Investing in Clinical Excellence

Ivy Rehab’s focus on clinical excellence and patient-reported outcomes is the heart and soul of the company. Investing in internal and external clinical education opportunities, residency programs, cutting–edge research, and innovation, Ivy ensures the professional development and growth of every teammate centered around exceptional patient care. Ivy Rehab partners with the best and brightest in the industry through academic and institutional partnerships with a shared commitment to clinical excellence.


Industry Leading Outcomes

At Ivy Rehab, clinical outcomes and research are central to our vision of delivering exceptional quality care and being the provider, partner, and employer of choice in outpatient rehabilitation. We measure success by the number of lives positively impacted daily. That measurement is derived directly from our patients through patient-reported outcomes. Outcomes and clinical research teams use advanced predictive analytics to understand individual patient needs. Ivy Rehab therapists utilize these insights to develop and deliver precise, personalized care plans to best support our patients in achieving their functional goals.  


Exceptional Continuing Education Opportunities

The purpose of Ivy’s Clinical Education division is to provide patients with the most educated workforce equipped with the highest level of clinical skills.  Investing directly and consistently in clinical development will produce the best patient outcomes and improve the quality of care.  Ivy is a proud approved provider and accredited with the following professional entities: ASHA, AOTA, BOC, PQAS/Act 48