Ivy Rehab HS Outreach Program

A Journey of Mentorship and Inspiration: The Ivy Rehab HS Outreach Program

In the world of healthcare, it’s often the personal stories and connections that drive individuals to make a profound impact on the lives of others. The Ivy Rehab High School Outreach Program is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the enduring ripple effect it can have on young, aspiring professionals.

Roger Avecillas, a seasoned physical therapist and clinic director at Ivy Rehab, is one of the founding members of this remarkable program. The HS Outreach Plan was designed to provide high school students with a unique opportunity to explore physical therapy as a potential career and Adrian Perez is one of the program’s most inspiring success stories. As a child Adrian had a passion for baseball, but at the age of 14 an ACL and meniscus injury threatened to shatter his dreams on the baseball field. This injury could have spelled the end of his journey in the game he loved. However, it was during his rehabilitation in a physical therapy clinic that he discovered the transformative potential of the profession.

Adrian’s personal experience as a patient was a revelation. He went from fearing that his baseball days were over to regaining full mobility and rediscovering his passion for the game. It was during this time that he realized his calling: to become a physical therapist and give others the same hope, healing, and second chances he had received. A few years later he had the opportunity to be a part of the HS Outreach Program, which led to an internship at Ivy Rehab, where he was exposed to the multifaceted world of physical therapy. Roger, his mentor, recognized Adrian’s enthusiasm and dedication from the start. Adrian’s journey paralleled Roger’s own path into the profession, which started with a desire to help others and a firsthand understanding of physical therapy’s impact.

Roger said, “Adrian’s current experience reminds me of my own. I knew I wanted to pursue PT, and having the opportunity to work in a PT environment as a student and then subsequently as a PT Aide helped me gain real-world knowledge and experience only available in person, working directly with teammates and patients. It helps give you a snapshot of what the PT world is like and gives you an early opportunity to get your feet wet.”

As Adrian’s story came full circle, it became a testament to the transformative nature of the HS Outreach Program. Adrian was one of the reasons Roger initiated the program. Having personally experienced the challenges of breaking into the field without early exposure, Roger wanted to create opportunities for aspiring students like Adrian. Adrian’s gratitude and determination were palpable, and he was a natural choice when a PT Aide position opened.

Adrian’s passion and commitment shine through in his words: “To be able to help change a person’s life for the better is a gift.” His experience at Ivy Rehab has only deepened his dedication to the profession. He’s witnessed the diversity of patient diagnoses and how each required a unique approach. This exposure broadened his understanding of the field and clarified his career path.

Ivy Rehab’s commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the HS Outreach Program. New graduates and first-time PTs are provided with structured onboarding and mentorship programs. This gradual integration allows them to acclimate to the clinical environment, build their caseloads, and expand their knowledge base. The aim is to empower them to thrive in their careers, just as Adrian and Roger have.

For Roger, the HS Outreach Program has become a personal mission. He stated, “Adrian and a handful of my other students throughout the years are the reason why I started the HS Outreach Program. When I was in high school in the early 2000s, these types of opportunities did not exist. I had to knock on doors and create opportunities for myself.”

Adrian’s journey from a high school student exploring a newfound passion to a PT Aide with a bright future exemplifies the program’s impact. With shared goals and unwavering dedication, Ivy Rehab is committed to delivering exceptional care, fostering engagement, and unlocking the full potential of both its teammates and patients.

In the end, it’s stories like Adrian’s that remind us of the difference we can make in the lives of others when we invest in mentorship and provide opportunities for growth. The Ivy Rehab HS Outreach Program is not just about shaping careers; it’s about nurturing the compassionate healthcare professionals of tomorrow, one student at a time.

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