One Ivy leading the way in Philly

One Ivy leading the way in Philly

We are stronger together than we are apart. Over the years, we’ve found this motto to hold true as we’ve been given opportunities to partner with some of the most exceptional physical therapy brands and teams across the industry.

When we solidified our partnerships with Pennsylvania-based clinics, Excel Physical Therapy, Progress Physical Therapy, The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, and Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy, we not only expanded our footprint, but we gained an invaluable knowledge base with many clinicians who are experts in their field. Today, we’re proud to announce that these four organizations have officially become Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, the largest physical therapy provider in the greater Philadelphia region, with over 100 locations.

We are proud to grow in this manner because the caliber of these teams is unmatched; we know we are bringing the best of Philly together. When we open the doors to partner with another organization, it’s vital that they meet certain criteria, including a desire to continuously grow and learn, a team that puts the patient’s needs first, and an attitude that sparks collaboration and positivity. With these four organizations, we found that their goals aligned perfectly with ours.

With any big transformation, patients, referral sources, and community members alike begin to wonder what changes they might see in the clinic. But rest assured, people can expect the same great service they’re accustomed to receiving.

“I am very excited to bring our four brands together as we stack hands and move forward as one to best serve the communities within our region. Our top priority is to work together within our market and the state, to serve our patients and referral sources in the best way possible, and to consistently exceed their expectations,” explains James Fagnani, Regional Director and Partner of The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute. “We know we are stronger together, and we realize that more with each step we take forward toward ultimately becoming one Ivy Rehab.”

The ability to serve Philly as ‘One Ivy’ allows us to provide easier access to care across more locations with extensive specialty services. It also creates a unique opportunity to work together as a team and share clinical knowledge, allowing us to continually advance our treatment skills and patient care.

“As an organization, our values are the pillars of our success, and at the top of our list is One Ivy. This means that we lift each other up, both personally and professionally, to make sure that every individual has the opportunity to reach higher with the confidence that the entire team supports them,” explains Keith Myers, Vice President of Operations in Pennsylvania. “Adding these four outstanding organizations to our Ivy brand allows us to jointly make a stronger impact on the communities and patients we serve.”

Growth within any organization comes with an adjustment period, but in this case, the opportunities spoke for themselves, and it was evident right away that the teams and patients would highly benefit from the transition. The infrastructure already in place at Ivy Rehab provides tremendous advanced educational opportunities, additional leadership roles for teammates, and more advanced treatment methods for patients both within the clinic and through telehealth.

As we continue to grow as one organization, we’re jointly dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment across Pennsylvania – a vision parallel to that of Excel Physical Therapy, Progress Physical Therapy, The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, and Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy. We’re looking forward to continuing down the path of excellence and growing our footprint with these teammates by our side.



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