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Northern Physical Therapy | Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper co-owners of Northern Physical Therapy
Northern Physical Therapy

Northern Physical Therapy is part of the Ivy Rehab family

The Northern Physical Therapy team has partnered with Ivy Rehab in their joint mission to offer more services and an exceptional patient experience. The same caring staff at Northern Physical Therapy will continue offer the same great service their patients have come to expect since 2003.

Everyone should have the opportunity to feel their best. Whether it's therapy after an injury or helping you reach your fitness goals – we're here to help.

Physical therapists can transform lives. Starting physical therapy for the first time can be intimidating. You're struggling with pain and not sure if you'll ever feel better. But a friendly smile and a caring voice from your therapist goes a long way and you soon begin to feel more comfortable. Before the end of your first visit you're already beginning to build trust in what will become a very close patient/therapist relationship. At Northern, our physical therapists understand the anxiety that accompanies an injury or discomfort. Let us help you feel good, get moving again, and live pain free.

A passion for helping others

Helping others, educating community members, and mentoring a team led Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper to purchase Northern Physical Therapy in 2003. At the time the company was 10 years old and over the past 14+ years Gina & Janis have grown the business into 7 PT clinics and 1 fitness center. Partnering with Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy is the next step they're taking to make Northern Physical Therapy stronger and help deliver even better care to their patients. "When Janis and I purchased Northern Physical Therapy in 2003, we were determined to grow the company while maintaining the excellent care our patients had come to expect over the previous ten years," said Gina Otterbein, co-owner & physical therapist. "By joining forces with Ivy Rehab, we're able to share best practices while adding significant resources to help us continue to grow and serve our communities."

Inspiring the next step

Creating wellness and growth among each individual client is our top priority. We want to encourage everyone to take the next step by inspiring them to try new things that will make them stronger both physically and mentally. Whether it be providing therapy treatment to a patient who's suffered an injury, encouraging a new runner to go that first mile, or by mentoring others to fulfill their goals – we're here to help.

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