients visit the former Leaps and Bounds clinic they’ll notice that things may look different, but the comforting feeling they get will still be the same. Leaps and Bounds has created a warm and genuine atmosphere where team members understand the anxieties that can accompany a family who’s entering therapy. Even though the name is now different, the exceptional experience that families have come to expect will still be the same.

Leaps and Bounds is now Ivy Rehab for Kids

We love being a part of the Ivy family. We’ve been cobranding for almost four years, so this is a natural transition for us and it feels right,” explains LaRue. “We’ve felt like part of the Ivy family since day one, but becoming Ivy Rehab for Kids will help to grow our name recognition within the community, and it will be less confusing for patients and referral sources, now that all of our clinics will be under the same name.”

We have great respect for LaRue’s vision to continue to help us grow the pediatric sector in her area. The reputation that she’s established in eastern Michigan is one of immense compassion for patients, highly knowledgeable therapists, and team members that go above and beyond to serve.

Ivy Rehab is known for providing excellent patient care. It’s all about the people and this includes both the teammates and the patients and families we serve,” said LaRue. “Our clinics have truly felt that care since joining Ivy and we feel honored to be able to pass that care along to each and every child we serve.” 

Ivy Rehab for Kids

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