Vestibular Residency


The Vestibular Residency is a 12-month program designed to prepare clinicians for advanced practice in vestibular rehabilitation and to pass the Duke-Emory Vestibular Certification. This structured program provides novice and experienced therapists a guided, interactive self-study program utilizing textbooks, current research, virtual continuing education, live weekend intensives, and mentorship to build their vestibular skills and grow this area of expertise in their clinic.


The Vestibular Residency Program has a weekly outline of the program curriculum and assignments utilizing an online learning management system. The structured program curriculum includes didactic content delivered through virtual courses and learning opportunities, in-person courses, textbooks, and current research. Monthly meetings include relevant research and PowerPoint presentations reviewing each month’s curriculum, which builds the clinician’s knowledge base in in-person weekend intensives, including labs and review of all skills from evaluation to treatment plan and implementation of treatment progression for all types of vestibular dysfunction. The mentorship involves pairing current students with past graduates and advanced practicing vestibular rehab clinicians to allow for individual coaching and growth. This program offers guidance and support to build Vestibular, Gait, and Balance programs within the clinic and includes specialized vestibular equipment for quality care implementation. 

Admissions Qualifications

  • Current PT licensure in primary state of practice 
  • Currently employed as a physical therapist by Ivy Rehab 
  • Commitment to completing all program requirements  
  • Commitment to participating in the Emory/Duke program at the earliest eligibility 
  • Required membership in the APTA and APTA Neuro Section 


Application deadline for the participants: July 31, 2025 | Start date: January 2026


  • Joanna Jackson

    “I feel like VSP has changed my practice significantly. Before being a part of the VSP, I had some experience in vestibular therapy, but the way I structured my treatments and my initial evaluations was based off what I learned in school and from a mentor in a previous practice. Since taking VSP, I have learned a better structure for my initial evaluations and learned a lot more evidence-based information that helps guide my differential diagnosis and my treatment sessions.” – Joanna Jackson, VSP class of 2022, Certified Vestibular Therapist, Shelby, NC

  • Rebecca Fitzgerald

    “I am more confident treating vestibular cases. Treatment can be bizarre and sometimes silly, and it’s a big help to have that confidence and know you’re doing the right thing. I am also better at diagnosing different causes of vestibular symptoms through a more specific history and the use of goggles.” Rebecca Fitzgerald, VSP Class of 2022, Certified Vestibular Therapist, Cliffside Park, NJ