Surgeon presents opioid sparing procedure
Surgery with less opiods and more physical therapy

Surgery with Less Opioids

The opioid epidemic has impacted a large part of every community. Thanks to doctors like Dr. Sean McMillian, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery from Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County in New Jersey, and his team, patients can now have shoulder surgery with fewer opioids because of a special nerve block that lasts up to 96 hours after the procedure.

Veronica Kraft, Chair of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce Health Issues Council and Ivy Rehab Director of Business Development, invited Dr. McMillian to speak at a roundtable discussion. The goal was to educate other health care professionals on how to decrease the chance of patients becoming addicted to opioid prescriptions. The group is pictured below:

Dr. McMillian has now performed 17 of the opioid-sparing surgeries using the nerve block. Most of his patients now take non-addictive medication like ibuprofen following surgery and none were readmitted to the emergency room for post-surgery pain.

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