Brenna Stickle Brings Ivy ABA to the General Booth Area of Virginia Beach, VA

Brenna Stickle Brings Ivy ABA to the General Booth Area of Virginia Beach, VA

Ivy ABA is now open in the General Booth area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Conveniently located at 2008 General Booth Boulevard, near the Strawbridge Marketplace, this new office brings world-class care for children with Autism. This new facility complements the existing Ivy Rehab for Kids and Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy locations in the General Booth area, joining the Ivy Rehab Network footprint of nearly 100 locations throughout Virginia. 

Ivy ABA supports children and their families to learn new skills and techniques using the most effective therapy for Autism. They aim to work on what’s most important to the child and their support system by creating an individualized pediatric treatment program tailored to their needs. Whether it’s working on communication, social skills, aggression, non-compliance, self-help skills, play, academics, or fine or gross motor skills, the team always addresses specific concerns for each individual. They focus on increasing the child’s skills while decreasing undesirable behaviors.      

“We are so excited to expand Ivy ABA to the General Booth area, bringing much-needed services to families in this part of Virginia Beach,” said Stefanie Griffey, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA, Regional Director. “Brenna Stickle, who has been with us for five years, exemplifies strong leadership and a comprehensive vision for therapy that benefits both families and our team. I am especially proud to collaborate with our Ivy Rehab for Kids clinic, ensuring we provide a full spectrum of services to children with a unified care team.” 

Brenna Stickle, M.S. ABA, BCBA, LBA, serves as the Clinic Director and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst at the ABA facility in General Booth. 

“I’m thrilled to step into the role of Clinic Director at General Booth and serve the community with our new Ivy ABA location,” said Brenna. “Sharing my expertise with colleagues, clients, and families has always been a personal goal. With extensive training and experience as a BCBA, I’m eager to spread awareness about Autism and the transformative impact of ABA. I look forward to welcoming everyone who walks through our doors!” 

Brenna embodies a combination of meticulous attention to detail and an infectious love for life. Her professional journey has been marked by steady progression, starting from her early days as an RBT and advancing through roles as a BCaBA and BCBA to her current leadership position. With a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Mary Baldwin University, she blends academic knowledge with practical experience to provide exceptional care to her clients aged 2-12. 

Each plan she devises is tailored to meet the specific needs of both the child and their family, showcasing her unwavering commitment to personalized service. Brenna, raised in a Navy family and settled in the area in 2005, was instilled with a sense of discipline and adaptability. After completing her Bachelor’s at East Carolina University, she returned to Virginia Beach. 

Outside of work, Brenna enjoys the company of her two cherished chocolate labs, spending time with friends, cooking with her husband, and treasures family moments on the beach. 

Services available at Ivy ABA Autism Center in General Booth – Virginia Beach, VA, include:       

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To request an appointment for applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA), call (757) 271-6980, or to request an appointment online, visit the Ivy ABA General Booth page.   

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