Celebrating 10,000 Five Star Online Reviews!

Celebrating 10,000 Five Star Online Reviews!

We’ve officially hit 10,000 five star online reviews and we couldn’t be more grateful! Every day our team members come to work with one goal in mind – to provide an excellent experience to every single patient. These reviews truly mean the world to us because they came from YOU!

While we read and appreciate every single comment, here are a few that stand out:

New York
“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. After my car accident, I was in terrible pain and afraid I wasn’t going to be able to go back to my 28 year old active lifestyle. Thank you so much for being thorough with your care, patience and encouragement. Your techniques and exercises helped to alleviate my physical discomfort and helped me function in my normal day-to-day routine. Thank you for all of your help – now I can get back to all my activities!” – Jay K.

“My two year old has been receiving OT and food therapy treatment for a couple of months and the progress and response to your methods has been out of this world! The therapist is fantastic with my daughter and just as great with us, providing all sorts of ideas and activities for us to do at home with her as well. Our 1 year old son is now set up for OT and PT and I couldn’t feel more reassured. Can’t recommend enough!” – Alex M.

“These guys are great. They care, they work with you, they explain things, and they keep it interesting.” – Janice L.

New Jersey
“I took my brother to Ivy Rehab after a recommendation from his home therapist. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was seen at some of the most specialized hospitals in NJ for TBI PT. After taking him to Ivy Rehab I wouldn’t take him anywhere else! The therapists are not only knowledgeable, but very caring. I’m seeing improvements in him that were never seen before. He understands that his therapists care and are willing to challenge him to help him get better. You have some of the best physical therapists we’ve come across. Everyone from the patient coordinator to the director of the facility are great! They’ve given our family hope where all the others have given up on my brother.” – Navan K.

“Thanks to your staff for helping rehab my knee so I can once again walk, ride the Terratrike and get in the T-bird.” – Gary V.

“I will miss coming in here. I appreciated how I was always pushed to do my very best and was consistently amazed at how much more I could do than ever before. The staff was very easy to get along with and made the time go very quickly, even on days where I wasn’t as motivated. Thank you to everyone for all that you did to get me to this point in my recovery.” – Jennifer B.

South Carolina
“The level of care and the knowledge of the Ivy Rehab staff is top notch and, as a runner, I couldn’t appreciate it more!” Jamie L.

“My therapist was so knowledgeable, and his explanation of how the body reacts to various problems was fantastic. When you add that to his “hands on” treatment which gets an A+, he has the all-around ability to make you feel better, not just physically but also mentally. As a retired dentist I know how important treating the “whole” patient is, and I feel as though my PT exemplified what that entire concept means. I can’t thank my doctor enough for the introduction” – Dr. Michael G.

“Best rehab facility I’ve ever been to. My PT has done wonders for my shoulder pain. I don’t know what I’d do without Ivy Rehab. Thank you so much!” – Molli Z.

“I came to Ivy Rehab for limited movement and pain in my neck and I’m so happy at how quickly my PT was able to take away my pain and restore my mobility. The facility is beautiful and the staff is so friendly and caring. I can’t recommend them enough.” – Melanie L.

North Carolina
“I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for my therapist! I started having back spasms and went to multiple doctors, had scans, and could not find the root of the pain. My PT quickly helped me realize I needed to develop core, glute, and back strength to help support my back muscles. Turns out it was muscle spasms the whole time! Through a program of strengthening, stretches, and dry needling (THE BEST) – I am 100% pain free. After having children, I just never knew how weak my core was. I recommend EVERY new mom should go see a PT! Thank you  Ivy Rehab, for helping me and  giving me the confidence I can carry another baby pain free!” – Elise L.

THANK YOU to every single patient that has trusted us with their health!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the relationships we’ve built with patients and healthcare professionals over the years. As we continue to grow, know that our patient’s wellbeing will always be our top priority. If you’re experiencing pain of any kind, whether it be existing, or from a new injury, we’re here for you!

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