Spectrum, Southeastern, and Cleveland Physical Therapy are Now Ivy Rehab; Same Exceptional Team with a New Name

Spectrum, Southeastern, and Cleveland Physical Therapy are Now Ivy Rehab; Same Exceptional Team with a New Name

Excitement is in the air. You can see the change and you can feel the buzz when you walk into the clinic. You’ll notice the updated color scheme, the new logo, and the fresh, new vibe that takes over right when you walk in the door. Something’s different, there’s no doubt about it. But some things are definitely still the same.

The wonderfully familiar and friendly faces that greet you at the front desk, the same highly skilled therapist that knows exactly where your pain points are, and most importantly, the same level of exceptional service that you’ve come to know and love are what you can expect when you step into the clinics that you formerly knew as Southeastern Physical Therapy (SPT), Spectrum Physical Therapy, and Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates. As of today, these clinics have officially become Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy!

The planning, preparation, and anticipation have been building for months; and so much work has taken place behind the scenes. Our teams can finally breathe a sigh of relief and begin to celebrate with colleagues and patients alike!

“Officially becoming Ivy Rehab is a big change for us, but ever since the first day we joined the Ivy Rehab Network, we’ve felt like part of the family. Now we can officially celebrate this milestone with our patients, referral sources, and community members,” explains Jeffrey Hartline, owner of Spectrum PT and SPT. Based in Virginia, Hartline’s brands joined the Ivy Rehab Network in 2017 and over the past four years he’s seen nothing but positive changes and tremendous growth opportunities. In addition to now being the Vice President of Operations for Ivy Rehab, Hartline has had the pleasure of watching countless team members advance to new leadership roles within the organization.

Southeastern PT is Ivy Rehab

The team at Southeastern PT in Haygood, VA is excited to officially become Ivy Rehab!

“Because of Ivy Rehab’s support network and available resources, we’ve been able to continue to open new clinics, even throughout a global pandemic, which has allowed us to meet the growing demand for therapy services within our communities,” explains Hartline. “Because of the growth of our organization we now have new positions available, additional leadership roles, and multiple opportunities for advanced clinical education. In addition, our patients directly benefit from the advanced treatment methods that we have access to.”

Donald Miller and his team know exactly how the folks in Virginia are feeling. As the founder of Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates (CPTA) in North Carolina, his clinics have undergone the same big changes as they become Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy as well, but their story had a bit of a different beginning.

In February 2020, we were just a few weeks away from the start of a global pandemic. It was also the same time that CPTA joined the Ivy Rehab Network. Miller was excited for the opportunities that would be presented to his teammates, and as it turns out, it was the ideal time to embark on such a large transition. By having the expanded network to lean on, the team at CPTA could feel the support and optimism within the network, and their journey with Ivy Rehab has flourished ever since.

Cleveland Physical Therapy Associates and Ivy Rehab

Our clinic in Gastonia, NC has access to all the amenities of The Optimum Result Fitness Center.

“We wanted the opportunity to evolve, to be able to offer more educational and leadership opportunities to our team members, and to provide advanced treatment methods to our patients,” explains Miller. “With Ivy Rehab we’ve gotten all that and more. The opportunities that have presented themselves, and the doors that have opened as a result of this partnership have been truly amazing and our team members and patients get to experience those opportunities first-hand. Making the transition to fully becoming Ivy Rehab has been a really exciting experience for our entire team.”

Both Hartline and Miller have their sights set on continuing to expand the Ivy Rehab Network in their respective communities. “Maintaining solid relationships with patients and providing best-in-class treatment services is our top priority,” explains Hartline. “It feels really good to know that we’re out here making a difference and impacting the lives of so many people.”

About Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

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