A telehealth (or virtual visit) is basically the same as an office visit, but instead of seeing us at our clinic, you will use our Ivy Rehab Connect app to have a digital “face-to-face” session with your therapist. Once connected, your therapist will assess your condition and provide real-time guidance and feedback, while actively taking you through your therapy session.

Why Choose Virtual Care?

We believe that everyone should have their joints, muscles, and movement patterns assessed every year to ensure continued physical health. That’s why we’re launching a campaign to promote a lifetime of pain-free movement in our community by offering this free screening to all of our past patients. Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll get in touch to schedule your one-on-one session with one of our physical therapists.

Nearly any rehabilitation treatment can be performed through telehealth capabilities. Whether you underwent a recent knee replacement surgery, have any sort of chronic condition, joint pain, or pain, this cutting-edge technology will allow an experienced therapist to treat you virtually, so you achieve your goals. In this virtual environment, clinicians will educate patients and give you the exercises and training you need to improve your current state and reduce pain. This patient-centered program is all about you; you’ll be empowered and trained by a professional therapist who will give you the activities and strategies you may need to do the exercises properly. Through the secure video call system, they will be able to provide monitoring and evaluation to ensure a quality experience that allows you to feel better, faster with long term results.

Live Telehealth Therapy Online!

  • Whether you’re staying home, out of town, or can’t make your appointment, telehealth has:
  • Seamless interface with a licensed clinician throughout your appointment
  • Real-time feedback, assessment, and guidance from therapists
  • Uninterrupted compliance with your physical, occupational, or speech therapy prescription
  • HIPAA compliant, encrypted platform by the worldwide leader in telehealth
  • Message and connect with your therapist and conduct 1:1 private sessions, all through the Ivy Rehab Connect app

Locations Offering Telehealth

Available at the following brands:

* Screenings are consultations and do not involve a physical therapy evaluation or treatment. **Beneficiaries of federal healthcare programs are not eligible to participate in the free screening.