Spring Tips for Gardeners and Golfers

Spring Tips for Gardeners and Golfers

By Megan Downey

Spring is officially here, and as the weather improves, most of us will be spending more time outdoors doing the activities we love. For some of us, this includes dusting off our rakes, shovels, and clubs as we get ready to return to some of our favorite seasonal hobbies. Whether it’s spending time in the garden or hitting the golf courses, it’s important that we are informed and prepared in order to stay in tip-top shape while golfing and gardening.

Safety Tips for Gardeners

It can be therapeutic to spend time tending to the garden, sowing seeds, pruning plants, and digging out weeds. However, this relaxing time can quickly take a turn for the worse if we’re not prepared for the rigors of the garden. Before you get back out there, make sure to greatly reduce the chance of straining your body by following the below tips:

  • Position the shovel in front of you with the blade parallel to your hips.
  • Place your front foot on the shovel and use your back leg to stabilize your body.
  • Lean forward with a straight spine, allowing your weight to sink the shovel into the dirt.
  • Shift weight onto your back leg, bending at your hips and knees and begin lifting the dirt.
  • Lower your body by bending at your hips and especially at your knees to bring the shovel and dirt out.
  • Stand upright and move your body to where the dirt needs to go, turning the shovel for the dirt to fall off.
  • Do not twist or throw the dirt, or you will put your back at risk for strain.
  • Keep your spine in an elongation position by:
    • Bending at your legs, placing one leg in front and the other in back with your weight equally distributed.
    • Using a bucket to stay closer to the ground.
  • Maintain a wide base of support while standing, propping one arm on your thigh as a brace.

Golf Injury Prevention

By preparing for your next golf game, you can ensure that you’re performing at your very best and avoiding chances of injury. Add yards to your drive with these suggestions:


Our clinics see an increase in golf injuries as the weather breaks, so consider training in advance for your first game. Prepare for tee off by exercising throughout the year and following a conditioning program specifically designed for golfers.

Gear Up

Appropriate golf equipment can save you from sickness along with protecting your body from injury. Attire for inclement weather, proper footwear, gloves, and other equipment are essential for guaranteeing your ability to participate in the next 18 holes. Never play without your gear.


Warm muscles improve your range of motion for a more effective swing. They also reduce the risk of injury. Be sure to stretch using warm-ups designed exclusively for golf, as they are the most beneficial.


Rest is critical for training and improving your game. Overuse injuries, fatigue, and weakness are all results of your body’s lack of rest. Athletes who train consecutively, without rest, have more injuries.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re feeling any sort of pain from everyday activities and hobbies, the Ivy Rehab Network is here for you. If you think you injured yourself, see your doctor or a physical therapist to address it before it gets worse. You can even come in for a quick and easy wellness screening to see if Physical Therapy is right for you. Please feel free to request an appointment, and we’ll get in touch with you to talk about how physical therapy can help.

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