Southeastern Therapy for Kids is Now Proudly Ivy Rehab for Kids; Same Pediatric Family with a New Name

Southeastern Therapy for Kids is Now Proudly Ivy Rehab for Kids; Same Pediatric Family with a New Name

Parents in Virginia are taking part of something really special when they step inside the newly remodeled Southeastern Therapy for Kids. Things may look different, but the feeling they get will seem all too familiar. The genuine and welcoming smile from each team member, the hot cup of coffee waiting to soothe anxious parents, and the reassuring look from their child’s favorite therapist will remind them that even though the name may be different, the exceptional experience they’ve come to expect will still be the same.

The day has finally arrived when we can say that Southeastern Therapy for Kids is now proudly Ivy Rehab for Kids! It’s a change that’s been a long time coming, allowing everyone the opportunity to finally let their excitement loose and celebrate. Southeastern Therapy for Kids opened its doors in 1993 and joined the Ivy Rehab Network in 2017. Over the past four years, they’ve cultivated a beautiful partnership that has led to some amazing opportunities for the staff and patients alike. Now, after many months of planning, preparation, and anticipation for the big day, the change is official.

Ivy Rehab for Kids in Virginia

Our Grassfield clinic in Chesapeake, VA has a suite for adults and one that’s just for kids. 

“Although we’ve been Southeastern Therapy for Kids since joining the Ivy Rehab Network, we’ve always felt like a part of this amazing large network of extraordinarily talented clinicians and staff,” explains Beth King, Vice President of Pediatric Operations. “Rebranding to Ivy Rehab for Kids at this time is extremely exciting because we have such a strong reputation in the space across 14 states and that only makes us prouder to be a part of this amazing team.”

Growth and change can be intimidating for any organization, but in this case the benefits and opportunities were abundant, and it quickly became clear that staff and patients would benefit tremendously from this transition. The infrastructure at Ivy Rehab for Kids makes way for advanced educational opportunities and expanded leadership roles for teammates, along with more advanced treatment methods for patients. Katie Silva, Regional Director at Ivy Rehab for Kids, said it best, “I’m excited to see more teammates get the opportunity to shine!”

Ivy Rehab for Kids in Virginia

Megan Newcomb is an occupational therapist and the clinic director in our Grassfield location. The entire team is excited to see the new sign being displayed in her clinic.

“Ivy’s strong vision of a team-focused practice with the emphasis on education, strong patient care, and leadership development makes it an easy choice to be part of the team,” explains Alyssa Gupta, Regional Director at Ivy Rehab for Kids. “I’m proud of Ivy’s investment in its teammates and the work to continuously improve. From benefits, to billing infrastructure, to brand unification, Ivy is investing in growth and development in ways that positively impact the day to day operations and work life of the team.”

As the excitement has been building behind the scenes and you can really feel the buzz when you enter the clinic, now that the change is official.

“I’m excited to bring the same great service to our patients under our new name,” said Silva. “We’re well established and respected in the community as Southeastern Therapy for Kids, and I’m looking forward to keeping up that reputation as Ivy Rehab for Kids.”

Continuing to strengthen our relationships with physicians, families, and the communities we serve, the focus at Ivy Rehab for Kids has always been the ability to maintain a positive culture within the organization – one that focuses on supporting each other, continuously learning, and believing in the potential of each and every teammate and patient. After all, we’re stronger together than we are apart.

“My favorite thing about the culture at Ivy is the belief in everyone’s potential. We believe in the potential of our patients and what they can achieve. We believe in the potential of each teammate and their ability to learn, grow, and develop in the Ivy community,” explains Gupta. “There’s a strong investment of time and energy in growing these areas of potential to make Ivy be the best it can be.”

While maintaining a strong reputation in their respective communities, the team has their sights set on continuing to expand their network to the surrounding areas and beyond.

“I love to think of all the extra lives that we’ve been able to touch in the last four years since joining Ivy and hope this only continues to grow under our new name,” said Silva. “I’m so proud of the teams we build at Ivy – they are truly a family. And I love to see the way they invite their patients to be a part of that family as well.”

Ivy Rehab for Kids

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