Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Here at the Ivy Rehab Network, we live by our Mission, Vision, and Values. We look to these tenets to help guide us both in the clinic and outside the clinic in our everyday lives. We’re proud to showcase the ways in which our teammates exemplify our values in their workdays and in their communities. We think that together, these values help make us better as an organization and as individuals. Whether the clinic you visit is called Ivy Rehab or any of our other brand names, you’ll know you’ve arrived if everything revolves around our motto of “It’s All About the People.”


What exactly does “All About the People” Mean? 

“The Ivy Rehab Network consists of over a twenty unique brands and more than 3,000 teammates working across 14 states. Despite the geographic distance between us, we have a vibrant company culture that unites us and can be felt in every one of our over 350 clinics. Though our clinics may have different names, we like to say that we are #OneIvy! We work hard to create lasting connections between teammates through charitable efforts, team competitions, educational events, and more.” – Robin Black, CPO

Our Mission:

We inspire and enable people to live life to the fullest

Our Vision:

By creating exceptional patient experiences and outcomes, we will become the provider, partner, and employer of choice in outpatient rehabilitation

Our Values:

  • One Ivy: We may be comprised of over a dozen brand names, but we believe we are all One Ivy. The names of our clinics may be different, but we are the same when it comes to our company values.
  • Love What You Do: You know the old saying: if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, we love that our teammates love what they do, and we think it shows each and every day when they come into their clinics with smiles and great attitudes. We couldn’t be more thankful for the passionate and dedicated teams that we have across our network!
  • Do the Right Thing: We believe in always doing the right thing – Doing the right thing is critical to our success, and our patient’s success. When we challenged our clinics to submit photos for Compliance Week showing how committed their clinics are to doing the right thing, our teammates didn’t hesitate to show us just how far they’d go to be Compliance heroes.
  • I Belong: At Ivy, we lead inclusively – everyone has a voice. We embrace the diversity of background, thought & experiences. We do not tolerate discrimination in our community. We strive for every person to feel welcomed in our clinical family as a patient and teammate.
  • GSD: GSD means “Get Stuff Done.” It’s a mindset that we like to live by here at the Ivy Rehab Network. We’re proud to say that our teammates step up when needed, work hard, and get the job done. We’ll do whatever it takes to provide the best patient experience, and we’ll smile the whole time!
  • Grow: Growth is so important on a personal and professional level, and we love the opportunity to encourage and celebrate growth in our clinics. Whether it’s regional meetings where our teammates have the opportunity to learn from one another, lectures where our teammates share knowledge, or celebrating milestones in one another lives, we are always looking for the next opportunity to grow together as individuals and as a company.
  • Serve Others: No matter which brand or state our clinics are in, they definitely have one thing in common: a passion for giving back to those in need. We are so proud of the ways in which our teammates serve others and volunteer for the greater good. Together, we contribute to stronger, brighter futures for our communities.